The transcript below is from the video “Jackie Chan: ‘I Do the Real Thing‘” by Asia Society.

Jackie Chan:

Waiting that moment coming. Okay, I’m gonna die. Really, really. I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m doing this but bad luck or either lucky, because I become a unique. I use… risk my life. I do the real things, not use this kind of technology things. Yeah, I become a unique, yeah. I have to make sure everybody’s safe. That’s my job as a director and producer. And I have everything. You have to see what I’m doing to understand.

Jackie Chan:

China is the second biggest market in the world, like 12 zodiac, 50 days, 50 days 150 million, right? US, this you just… you don’t believe how big the market it is right now. But also American is also big market. If the filmmaker, we have two markets, the third launch market is Japan, if we have this kind of market, we can spend a lot of money to make a good film. And why American gives so many good films, because you see Titanic, you see Avatar, 30 billion box office. So, this why he can spend 50 hundred million to make a film. And all the technology, you know, you never heard before. They can create a new camera, new lens too for the movie.

Jackie Chan:

That’s incredible and I really hope, you know, because we are lucky we have this kind of market, we come to America or American director come to China to collaboration just like Rush Hour. Then we can learn something from American technology and also let American producer or director, let those eyes to introduce China history or culture to the world. Yes. You can tell we make so many Mulan. Nobody knows. But Disney Mulan, the whole world knows. Yeah. Panda belongs to us, nobody do it. DreamWorks make Kung Fu Panda, everybody knows panda. But I’m not a panda, I’m a monkey. And big director Lee Han Chang, he makes so many Empire, the Empire movie, right, like Qing movie here. Qing dynasty, so many, so good. Bertolucci make The Last Emperor, the whole world all. So, probably I think use American or western eyes to introduce China better than…

Jackie Chan:

In Hong Kong, you have job, you get hurt, you ran out of the job. Mostly people paralyzed, nobody take care of it. So, I was a stuntman before. So, we put together, let’s make something for stunt team. We have a like a trust. So, we think about what kind of movie. Then, we think about Drunken Master. Yeah, then we start this movie and the beginning is [inaudible] directing and after half the movie, then we have something else, then I take over for the things. Because there’s so many. Everybody can come in, everybody for free. All money just go to the stunt skill. Like Double Dragon, Shuang long hui… Twin Dragons is for director skill. Drunken Master is for stuntman skill.

I just remember the last scene, I fight with Ken Lo for three months.

Asia Society Film Curator La Frances Hui:

That was spectacular.

Jackie Chan (Martial Artist, Actor, Stuntman, Filmmaker, Action Choreographer & Singer):

Three months, two days, one shot. In two days and one shot.

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