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Is kung Fu effective in a street fight?

Kung Fu has stood the test of time to become one of the most enduring fighting styles in the world. It can be placed as far back as the 5th century, and has many different practices; most of which are based upon animal stances such as a Tiger, Snake, Monkey and Praying Mantis.

In a controlled fight, there’s no doubt that Kung Fu is as brutal as it is beautiful to watch, but how does this translate onto the street?


With no referee makeshift weapons everywhere and a sidewalk or road for a surface can Kung Fu be effective? Or is it a matter of style over substance?

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But for now, let’s look at; if Kung Fu is effective in a street fight?

The basic goals of Kung Fu are to protect against aggressors and to disable them quickly with strikes.


In a street fight, this is going to be essential. If you go in with no holds barred aggression against someone who’s doing the same, it’s likely you’re going to get yourself injured shortly into the fight with no way of winning it. Similarly, if you do nothing and don’t act quickly; then it’s guaranteed that you’ll get yourself injured.

As Kung Fu is an Art of Self-Defense, it uses an attacker’s momentum against them using very efficient and quick movements. This is going to prove important in a street fight. But although Kung Fu will teach you to be prepared and alert for an attack.

This is usually within the format of the Martial Art itself. With an unpredictable opponent like the one you’d have in a street fight; this isn’t so effective. If they also choose to fight dirty then there might be little you can do to stop them.


Without the boundaries of honor and respect found with Kung Fu, the street is going to be a very dangerous place even for a black belt. That being said; it’s worth noting that an expert in their field is going to be hard to beat regardless of who they’re up against.

But being anything less than an expert is going to leave you exposed. If you don’t have the confidence poise and strength of someone at the top of their martial arts game, then it’s going to be different to keep an unpredictable opponent at bay.

But let’s say for this example, that we’re talking about a black belt. Well! By the very nature of their training; then they’re going to be in a better position to take on someone in street fight. Not so much because of the martial art itself; but the condition that they’ve got their body into.


They’re going to be stronger quicker and more physically knowledgeable than the man on the street. They’re also going to be super-efficient with movement as well as exert as little effort as possible to get the job done.

Assuming our Kung Fu master has managed to avoid getting knocked to the ground within the first few seconds, then they’re in a good position to use their experience to disable the opponent.

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Now, on with our list! Kung Fu is primarily a striking style of martial arts that utilizes kicks and blocks, but uses both open and closed hand strikes to defend against attackers. Some forms of Kung Fu also utilize weapons as well like long staff, short staff and Chinese broadsword.

Now, these kinds of weapons aren’t going to be available on the street, but the techniques learned here; could easily be applied to items found nearby.

If you could get your hands on a simple umbrella, for example, you could use the same principles as with a short staff to take down an attacker. This kind of application can also be used with the fundamentals of Kung Fu.


It teaches stances, breathing, flexibility, core strength, agility, how to punch, block, dodge, and various different ways. All of which would be massively useful in any kind of fight.

However, this is all going to rely on survival in the early stages of any kind of fight. As we said earlier, even a black belt would have to be super cautious in the first few seconds of a fight to get through the rest.

Most street fights end in seconds and that’s because both parties are putting their all into getting the first hit in and often it’s that first hit that ends the fight.

Kung Fu might prepare someone to act quickly but it can’t truly prepare for a surprise attack, caught completely off guard. It’s going to take a lot of luck for Kung Fu. to be effective in a street fight. Simply, because you might not have enough time to take any kind of stance to use it.


Kung Fu is going to have its merits in a street fight and the skills learned from the martial arts are definitely not wasted in a real-life scenario; but it’s not the best fighting style that could be used.

Instead, the likes of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, would be more effective in neutralizing someone coming at you aggressively with strikes; by using grappling, joint lock or choke holds.

You only have to look at MMA to see; how BJJ makes a kicking and punching pro look like a novice. For a fighting style, that’s more suited to the street from a striking point of view. Then boxing is also better suited than Kung Fu.


The sparring involved in boxing with the aim of knocking an opponent cold will help when it comes to a real-life pro.

Similarly, Muay Thai would bring the legs into play as well as the arms elbows and whatever else can be thrown. None of these martial arts are as technically brilliant as the likes of Kung Fu; but we’re talking about effectiveness on the street here. And the brutal reality is that Kung Fu is likely to be overpowered by pure aggression in a brawl.


That being said; a Kung Fu master is definitely better equipped than the Average Joe. His stealth, speed of movement and additional strength and training; is definitely going to prove more effective in a street fight than someone with no or minimal training.

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