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Welcome to my channel. Today we are going to have a duel between Michael Jai White and Tony Jaa. I know this is going to be awesome. Both are the deadly fighters of their prime. But what would happen if they were to face each other in a street fight? Who Would Win? To find out stick with us through the end.

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Michael Jai White

Michael is an absolute beast. He is not even a great martial artist but a great American actor, and director.

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Early Life

Michael Jai White was born on 10 November 1964 in Brooklyn New York. His father couldn’t keep up with them and died when Jai was just a baby. His family then migrated to Bridgeport, Connecticut. From his teens, he fell in love with martial arts, and secondly, his school environment was really bad, so it also inspired him to join the Martial arts league.
Now that he had started learning martial arts at the age of 8, nobody at his school could face him. He was the most feared kid. In his school life, he used to teach karate at a local academy. To earn a little extra money, he also took part in many tournaments. All these heavy travails helped him get into college.

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His Martial Arts Skills

There is no doubt that he is a great martial artist. This legend holds 8 black belts in different martial arts. When he was 8, he joined a local academy in Connecticut. In just four years of his childhood, he earned a blackbelt in Karate at the age of 12.

However, he didn’t just stop at this single blackbelt. He then moved out to other martial arts styles. He has a wide list of martial arts that are: Shotokan, Kobudo, Goju Ryu, Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, and many more. He is a living legend, when all these black belts weren’t enough, he went out for Wu-Shu Kung Fu. He is a man of many fighting styles, and that is something his movies deliberate.

He doesn’t hold any blackbelt in Wu-Shu Kung Fu but he practiced it for around four years. He is undefeatable.

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His Acting Skills

Just like he is a great martial artist, the one no one can stand. He is great at the camera too. It was his college dream, one day to become a successful and amazing superstar. His first step was filled with difficulties. After several trials, he successfully got several roles in the advertisement.

But his first movie was HBO’s Tyson where he starred the living legend “Mike Tyson” in 1995. People say that this was when he became a well-known superstar, but that wasn’t it. His success was followed by another victory that was Spawn. In Spawn, he was the first black comic book hero.
Just when people thought they had seen his fighting style, he faced JCVD in 1999. It was Universal Soldier: The Return. He then confronted Steven Seagal in 2001.

He is such a great superstar and martial artist.

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Tony Jaa

Tony Jaa on the other hand is a Thai Martial artist, stuntman, actor, choreographer, director, and so on.

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His Early Life

This all-in-one martial artist was born on 5th Feb 1976. He was born in the rural areas of Surin Province of Thailand. In Thailand, he is famously known as Phantom Jaa.

Back when he was just a small boy, he was inspired by the sheering movies of Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and Bruce Lee. He then shared with the media that: They are my masters. Bruce Lee is known for his brutal punches, Jackie Chan for his comedy and frantic moves. While Jet LI is very fluid. He said that I combined all of these artworks with some of mine.

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His Martial Arts & Camerawork

He would practice all the moves from the movies in his father’s rice paddy. He would practice doing it until he would do the same as the masters did it. Now to get official training he joined a local temple at the age of 10. There he mastered Muay Thai.

At the age of 15, he requested to become a stuntman and director Panna Rittikrai’s protégé. And that is the point where he was introduced to the world of cinema. He stuck with him for the next 14 years, where he was introduced in so many movies of Panna. During this timeline, the director was heavily influenced by the fighting style and flash-like speed.
During the timeline of 2003, both of them got inspired by the predecessors of Muay Thai. So, they worked for about 4 years in the Muay Boran. They were practicing the sheer power of Muay Borna with Tony Jaa. During these years, Tony showed a great influence regarding that. All these hard works resulted in a short film.

Later on, that short film will result in Ong-Bak: Muay Thai. Which is the most renowned film ever. Before Ong-Bak he wasn’t that popular. But just after it hit the hitbox, he became a reputed personality.

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His Hard Work with Ong-Bak

Ong-Bak maybe his famed movie, but he did a lot just to create it. First of all, the fighting styles, the moves, jumps, kicks, and punches, all are done without any external help. They were directly done by Tony Jaa without mechanical assistance, nor any graphical effects. Yeah! Thant’s right, there were no computer-generated effects.

But about the fire when Tony’s trousers were caught in it? Even that was real. They had to shoot that scene three times in a row. In an interview, he said that: that during that scene he burned his eyebrows, eyelashes, and his nose. Apart from that he critically injured his ligament and a sprained ankle. There is no denying that he is such a great martial artist and actor.

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The Duet

After a long time, let’s put these deadly acrobats in a one-on-one arena. And see who would win in a street fight. we will be giving them a score based on their attributes and performance. But before we do that you should keep it in your mind that both of them are beasts and we don’t know who would win this fight, if it happens. Each of our fighters will get a maximum of 10 points for perfection in every pedigree.

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Fighting Pedigree

First, let’s start with Jai White. He has been taking part in the tournaments, back when he was a child. And that he is unknown as undefeatable in his movies. Tony Jaa on the other hand is also a deadly fighter and undefeatable. But he wasn’t involved in real fights. So, 4.2 for Michael and 4.1 for Tony Jaa. I know the difference is not much, as Michael Jai White only fought a few tournaments when he was just a child. As he grew up, he gave up on it.

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Now let’s parallel the brutal physique and figure of the two of them. In their prime, Jai White was 6 feet & 1 inch tall and weighed around 235 pounds. While Tony Jaa was 5 feet 6 inches and weighed 134 pounds. Now, this is a huge difference between the sizes of these fighters. If we were to score them accordingly, we will end up 4 for Michael and 3.8 for Tony Jaa.

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There is no denying that both of them are deadly skilled. They spent their whole life trying to master martial arts. Michael Jai holds around 8 black belts in martial arts, while Tony is just a master of Muay Thai. But that doesn’t mean Tony is a slouch. He is so deadly that he will film some of his movies without GFX and mechanical assistance. So, 4.1 for Michael and 4 for Tony Jaa.

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Now both of them are masters and can give each other a hard time. So, it’s going to be a tie, and scored them both with 4.1

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It’s time for the final answer. So, who would win? If we were to go with the score and declare a winner, it would be Michael Jai White. Because he has an accumulative score of 16.4 out of 20. While Tony on the other hand has scored 16. We don’t know who would win in a real street fight. So, if you disagree with me that is 100 percent okay. But kindly, let us know in the comment section, why would you disagree with us.

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