The transcript below is from the video “Driver Shoots Through Windshield on Freeway in ‘Self-Defense’” by Inside Edition.

Inside Edition (Television’s longest-running, top-rated, and most-honored syndicated newsmagazine. #1 in News and Politics on YouTube):

A driver flies down a Florida freeway while shooting through his windshield in what he says was self-defense. Marco Mazzetta says that he was being tailgated by another driver in a Nissan, and he brake-checked the person, causing the other car to bump his truck from behind. The Nissan speeds around Mazzetta, and the driver appears to have a gun. That’s when Marco pulled his gun from his waistband and started shooting.

Reporter 1:

You’ve seen it in action movies; guys pulling out guns during car chases and shooting right through the windshield. Well, this was not something out of Hollywood. This guy says he was defending himself during a pretty intense road rage incident.

Reporter 2:

How crazy is this! A motorist zips down the floor to highway while shooting through his windshield. Shards of glass fly as his passenger freaks out.


“Don’t do that!”

Reporter 2:

The shooter, identified as Marco Mazzetta, says he was defending himself in a wild case of road rage. Moments earlier, he says he brake-checked another driver in a Nissan, he thought was tailgating him, causing the other driver to bump him from behind. The Nissan then speeds around Mazzetta’s truck. And when you blow up the video, it looks like he has a gun. Mazzetta then pulls his gun from his waistband and starts shooting. The whole incident lasts about 8 minutes before the Nissan drives off.

Reporter 1:

Mazzetta says that after the incident, he pulled over and called the police. No charges have been filed.

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