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Jet Li’s Childhood Story – Early Life and Family Background

Li Lianjie Jet Li was born on the 26th day of April, 1963 at Beijing in China. Young Li was the youngest child born to his mother Zhang Fenglan and to his father Li Qingquan. He grew up with two older brothers and two older sisters. The martial arts prodigy who lost his father when he was only 2 years was protectively raised by his mother who wouldn’t allow him to ride a bicycle or go swimming. It was only ironic that the young boy rose above dotings from his mother to embrace daredevil activities including the hard and complete martial art known as Wushu.

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Jet Li Education

Li was only 8 years old when his marketable talent for Wushu became hard to ignore. Therefore, his poor family sought to hone his skills by sending him to a special school now known as the Beijing Sports and Exercise school. It was at the school that Li proved to be exceptionally adept at Wushu. Consequently, he left home for the first time to attend a competition that saw him win first place, affording him an opportunity to perform at the opening ceremony of Pan-Asian-African-Latin American Table Tennis Championships.

His performance at the competition was positively appraised by many including Premier Zhou Enlai who couldn’t help to shower praise that did Jet Li’s confidence a whole lot of good. In light of these early great strides, conventional education was no longer deemed necessary for the lad as he was enrolled in a more rigorous sports school to brace himself for famous impacts to come.

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Jet Li Biography Facts – Road To Fame Story

Soon enough, Li became an avid traveler to no fewer than 45 countries where he demonstrated his talent for the sport including exhibiting it for U.S President Richard M. Nixon in 1974.

Subsequent Wushu endeavors saw Jet Li win the All-China Youth Championship, an event during which he accidentally cut his head with a sabre. The 12-year-old at the time never knew of his self-inflicted injury as he assumed it was perspiration while carrying on with the performance to finish first place.
1980 was the year which Li retired from Wushu. Until his retirement, Li was an active member of the Wushu education community who was loyal to his masters and helped mentor students of lower classes.

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Jet Li Succeeds In Movies

Moving on from Wushu, Li appropriated the fame he got in the sport to the movie industry beginning from China where he became extremely popular for making his debut in the movie “Shaolin Temple” (1982). The next stop was in Hong Kong where he consolidated his meteoric rising fame by featuring in the movie “Once Upon a Time in China”. His breakthrough, however, came with his first Hollywood feature in the movie “Lethal Weapon 4” (1998). The movie which had Li play the role of a villain alongside Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, delighted the audience around the world and set Li on course for more Hollywood thrillers.

He got a lead role in Hollywood movie “Romeo Must Die” in 2000. The movie was one of the box office hit movies where he is seen opposite Aaliyah, a singer and actress. He was also awarded Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor for the movie “The Warlords”. It was his first film which focused on dramatics rather than martial arts.

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He has also appeared alongside Jackie Chan in films like “The Forbidden Kingdom” and “The Founding of a Republic”. He has teamed with actor Jason Statham in three different movies which include “War”, “The Expendables” and “The One”. He last featured in the movie “The Expendables 3” in 2014.

Moreover, he was to play the movie the “XXX: Return of Xander Cage” along with Vin Diesel but due to his bad health condition Donnie Yen replaced him. Jet Li’s latest role is the role ofJiang Ziya in the movie “Phong thần bảng”, released in July, 2016. A year later, he returned to America to play a new action movie with some actors. Rounding around this movie, there are some specific adjustments from the free-form action sequences of the supporting characters to a more direct direction the movie “My Father is a Hero”. Based on various simulations made with homemade objects, he is considered the best protagonist in the movie. In 2018, Jet Li returned to the screen with a new role in the film project “Hua Mulan/ Mulan” invested and produced by Disney. This is the next reunion on screen between Jet Li and Donnie Yen.

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Personal Life

Jet Li was married to Huang Qiuyan, Beijing Russia Team member and “Kids from Shaolin” co-star in 1987. From their marriage, he has two daughters Si and Taimi. This couple divorced in 1990. Later in 1999, he got married to Nina Li Chi, Hong Kong-based actress. This couple is blessed with two daughters Jane and Jada.

Li suffered from hyperthyroidism in 2013 and has been dealing with this issue for past 3 years. For better health result, he is spending most of his time meditating, reading books, playing light games such as tennis table and badminton.

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Jet Li is an introverted actor who struggles with love scenes in his movies despite being married twice. According to him, “every time I start a movie, I don’t know how to have a conversation with the female lead. I’m rather introverted, so I don’t know how to communicate with her.” Whatever it is that Li lacks socially, he makes up for it in his deep meditations which helps him to conquer everyday life difficulties.

Little wonder he acted in three movies that convey deep philosophical thoughts to the world. The movies include “Fearless” – the biggest enemy is yourself, “Unleashed” – violence is never a solution and “Hero” – the suffering of a single person isn’t as significant as the suffering of an entire nation.

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Net Worth

Jet Li earned name and fame both in Hollywood movies and Chinese movies due to which he has successfully collected an estimated net worth of $210 million.

Jet Li Untold Biography Facts – Tsunami Triggering Philanthropy

Although Li had always been golden of heart, he never had a compelling reason to establish his own philanthropic organization until he witnessed a tsunami incident in 2004 at the Maldives (chain of islands in the Indian Ocean), South Asia.

Li was on holiday with his wife and daughter at the Maldives when an earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggered tsunamis that flooded the island. Li recalls how the family struggled up to their chins in wild water while his daughter was almost carried away by the flood but was saved by others.

“The experience of surviving the chaos and witnessing the devastation caused by this natural disaster has changed me forever. During the recovery period in the Maldives, I was deeply moved to see that everyone who was able to help willingly pitched in.

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Never once did anyone ask “Where are you from?” or “What nationality are you?” I wondered: was it possible to keep that spirit alive and transcend traditional boundaries to help humanity at large?”

Consequently, Li took a break from acting in order to focus on building his own philanthropic organization known as “The One Foundation”. The foundation focuses on creating a platform to promote philanthropy in China and beyond as well as to provide humanitarian support to people and charities that help those in need.

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