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The truth about Jackie Chan is that he is extremely homophobic and he is trying to hide that part of him behind his fun image! In this video, I am going to explain what it costs for Jackie’s daughter to open up about her orientation! #JackieChan #JackieChanDaughter #EttaChan


You know how celebrities are humans as well?

Well, even legendary Jackie Chan is not flawless!

Yeah, you are used to seeing that guy being all nice and fun all the time but you can’t see what’s inside…

And the truth is that there’s an extremely homophobic personality hiding behind that kind face of his!

What’s worse, his family suffers because of it!

Marky Mark with you, today and I’m here to explain what it costs for Jackie’s daughter to open up about her orientation!

So stay with me till the end to find out what Jackie Chan did to his daughter!

Jackie Chan’s daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam, was born in 1999.


And I can probably say that her birth was a closure of Chan’s affair with her mother, Elaine.

It was a pretty huge scandal those days.

But oh well, what can I say.

When your mistress is pregnant it’s hard to hide your affair, man!

Then he basically called his daughter a mistake!

And to be honest not much has changed since then…

Etta was a normal teenager and went to college, which she graduated with honors.

But then she faced the unfriendly real life and its challenges as she was struggling to find a job.


And continuously failing in it, she eventually found herself instead.

The girl came out as a lesbian but, of course, she couldn’t come home after that!

I mean, she was young but not stupid, she knows her family doesn’t approve of her lifestyle!

Yes, it appears that not only Jackie is homophobic but also his son and Etta’s half-brother, Jaycee Chan.

He even once said that he would stab LGBTQ person if he could!

Like wow, dude!

You have some anger issues!

Do you think it’s appropriate for famous people to say anything like this?

Cause I don’t!

Everything got even worse when Etta, not able to find a job and rejected by her own family, had to seek for help in the AKT foundation, which provides support to homeless LGBTQ teenagers…


And to give you some clue how bad it was for her to overcome, she attempted suicide out of despair!

Honestly, I can’t imagine how awful it must have been, especially when your dad’s so famous but does nothing to help!

Spending some time on therapy sessions with a psychologist brought some relief to her.

She finally was able to overcome her fear of being rejected and found enough courage to give an ultimatum to her family: “I am a trans woman, I’m bisexual and I’m not going to change.

This is me, take it or leave it.”

Yeah, that’s right, girl!

It’s the 21st century, they should get over themselves!

How could both mother and father be so disregarding to their own and only daughter?!


Wake up you people, there’s already enough violence in this world, let others live the lives they want!

Fortunately, things got better for Etta as it’s been 4 years since she met her wife, who she married last year in Canada.

Now they live in Etta’s hometown in a small but their own flat.

But she still hasn’t heard from her family…

She must be so anxious all the time.

Like, who knows if her half-brother meant what he said?!

To be honest, I find it a pity that the daughter of Jackie Chan had to go through all of that.

Just imagine how great it would be to see them all together as a family, supporting each other and sharing love!


People, we must be kinder to others, especially to relatives, blood relatives!

The relationship is the single most important thing in your lives!
Don’t forget about it.

Do you think Jackie Chan and Etta’s story can teach us anything?
What do you think about it?

Probably her family should apologize to her and accept her?

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