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When it comes to real-life superhumans undoubtedly “Shaolin Monks” top the list. It is because of their years of training things that normal people can never think of. For example: banging their heads on the big rocks, Knife scraping their stomach, drilling their head, punching through the trees with their fingers, etc., etc. These are some of their mind-blowingabilities. A lot more will be coming down the line.

But most importantly how they manage their lustful desires. Welcome and today we will be talking about “How Shaolin Monks manages their sex drives and have incredible abilities”. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

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They Can Survive Extreme Weather

When a normal human being cannot survive the extreme cold weather without proper resources. Shaolin Monks can do that with very ease, even when they are naked. It is because they can control their temperature with their mind.
Yeah! That’s right. During some time, a monk was tested, if that is true or not. They wrapped a cold and wet sheet around his naked and ice-cold body. After some time, they found that his temperature increased with the passing time.

It is worth noting that only some of the monks possess this ability. They call it “Forceful Breath” and “Gentle Breath”. It is indeed a really hard feature to learn. This type of meditation is only taught in the Chinese province of Qinghai.

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Throwing Needles Through the Glass

This is another insane ability of them. They can very easily puncture the glass with the needle and even burst the balloon on the other side. For us, it seems impossible, and to be honest how many of you can do this?
This is the training that requires beautiful control of mind and body. The key trick behind it is that you will have to throw it at a 90-degree angle as possible with a high velocity.However, this can’t be done on every glass. As some glasses are built for resistance against damage.

They can puncture a 1/8-inch glass easily. The most incredible thing is that they do it only by creating a small hole in the glass, not completely shattering it.

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Inverse Hand-Standing with Just the Index Fingers

This is true. Remember the scene from “The Amazing Spiderman”. Where peter was testing his abilities and he did an incredible handstand. The Shaolin monks can do better than this. They can handstand with just their index fingers. This is insane.

But the astonishing question is how do they do it? How can they achieve such incredible and superhuman strength? The answer is: “They finger to punch the trees”. This has been common with the Shaolin Monks for a decade now. They will spend years, training and hardening their fingers like the rocks. At first, they will start low on each finger and with the passing time. And then they will move out to the indenting holes in the trees.

The funny thing is that you will find all the trees near their monasteries to be filled with 2-inch-deep indents.

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The Drills Can’t Penetrate their Heads

Before we continue just don’t try this at home or you will end up in a bad way. The Shaolin monks can hold up a running Drill Machine at their skull for approximately 10 seconds. The astounding fact is that they won’t even bleed a single drop. You will just see a red forced area, where the driller had been. And again, just don’t try this at home.

They achieve such hard as the rocks head by years of training. At first, they will start practicing by banging their heads on the sandbags. And then progress gradually to the wooden logs and then finally to the rocks and iron weights. When they will reach the maximum capacity, they will start bumping their heads with each other. After that, they will be able the drill hole. They are insane.

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They Drag Iron-Holds Behind the Testicles

Sorry to say but it may come to you as a scene from “Johnny English 2” but it is true. They do all the testicle training shown in this movie. Behind the scene of reality, they implement their “Iron Body Training Techniques” in the areas that are soft and very sensitive to damage.

They do it to make it resistant against the knees and the kicks at their private part. By practicing they are finally able to stimulate the tissue blood flow at the concerned area. Now, this training also improves its flexibility and resilience. At last, the private parts are hard as a rock.

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Their Ability to Stand in Squat Position

This ability is known as “Monk pillar Skill”. In this training, they can stand in the squat position on two logs. They can do it for around 2 hours. When this wasn’t intensified enough, they will hold two bowls in each of their hands. While the bowls were filled with water. When this wasn’t enough, they will even hold the third bowl on their head also filled with water. This position is to be kept for two hours, while the monk is to stay still. If he even moved a bit, the bowls will fall.

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Lifting an Entire Table

These living legends can lift an entire table filled with things on it. Did I mention they lift it with just their teeth without touching it with their hands for assistance? Their Iron Body training is one of the hardest pieces of training of the Shaolin Monks’ lives. Most of them will spend their whole lives trying to achieve the desired result. During this training, they also train their mouth and teeth.

When people like us find it difficult to lift it with their hands. The Shaolin monks will do it just by their teeth and mouth. They will even carry the table around.

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The Ability to Withstand Multiple Spears

Just like the head drilling, it may also seem impossible to you. But it is true, you will find the internet to be filled with these kinds of videos. Where a Shaolin monk will be held on the top of multiple spears held at him. The spears were held to his chests, his abdomen, and the laps. They can even bend the spears with their neck. Again it is all because of their years of training in “Iron Body Techniques”.

Sure, they can do things pretty devastating things. The things that are thought to be physically impossible. But the big question remains?!

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How Monks Handle their Sex Drives:

As the lustful desire is the human’s everyday life. They can’t survive without it. Most of the monks are enrolled in their monasteries at just the age of 3. Then they are taught to the impracticable. For managing their lustful desire, they will lower the intake of protein. As the organs filled with protein give birth to lustful desires.

They control their sex drives in the following way:

The first is that they won’t fill their stomach with food. A full stomach simply implies pressure on the organs that gives birth to lustful desires.

Secondly and most importantly they just won’t think about it. I know it may come weird to you but they put it simply. Thinking and touching give birth to feelings. And elusive feelings will result in lustful thoughts. In simple words, they won’t think of humans to be beautiful insteadthey will think about the adverse side. Like how pathetically it can smell or how dirty it is. They counter-balance between the lustful thoughts and the reality in their sorted way.

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The lustful desire is the body’s strongest feeling ever. If someone could control it and transfer its energy to some other form, one can achieve great things in their life. This is what the monks do. They spend years of training in the mountains without having desires for the opposite sex. This is indeed a really hard thing to do. That’s why they teach them from an early age and take years to master.

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