The transcript below is from the video “Ip Man (2008) Cast Then and Now (2002)” by Movie Cast.

Movie Cast:

Chen Zhihui as Master Liu

2008 – Age: 37 | 2022 – Age: 51

Chen Zhihui as Master Liu, a martial arts master of Foshan who turns to prizefighting when the Japanese invade to support himself. Sato kills him when he tries to claim a reward despite forfeiting a match.

Movie Cast:

Calvin Cheng as Chow Kong-Yiu

2008 – Age: 18 | 2022 – Age: 32

Calvin Cheng as Chow Kong-yiu, the son of the cotton mill owner, who is interested in learning kung fu from Ip Man.

Movie Cast:

Wong You-Nam as Yuan

2008 – Age: 24 | 2022 – Age: 38

Wong You-nam as Yuan, the second son of a restaurant owner in Foshan who causes a lot of trouble and often fights with his brother.

Movie Cast:

Xing Yu as Lin

2008 – Age: 29 | 2022 – Age: 43

Xing Yu as Lin, the first son of a restaurant owner in Foshan, a gifted martial artist and Ip Man’s closest friend.

Movie Cast:

Simon Yam as Chow Ching-Chuen

2008 – Age: 53 | 2022 – Age: 67

Simon Yam as Chow Ching-chuen, a businessman and Ip Man’s acquaintance who borrows money from him to set up a cotton mill.

Movie Cast:

Fan Siu-Wong as Jin Shanzhao

2008 – Age: 34 | 2022 – Age: 48

Fan Siu-wong as Jin Shanzhao, an aggressive northern martial artist who comes to Foshan to challenge other masters, hoping to set up a school and climb out of poverty. When the Japanese invade, he forms a gang of bandits and is eventually chased out of Foshan by Ip Man.

Movie Cast:

Gordon Lam as Li Chiu

2008 – Age: 38 | 2022 – Age: 54

Gordon Lam as Li Chiu, a police officer and Ip Man’s acquaintance. He becomes a translator for the Japanese officers when they occupy Foshan despite being labeled a traitor by his neighbors.

Movie Cast:

Tenma as Shibuya as Colonel Sato

2008 – Age: 39 | 2022 – Age: 53

Tenma Shibuya as Colonel Sato, a Japanese colonel and Miura’s second in-command. Unlike Miura, he is sadistic and cruel.

Movie Cast:

Hiroyuki Ikeuchi as General Miura

2008 – Age: 31 | 2022 – Age: 45

Hiroyuki Ikeuchi as General Miura a Japanese general and Karate expert, who is eager to assert the dominance of his native traditions over those of the Chinese.

Movie Cast:

Lynn Hung as Cheung Win-Sing

2008 – Age: 27 | 2022 – Age: 41

Lynn Hung as Cheung Wing-sing, Ip Man’s wife.

Movie Cast:

Donnie Yen as Ip Man

2008 – Age: 44 | 2022 – Age: 58

Donnie Yen as Ip Man, the son of a wealthy family and Foshan’s only practitioner of the martial art form known as Wing Chun.

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