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Brutal TV:

Women Destroying Guys

They say that hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. Well, today we are bringing you much more than a scorned lady. We all know how men can get when it comes to standing their ground and being the biggest and “baddest” around, but what happens when a lady puts one of these macho heads in their place? You’re about to watch it happen here!

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Brutal TV:

Number 1

Check this out! You see this here? You see how this guy is looking straight into his opponent’s eyes? She is delivering those hands like a door dasher straight to his face. You see them go down to the ground at times and this is when you believe that he might have the upper hand. But she turns it back on him and brings him right back to the ground as well. Now, during this match, there was no ground fighting and that may have been his only saving grace because when this fema brutal is upright, she aims right there for the face and doesn’t back out. It’s like a relentless power that is driven by a fierce force that we know this guy didn’t see coming.

Brutal TV:

Number 2

You ever hear of the delayed effect? Well, check this out. As you are watching this young lady beat this guy around like a ragdoll, you’ll notice that after this last strike that he suddenly kneels over and takes a one-way trip right to the floor. This was just the first round. He brushes that one off for that round but when the next one starts, you can see the discipline and patience in her moves as she sizes this guy up with a few test kicks and then gets him to the ground once again after delivering a devastating blow to the body. Yikes!

Brutal TV:

Number 3

Look at this one! This man clearly has something to prove. You can see this by his constant and aggressive advances toward his opponent. But we know that it’s never a good idea to rush your opponent because what that is doing is clearly letting them know that you fear what could happen if you don’t strike first. This lady here sees straight through this masculine demeanor of power and cuts right through his guard and straight to his face. She goes toe-to-toe and head-to-head, blocking and countering his feeble attempts at striking her. It’s a beautiful dance that all ends up with her putting him into a chokehold that he just couldn’t get out of. Gotta just take the L when they present themselves fellas.

Brutal TV:

Number 4

If you ever wondered how mothers always seem to put their children to sleep better than men, then this might answer the question. Okay, maybe not really. But look at this beautiful form, the patience, the spider-like agility of this female just grappling this guy and holding him straight into submission. It’s as if you just can’t take your eyes off of this guy as you sit and watch the life force fade into the background. He tries his best and that dead stare that he shares right into the camera lets us all know exactly how this is going to end, with a visit from the sandman. Nighty-night!

Brutal TV:

Number 5

For some reason, male opponents always feel like they must rush the female in order to show some sort of dominance in the ring. They seem to only want to finish the match as fast as they can, which makes you think a little bit about other things. But that’s another topic for another type of channel, if you know what we mean. But here you see this guy clearly trying to take over the match but ends up tiring himself. During this whole time she was biding her time and looking strategically for an opening to take this guy from rabbit mode to dead battery. See what I did there? In less than one minute she knocks this guy out after delivering her own rush of head and body blows.

Brutal TV:

Number 6

Let’s watch this match a little bit and analyze a few things. First, let’s look at the way that this match started. From the very beginning you could tell that she was not fooling around. She was going to take over this match one way or another. Second, look at how she completely grabs the legs of her opponent and almost flips him over. Third, she grabs, and like a rattlesnake, she wraps her body around her prey and patiently grapples him tighter and tighter as he struggles to move. It’s like watching something out of the National Geographic, but you know, with humans.

Brutal TV:

Number 7

Speaking of rattlesnakes, look at this guy shaking as he joins a match with this fighter. He walks around being a little cocky about how he feels, that he can best her in a match. But we soon find out just how untrue that is. It didn’t take long for her to find an opening with this guy after he tries to grab her. She locks her arms around his neck and then drops straight to the ground to prepare herself to devour her prey. Oh, wait, I mean, to finish her opponent for breakfast. Wait, I mean, taking this guy on a road trip to dreamland. It wasn’t long before you see the consciousness motions of his body limp into sweet sleep abyss.

Brutal TV:

Number 8

Now, you know when you go up against a pro in any field, there’s a high chance that you might just fail miserably even if they took it easy on you and that’s exactly what happens here. UFC champion fighter, Misha Tate, allows for these gents to have a go at challenging her and the way she makes each and every one of these guys look like children is just downright hilarious. She takes them on one by one making each one of them tap out. At one point, she puts a guy in such a deadly headlock that even the guy had to laugh and just give up in pure shock of how badly he was positioned. She went further to have each guy tapping out one by one dropping out of the competition of the fight. Now this is what we like to see. A little bit of reality biting these guys right where it hurts the most; the ego.

Brutal TV:

Number 10

This gives the true meaning of backyard shenanigans. You never know what might happen when family and friends come over and the possibility of alcohol is on the table. Ego, masculinity, and a drive to prove oneself is a heck of a cocktail for a rather eventful day. And these two concocted the perfect mix. Unfortunately, it seems that this guy couldn’t hold his own. He’s floored and not able to even get up as she overpowers him and simply sits on him. Now this doesn’t look like such a bad position to be in, from our point of view. But hey, it’s something he gets to share since she let him live to see another day.

Seeing these females take over these guys bring us such delight. We should call them the ego snatchers from here on out. But that’s all the time we have for today. Show your support and click that subscribe button and share button. And be sure to stay up to date on all the videos that we have in store for you. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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