The transcript below is from the video “How To Develop Bruce Lee’s Hand Speed & Power” by Dynasty MMA.

Dynasty MMA:

Hoi Wah Ho of Dynasty explains in 3 steps how to develop Bruce Lee’s hand speed, using Bruce Lee’s methods from his Wing Chun Kung Fu training and from western fencing concepts.

Add power without losing speed by mimicking multiple time UFC / MMA Champion and all-time great Georges St-Pierre’s jabs and superman punches in our bonus step.

Hoi Wah Ho:

Hoi Wah Ho, wassup guys it’s Hoi Wah from dynasty in this video I want to show you how to develop Bruce Lee’s hand speed. If you like this video, please like comment share. Thank you.

Hoi Wah Ho:

For this video we’re talking about how to get Bruce Lee’s hand speed using Bruce Lee’s knowledge and techniques now I’m not saying I’m as quick or as fast as Bruce Lee, but I know the methods that he used in order to increase his hand speed to the level that it was and a lot of it actually comes from his Wing Chun Kung Fu base and a little of fencing as well.

Hoi Wah Ho:

STEP 1: Muscle Relaxation (soft / hard, yin / yang)

Muscle relaxation going from contraction relaxation to contraction I’m not a strength conditioning coach I’m not a doctor so please excuse me if I’m using the Wrong terminology your hand at a rest needs to be contracted your muscles contract to put your hand at rest, right? I’m putting my hand up so if I put my hand up like this in a fighting stance for you know 30 minutes, I’m gonna get tired right because I’m actually using the energy to actually just keep it in place so I’m contracted right now I have to relax and then I have to contract again to punch so that’s actually three steps if I just skip the first step I’m completely relaxed to begin with I’m actually gonna get there faster because I don’t need to contract anymore I can ignore that first step.

Hoi Wah Ho:

STEP 2: Body Movement

Now we’re going to add the movement of the body when I move my body forward I’m moving all my body weight all of my energy into my punch and I make it stronger and I also make it fast because I just cut down the distance that it took for me to get to point A to point B now that I’ve sped myself up okay without steroids or without implanting more fast-twitch muscle fibers into my body. How do I get even faster than that? Well think of it another way is instead of making myself faster how I make my opponents slower.

Hoi Wah Ho:

STEP 3: Feinting

If I stand here with my fighting stance and my opponent attacks me first I will always be slower because I will have to react to his attack I’m always one step behind. So why not attack the opponent first, then he’s one step behind unless of course, he knows exactly what you’re doing. And he times you and he counters you that’s why we throw faints. Okay, if I faint I’m making him react to something that’s not there I’m making him move somewhere where I’m not going to be in fact I’m making him move to a place where I can hit him he’s one step behind then if I initiate the attack after the faint he’s two steps behind because he just reacted to my first faint so now he’s in the wrong position and then I just initiated the attack now he’s two steps behind because he can’t react to that attack.

Hoi Wah Ho:

BONUS STEP: Adding Power (without losing speed)

When I thrust forward my hand must land first in order for all my energy to be transferred to that point if I land on my feet first and my body lands there first and then I punch I just wasted everything. I just wasted that entire step that I took when I step forward I make sure my punch lands first just a split second before my feet touches the ground.

Hoi Wah Ho:

Those are the four steps drill them train them combine them all together relaxation of the muscles movement of the body to carry your weight. Forward into the entire punch and fainting to make your opponent slower.

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