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Fame Focus:

If Chuck Norris and Jackie Chan were to fight, it would probably be the highest-grossing fight in history. It would be on every news channel, have more tweets than a tree full of birds and be the biggest thing since, well, the previous biggest thing. But who would win? Well, we’ve compiled some of their biggest fight scenes from over the years to see who is the most badass.

Fame Focus:

Number Ten

Chuck vs Don Wong

In this scene from the 1973 film Slaughter in San Francisco, Chuck actually plays the villain showing us that his incredible skills as a fighter are equal to his skills as an actor.

Jackie vs Kenji

In Rush Hour 3, Jackie fights his former surrogate brother on the Eiffel Tower. Here, Jackie shows he can master swordplay as well as Kung-Fu.

Fame Focus:

Number Nine

Jackie vs Other Guys

In the film The Tuxedo, we see Jackie attempt to put on his high-tech tuxedo that will give almost superhuman powers whilst being attacked by numerous goons. Here, Jackie shows his ability to use anything as a weapon.

Chuck vs Colonel Yin

In Missing in Action 2, having been held prisoner in a brutal prison camp, Chuck breaks free and seeks justice by condemning colonel Yin to death, Norris style.

Fame Focus:

Number Eight

Chuck vs Professor Toru Tanaka

In An Eye for an Eye, Professor Toru Tanaka seems unstoppable until he meets Chuck, who takes out this “Goliath” with kicks so fast they had to be filmed with a high-speed camera.

Jackie vs Other Guys 2

An epic fight scene breaks out in an arcade in the film Rumble in the Bronx. Jackie tires of the villainous gang’s actions and goes to confront them, proving once again that anything in Jackie’s hands can be a weapon.

Fame Focus:

Number Seven

Jackie vs Other Guys x10

In Drunken Master 2, Jackie faces a ridiculous number of men at the same time. He improvises a weapon from bamboo by splitting it to have multiple striking points and proceeds to rip through the crowd of enemies.

Chuck vs Rawley Wilkes

If nothing else the film Lone Wolf McQuade,gave us a fight scene between Chuck Norris and the legend David Carradine aka Kwai Chang Caine. Needless to say Chuck won.

Fame Focus:

Number Six

Chuck VS Carlos

Delta Force 2 treats us to some classic Chuck Norris. Avenging the death of his partner, Chuck pursues Columbian drug lord Ramon Cota and has an explosive fight with his right-hand man Carlos. Chuck unleashes some powerful roundhouse kicks and some even more powerful one-liners; “Schools Out”.

Jackie vs Goons

In Police Story, Jackie attempts to protect his companion whilst goons attack him, but with no weapons to throw at the goons, Jackie decides to throw the goons instead. At the end of the fight, very few shop windows remain intact.

Fame Focus:

Number Five

Chuck vs ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

Chuck goes undercover in a maximum-security prison to uncover an underground fight club. There he has to Whitelaw Lundren aka Randy Savage in an MMA style Cage fight.

Chuck shows us his versatility and ability to adopt any fighting style.

Jackie vs Men in Bar

After an unfortunate cultural misunderstanding, Jackie says “hi” to the black barman in the same manner as another black man does, leading to a bar brawl that Jackie doesn’t quite understand.

Fame Focus:

Number Four

Chuck vs Kelly Stone

In the film SideKicks, who’s plot is very similar to Karate Kid (only better because Chuck’s in it) Chuck has to take on Karate master Kelly Stone and during the fight not only his skills but also proves that he is the only person ever to look good with a mullet.

Jackie vs 2 Bad Guys

In Who Am I, in the final fight scene, the 2 bad guys underestimate Jackie’s skills and attack him one at a time. At the end, they soon realize their error, and both attack at once. Even so, they’re no match for Jackie.

Fame Focus:

Number Three

Jackie vs The Eagle-Claw

When his master is beaten by the Eagle-Claw technique in Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, Jackie creates his own technique “Cat’s Claw” to defeat him.

Chuck vs Delta Force Cadets

In Delta Force 2, Chuck trains Delta Force Cadets (If only!) and shows them, and us, his speed and agility as well as a wide variety of locks, blocks, and throws.

Fame Focus:

Number Two

Jackie vs Jet Li

In Forbidden Kingdom, we saw the clash of titans! Chan VS Li, Mantis Style VS Drunken Fist, the speed and rhythm of the fight are astonishing and although there was no winner, it was amazing to watch.

Chuck vs Lazarus AKA Roger Yuan

In this episode of Walker, Chuck faces this incredibly fast, acrobatic fighter and has to make use of his trademark roundhouse kick to defeat him.

Fame Focus:

Number One

Chuck vs Bruce Lee

In The Way of the Dragon, we see possibly the best fight to ever have been filmed. Two masters head to head blow for blood. And even with a broken leg, Chuck continues to fight on.

Jackie vs Lord Rathbone

In Shanghai Nights, Jackie finds himself in a sword fight where he is completely outclassed even so he continues to fight despite being toyed by his opponent. Seeing all is lost he decides to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Rathbone.

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