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Jackie Chan is the most recognizable actor in the world. He has a net worth of $350 million. However, he deprives his only son Jaycee of his wealth. Why did this guy disappoint his dad? Why was Jackie Chan ashamed of his son? And why is Jaycee’s fate so tragic? Keep watching to find out his life story. This is Wow channel. Before we continue make sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon for notifications. Let’s begin.

Today the whole world knows Jackie Chan as a brave hero. He has earned over $350 million in his career and has become one of the most influential film personalities in the world. However, success came to him through hard work.


Fang Shilong was born into a poor family in Hong Kong and raised in hard conditions. Mother and father sent the boy to the China Drama Academy, while they went to work in another country. From early childhood, he worked from morning to night and never complained. He has achieved everything by himself and he knows the price of every cent earned. Jackie Chan was adored not only in Hong Kong but all over the world. When he announced in 1982 that he had married Taiwanese actress Joan Lin, many of his female fans died of grief. It was kind of crazy! But such was the love of the audience for the incredible Jackie Chan.


Soon after the wedding, the actor had the first and only son Jaycee. However, Jackie did not have time to raise a child, because he spent the whole time on the set of films. The actor confessed in a memoir Never Grow Up, which was released in 2018, that he hasn’t always been the best father. He wrote, “When my son Jaycee was still young, I hit him once, and was very heavy-handed – directly lifting him and throwing him onto the sofa. That time I really scared him and his mother to death, and I myself was very regretful.” However, his son got all the best that he once was deprived of. Jaycee easily got everything he wanted.


The actor was so busy that he missed the moment when his wife spoiled their kid. Joan Lin missed his husband and gave all her unspent love to her son. Jaycee did not want to work and study. It seemed to him that everything to achieve was easy. As a child, the boy spent a lot of time in America. He briefly attended the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, for two semesters, but did not graduate. The guy always received money for any of his desires. He liked to go to parties, have fun, and also bought luxury cars. Studying seemed useless to him. After all, he is the son of world star Jackie Chan. He thought he could easily become popular like his father.

In 2003, when Jaycee was 21, he decided to go to Hong Kong to start his career as an actor and singer. Next year he released his first CD named Jaycee. His film debut was The Twins Effect II, in which his father had a cameo role. His second role was a Hong Kong romance film 2 Young. But unfortunately, his albums and movies have not been commercially successful. His film Double Trouble only grossed US$9,000 in Hong Kong in the first two weeks.


Jaycee did not have the same charisma as his famous father. He acted in films not convincingly and not funny. His vocal abilities were too weak. And no one cared who his father was. Jaycee and his father Jackie Chan starred together in Jackie’s 100th movie, 1911. As a result, it was Jackie Chan’s least profitable and worst-reviewed film ever! Jaycee tried to appeal to local audiences and even renounced his US citizenship in favor of Chinese citizenship. However, this act and the fame and money of his father did not help him become successful, because he didn’t have the talent. Of course, he was depressed for this reason. Jaycee tried to forget about the problems thanks to parties and dissolute lifestyle.

In 2014 he was arrested. The Chinese police had confirmed that they found illegal substances in his house. He also was tested positive for having to consume the prohibited substance. Inspections disclosed that many celebrities visited his apartment to make a purchase. For this crime, Jaycee Chan was sentenced to six months in jail.


For Jackie Chan, it was a big shock. He had apologized to the whole world! The actor had appeared before the media after Jaycee was charged and said, “I feel very ashamed.” He wrote on social media, “I am very angry with my son’s actions and I feel ashamed.” Jackie Chan had huge connections in the local police and government, but he did not try to help his son escape prison. The actor decided that Jaycee should receive a serious punishment, such as the court would give him.

«I failed to teach my son and I should also bear responsibility. Jaycee and I deeply bow in apology to society» – said Jackie Chan. Despite being ashamed of the incident, the actor wrote for his son, “I’m your dad and I’ll always be with you. We will face the road ahead of us together.” When Jaycee returned after finishing his six-month sentence, he explained in a press conference: “I know I made a big mistake and I have been punished for that mistake. For which I apologize and will never do such a wrong thing now onwards.”


Jakie Chan had to forgive his son. After his release from jail, Jaycee posted an image on social media of his dad giving him a haircut. However, the father decided to teach Jaycee one more lesson. Jackie Chan said he will deprive his only son Jaycee of his huge fortune. He would spend his $350 million on charity rather than give it to his children. This announcement surprised and angered many of his fans. However, the actor explained his act: «If he is capable, he can make his own money. If he is not, then he will just be wasting my money». Chan also expressed regret that he hadn’t insisted that his son enroll in the army when he was younger, to ‘temper his character’. However, Jaycee has grown up a lot and tempered his character while serving his sentence.

After his release, he kept a low profile for a long time and lived with his mother in Taipei. Then he moved to the United States despite the fact that he renounced his citizenship and served his sentence. He has lived in Los Angeles since 2020. Jaycee lost many advertising contracts, no one else wanted to work with him.


Everyone thought that the film industry was closed to this guy forever because the Chinese government banned movies with actors who used illegal substances. However, in 2021, Jaycee returned to work as a director. His debut was a Chinese romantic comedy-drama Good Night Beijing.

This story proves that even if you were born into a rich and influential family, this does not guarantee you success. It can only be achieved through hard work. Nevertheless, life teaches us harsh lessons that make us stronger and make us move on.

Do you think Jaycee will ever be able to become a successful director?

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