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Jackie Chan is an undeniably great action movie star and icon of Asian martial arts. It seems like he’s a caring and brave man like his characters in the films Mr. Nice Guy and Gorgeous. And that’s how millions of fans around the world see him.

But CurioSips has found out that he also has his dark side, full of violence and controversy. Surprised? Stay with CurioSips to find it out for yourself!


Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954, in Hong Kong. At the age of 7, he began studying at the Peking Opera School. For the next 10 years, he studied singing and acting and trained acrobatics and martial arts. This school is famous for its strict discipline and classes lasting up to 18 hours a day. But those punishments and exhausting workouts didn’t only lead Chan to his great career! It caused him trauma!

After school, he went to his parents in Australia, where he worked on the construction site. He made friends with a man called Jack who became a kind of a mentor to him. People started calling him Little Jack and later just Jackie which continues up to this day.


Chan eventually decided to focus on his musical and acting career, so he returned to Hong Kong to live there permanently. He began appearing in small roles in action movies, where the legendary Bruce Lee was starring, and Jackie wasn’t even mentioned in the credits. He made his way through the film Drunken Master, which soon gained great success, and 2 years later, Jackie Chan made his debut as a director. Although on the American market he didn’t become that popular. Jackie conquered the world only by the film Rumble in the Bronx. In total, he played in over 140 films, and his fortune valued at $395 million. Chan has a wide range of talents, for producing the film “Armor of God Chinese Zodiac”.

He entered the Guinness Book of Records twice! The first for Most Stunts Performed by a Living Actor and the second time for Most Credits in One Movie! Along with his acting career, Jackie is spectacularly successful in the music industry. He recorded his first song Kung Fu Fighting Men in 1980 and it was a theme song for the film Young Master. Altogether he has released 11 studio albums and dozens of songs for films and important events. Like in 2008, he performed “Hard to Say Goodbye” at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics. Jackie Chan sings in English, Japanese, and Cantonese, and gets numerous awards for his musical achievements.


Jackie Chan is UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador and is often engaged in animal rights campaigns and financially supports victims of natural disasters. In August 2018, he supported the fight against plastic in Tibet, when he promoted Arthur Huang’s mobile device Trashpresso, which processed plastic waste into small tiles. Once, he sold his Bentley and donated a million dollars to charity. It is said that he has already donated more than $100 million during many years of charitable work. So where is the bad side of this wonderful man?

Well, in the memoirs Never Grow Up published in December of 2018, Jackie Chan admits that he was a “total jerk” and reveals extremely shocking aspects of his life. The star reveals that he had a problem with alcohol and once driving drunk, he crashed a Porsche in the morning and hit a Mercedes in the evening. He treated women badly, regularly betrayed his wife and sometimes used violence against his son. Besides, he rarely spent time with his family as he was busy with work. He wasted money on ladies and gambling. In his book, Jackie doesn’t mention an illegitimate daughter whom he rejected when she came out about her homosexuality.


Chan admits that he is ashamed that he never learned to read and write correctly because he was too busy acting. Even his credit card doesn’t have the star’s signature because he couldn’t write it. Fortunately, in the end, he promised to himself to become a better person.

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