The transcript below is from the video “Female Fighters Destroying Men” by Brutal TV.

Brutal TV:

When Women Fight Back

There is a popular but well-argued saying, that what a man can do, a woman can do better. And when it comes to the ring, the women seem to be making their marks on the men. So in this video, we will take a look at moments when women fought back against the men and won.

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Brutal TV:

Number 01 – Danielle Pitbull

Danielle Pitbull is brought in as a replacement against Santi Go 2 Sleep. Round one starts off smoothly with both fighters trying to get a feel of each other. Pitbull delivers a round of blows that has Santiago against the ropes. Both fighters hold their own against each other as they deliver a head and body punches. The second round is more intense as Pitbull comes back with more fire. She delivers a bleeding round of punches on Santiago, which takes him once again against the ropes. The fight Continues with both fighters holding their own and they say women can’t fight. For your own safety, don’t try the Pitbull.

Brutal TV:

Number 02 – Don’t Mess With Her

Although it is clear that this is a sparring session, this fierce woman was ready to show everything she had been taught and was not willing to take any chances. She attempts different choke holds and defenses on her partner. Even though it wasn’t a real fight, you don’t want to mess with her.

Brutal TV:

Number 03 – Military Woman

This military man and woman face off as they arm wrestle. The woman starts strong as it is clear she’s bringing his arm down. The men folk try to cheer on the man. But I guess nothing can withstand the girl power as she arm wrestles him to the table.

Brutal TV:

Number 04 – Tia Rahmoun

The fight between Tia Rahmoun and Melendez is super intense. But both fighters take swings at each other and aggressively try to get the upper hand. All three rounds are fierce as Rahmoun steadily holds her own against Melendez. She definitely fought back and won the fight by a split decision.

Brutal TV:

Number 05 – Military Tournament

This is a two-in-one video. The military tournament was something to watch. The male military fighter gets the upper hand on his opponent as he holds her in a choke. She fights back to free herself but ends up succumbing. However, she fought back and struggled to the very end.

The second fight has the female military fighter holding her opponent in a chokehold. In the first round, he has the upper hand as he chokes her. But she’s Springs free and holds him in a chokehold. In the other two rounds, she has the upper hand as she fights to hold him in a chokehold. What a fighter!

Brutal TV:

Number 06 – Female Jiu-Jitsu Fighter

This female Jiu-Jitsu fighter shows impressive grappling skills as she maneuvers her opponent and holds him in a chokehold. Both fighters continue to grapple for the upper hand. Her opponent tries to put her down but she continues to fight back with different choke holds and grappling methods. It sure was a tight fight.

Brutal TV:

Number 07 – Army Martial Arts Fighter

The army martial arts fighter in blue has the upper hand as she delivers kicks and blows to her opponent. Her opponent in red tries to block off her punches. But she continues to deliver blows and kicks until she tires him out. Once her opponent’s defenses are down, she locks him in a choke hold till he taps out. What a fight!

Brutal TV:

Number 08 – Female Fighter

This fight starts off slow with both fighters running around the mat. But the female fighter switches things up as she grabs her opponent by the hand and lifts him above her shoulder slamming him to the ground. She then pins him down with her body till he taps out. What an interesting fight!

Brutal TV:

Number 09 – Female MMA Fighter

This female MMA fighter definitely gave her opponent a run for his money. From the start, the fight was fierce as both fighters delivered heavy blows to each other. But the woman fought back fiercely and refused to be pinned down. She delivered high kicks and grappled with her opponent and in the end, she was declared the winner.

Brutal TV:

Number 10 – Female Wrestler

This female wrestler struggles at first to pin her opponent down. Both fighters struggle around the ring. But then the female wrestler sees an opening and pins down her opponent firmly till the referee calls the fight. What a nice takedown! She didn’t even have to fight back because she was in total control from start to finish.

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