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Donnie Yen Vs Michael Jai White – who would win in a street fight?

Want to know who would win in a street fight between actors and martial artists Donnie Yen and Michael Jai White? Both are extremely skilled and experienced in their fields of work. Both have hands-on experience in the fighting world, and both are absolutely a dominating force in their industry.

Brutal TV:

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It’s no surprise that what brings us here today is the ideal fantasy match between Donnie Yen versus Michael Jai White. Let’s look into who would win in a street fight and why. Before we begin, comment which person that you believe will be the winner and then at the end, we’ll see if you are on the same wavelength as us. Let’s go!

Brutal TV:

Donnie Yen

Let’s start by detailing the amazing feats that Donnie Yen has been able to accomplish. As a young child, before he was acting out the infamous and great Ip Man role, Yen was introduced to the world of martial arts through his mother. She was a martial arts master and ran a Wushu school. He took his time to learn and train with her and became instantly fascinated at how the body was able to be transformed into an amazing tool at will. The physical, alongside the mental aspect of the sport, intrigued him so much that he had to take it further.

Brutal TV:

The curiosity of the young-minded Yen drove him to train harder than ever. At the time, information was not as easily accessible as it is now. Everyone and anyone can use the magical powers of Google to find out almost anything. But that didn’t hold Yen back. He took to libraries, books, magazines and the best knowledge that he ever gained came from his elders. The knowledge and teachings of the lives that have endured is still to this day one of the best and most practical ways of learning a craft, and exceeding at improving upon it. And Donnie Yen did just that.

Yen was able to find his way into Boxing gyms that he wasn’t allowed in. But through some good friendly conversation, determination and showcase of his ability, he was able to learn, spar and become part of the community. Rocky and Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired his bodybuilding, and working as the role portraying the great Ip Man, he studied with Wing Chun experts for months, with hours upon hours of breakdowns of moves and ideas.

Brutal TV:

Michael Jai White

Now we come to Michael Jai White. He too started his beginnings with not much access to information as it is easily available today. By the age of 7, Michael Jai White was already training in the art of Jujutsu, the close combat martial arts style. He also went on to have extensive training in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kyokushin Karate, Shotokan Karate, Goju-Ryu, Wushu, Tang Soo Do, Kobudo, and Taekwondo. But it didn’t stop there. I think you all are seeing where we are going with this, but hear us out.

MJW went even further, continuing to practice and train, never letting go of an opportunity to learn more techniques; Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and MMA. MJW set goals to be one of the best and well, he is.

Brutal TV:

He has never officially competed in a professional MMA fight, so it is not a sport that we can say that he holds any wins in. But we can at least be aware of the fact that he would hold his own very well. However, even without competing in MMA tournaments, he did compete in many Karate tournaments, taking home many awards and medals.

Donnie Yen is a multiple Wushu champion as well. So the tournament medals can be matched against the two.

Brutal TV:

The Street Fight

When it comes to street fighting, all of those rules that you are governed with, go flying right out the door. There is no referee to stop the match. You are done when you are done. The skilled attack of Donnie Yen takes precision. The martial arts styles that he has combined makes him into a pure killing machine. But is that enough to best an opponent such as Michael Jai White?

See, we aren’t giving a bias at all, but hear us out. Growing up in Brooklyn can be rather tough and one thing you can be sure of is that you saw the street fighting hands on. Not saying that Donnie Yen had a spoon-fed early childhood at all. Being in the Boxing gym with professionals and testosterone-driven masculinity all cramped into one space, sure led to Yen being able to witness some massive off-the-record fights.

Brutal TV:

With these two the match-up would simply be insane. Who would win? So here is the final answer for that question. Are you ready? Let’s see if your answer matches ours. The answer would be – Michael Jai White.

Look, MJW sits on about 220-230 lbs of fast moving skilled hands. When comparing that to the approximately 165 lbs of Yen, the mass alone is one that gives a slight pause to the decision. During a street fight, anything goes. So this means that the 165 lbs that Yen has, could possibly be lifted right up above MJW’s head and slammed into the ground. And if it’s concrete, that head goes first because you have to understand, street fights are street fights. That instant rage and desire to put your opponent down at any cost to protect your own life is the first instinct that overcomes you. It quickly becomes you or them.

Brutal TV:

Yen would most definitely make the match complicated and difficult, landing switch throat blows to White that would possibly disable his ability to move. A large stature doesn’t mean that you will just win any battle. But the thing is Michael Jai White knows how to use his mass, his agility and his skills effectively. So, that means that our boy, Donnie Yen, just might meet pavement and stay there.

We want to know your thoughts. Did you make the same assumptions as we did? Let us know in the comments. That’s all the time we have for now and be sure to subscribe to stay tuned to our next video that we have in store for you. See you next time.

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