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TOMMYBOY6969 (YouTube Channel, martial artists):

 Oh hi, I would like to make a quick video today.  Some bad news, apparently Grandmaster Yip Ching had passed away at the age of 83.

Wing Chun Kuen

Hi, welcome to this session of Wing Chun Kuen.  Yeah, Master Yip Ching had passed away at the age of 83.  Just to give you a little bit of his life biography.  He passed away at 11 p.m. with an illness that he already had.  That was January 25th of 2020.  He was born in Foshan.  He, of course, is son of Yip Man and he had obviously an older brother Ip Chun.  He also actually has two sisters (Ip Nga-sum and Ip Nga-wun).

TOMMYBOY6969 (YouTube Channel, martial artists):

What happened was at his earlier life, he learned the basics of Wing Chun with his father.  At the age of 13 in 1949, Yip Man fled to Hong Kong due to the instability of what’s going on in China, with the Cultural Revolution and then with the Japanese (Mao Zedong’s social movements from the early 1950s and on) and then peace taken over, but it was still turmoil in China.  So, he escaped to Hong Kong and his father escaped to Hong Kong, leaving the two sons at home.

Actually, the wife and one of the oldest sisters had came to Hong Kong with Yip Man, but then the wife had went back to Foshan to get the two kids and the sister and what happened was when they went back, there was an Iron Curtain that China had restricted the people leaving afterwards.  So, the wife, the two daughters, Yip Ching and Ip Chun was actually stuck in China.  So Yip Man was left in Hong Kong by himself.

TOMMYBOY6969 (YouTube Channel, martial artists):

So what happened was Yip Man was alone for many years and he started teaching Wing Chun, because that was actually the only way he can make a living.  He couldn’t find any kind of a way of means to survive in Hong Kong.  So, that’s what happened in Yip Ching’s early life.  He had the absence of his dad, well, his whole family had the absence of Yip Man starting from when he was 13 to when he was 26.

(Yip Ching still practiced Wing Chun in private by himself between the age of 13-26 without the father).

What happened is his mother passed away in I think it was 1960.  In Foshan, the mother had passed away and two years later in 1962, when he was 26…  When Yip Ching was 26 and his brother and I think the sister too, managed to leave China.  That was when the Cultural Revolution was beginning to start.  They managed to leave China and went to Hong Kong and join his father.

TOMMYBOY6969 (YouTube Channel, martial artists):

Yip Ching’s full name was Ip Hok-ching.  The name Ip is not pronounced with the Ip, actually, not Ip in Cantonese.  I don’t know why they did that.  It’s with the ‘Yip.’  To pronounce it correctly, it’s Yip.  Yip is the same character as the word leaf, like a leaf on a tree.  The Hok-ching; Hok means to “learn” and ching means “something proper, something correct, proper, straight and narrow.”  So, his name is “to learn to be proper.

That’s kind of like the meaning of Yip Ching.  I don’t know why they call it Ip Ching with a ‘C.’  The pronunciation is Yip Ching, so, Yip Hok-ching.  They don’t use the Hok.  Just for short they call Yip Ching.  It’s kind of easier I guess.  So he went back to Hong Kong and what happened was that his mother had passed away.  Then he went back to Hong Kong to, obviously the two sons live with the dad.  There was a lot of family dispute.

TOMMYBOY6969 (YouTube Channel, martial artists):

The problems between the two sons and the dad because they found out that Yip Man had harbored a mistress.  I know it’s not mistress because in 1960 the wife had passed away.  He couldn’t have any contact with them, the whole family in China because of what’s happening at the borders between Hong Kong and China.  But I think he was already well into another relationship with a Shanghainese woman.

So, what happened was the two kids, Yip Ching and Yip Chun, they were not very happy with the dad.  The dad had moved out of the house and then started living with the new Shanghainese woman.  Yip Man also had a son with this Shanghainese woman.  So, I think that’s also why they realized that Yip Man had the relationship early on, even when the mother was alive. (Illegitimate son named Ip Su-wah)

TOMMYBOY6969 (YouTube Channel, martial artists):

So even though, I mean there’s not much he can do because I think for him, his family was actually completely disconnected, because of the border being closed.  So, it’s a very tragic incident that unfortunately that’s what happened.  Because of that, they didn’t really learn a lot of Wing Chun.  They did go to the dad’s house to learn Wing Chun and that was it.  There wasn’t really, you know there was a rift between the father and the two sons’ relationship.

However, Yip Ching seems to be the one that was closer to the dad most of the time.  When everybody came to learn their lessons… Yip Ching, even though when he wasn’t practicing with the father, he would observe the teachings of the father.  So, imagine Yip Ching in the background observing what’s going on, observing how his dad was teaching, observing how his dad was teaching for instance, Wong Shun Leung, observing how his dad was teaching Chu Shong-tin, observing when his dad was teaching Leung Ting – all of the famous masters that are…

TOMMYBOY6969 (YouTube Channel, martial artists):

Some of them are still around today.  So, you would say that Yip Ching had probably a very, very high knowledge of Wing Chun.  He probably knew a lot more Wing Chun than he’s actually telling us.  Unfortunately, he’s no longer here anymore.  Yip Ching had a business for awhile and although at night he went and he practiced Wing Chun with his dad even though the relationship was not that good.

I think it got better on as time went on.  Yip Ching had actually seems to have taught a lot of students privately and some of his students might have been famous, and one in particular is Samuel Kwok, which I met once.  Yip Ching’s seems to be very, very modest and he seems to keep it very low-key.  He’s actually a very patient and very good teacher from what I can see.  So, he has a lot of videos on YouTube.

TOMMYBOY6969 (YouTube Channel, martial artists):

He later on, in the early 70s had retired with his business and begins to help assistant teaching full-time and he taught students privately.  He’s not as outspoken.  He’s a very, very modest guy.  If you look at some of his videos, he’s very patient and he’s an amazing teacher.  I would say that his knowledge in Wing Chun is extremely, extremely high.  He’s telling us not as much as he actually knows a lot more than he’s telling us, simply because he seems to be the one that’s been around Yip Man I think the longest time.

So, his Wing Chun is at a level that it’s most likely higher than everybody else because he got the overview of his dad’s teaching from everybody, because Yip Man taught his Wing Chun to all these people very differently and he taught different things to different people – because he catered his curriculum to that particular student.  So I think Yip Ching had actually be able to see that difference between student to student and because he’s such a modest guy, and he’s the younger son.

TOMMYBOY6969 (YouTube Channel, martial artists):

So, he’s not vocal.  He lets Yip Chun take care of most of the logistics that has to do with his father because it’s customary in the Chinese culture to let the eldest son do the representation of the father’s legacy.  He’s been extremely modest and that’s unfortunate because I’m sure that he took with him a lot of secrets about the martial arts of Wing Chun that nobody and I mean nobody knows.

So, I really like to honor this individual for his achievement and this is the legacy of Yip Ching.  So, this is the news of the week and have a nice day, and thank you for watching!  Thanks!  Bye!

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