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Glitches’ what are they? In plain English, the misfunctioning of the body at a specific task. But what are they in MMA? It is when a renowned fighter does something stupid or something incredible after an unbelievable act.

Welcome to my channel and today we will be going through of the best glitched moments of MMA ever. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

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A Hilarious Glitched Moment

Now comes the most remarkable match. These fighters were trying to get the upper hand on each other, But then this happened:

The fighter in the read knocked out the fighter in the black with furious jabs and kicks. Wait! What just happened, did he just stand up? Oh! he is completely knocked out. The referee ended the match but still, the fighter stands up trying to make up for the match. But the match is ended and as he tries to get out of the ring, this happens. Damn! That must have hurt than the loss.

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Grappling Goes Wrong

MMA is full of the moments when the fighters glitch and throw each other out of the ring. We have another one for you:

These giants were in the middle of the deadly fight when they grappled with each other. Their heads got churned and were trying to thump each other over the rope. But they both fall off on each other. I guess, they won’t try it again.

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The Referee Crusher

Some glitches can be bad, some could be just fun or some could be hysterical. Next up comes the hysterical moment that happens rarely in the history of MMA.

The fighter gives a deadly jab to the other, leaving him completely stunned. The fighter tries to deliver some other jabs but the referee pushes him away. The stunning fighter misunderstands him for the rival and locks his leg. Then he gets over him and tries choking the referee. Soon, the other referees kick in and try to separate them. This was truly wild!

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Getting Thrown-up

In this video you might have seen fighters getting off the rail, but not like this:

Both of them were angry at each other and were trying hard to teach some lessons. That is when the guy in white grapples his leg and then goes all the way for submission. But the guy in black isn’t giving up that early. He holds on to it and tries his submission but the other fighter lifts him but couldn’t control himself and then this happened……. Thanks to the people below the ring, they saved the day. A funny thing is that they were still not5 letting go.

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Dancing Goes Wrong

Dancing during the match has been done frequently, while some matches turned completely turned into dancing competitions. However, we have got a glitch for you:

When the fighter delivers a quick left jab, which the opponent completely blocks, he turns on dancing. But he didn’t know how the fighter was good at making it to the neck. The opponent delivers sends his regards as a deadly cold kick and knocks him out completely. He will never make fun of any opponent again.

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No Touch Knockout

For knocking out the opponent you must use a furious punch, kick, or knee, etc. In simple words, you must hit them but the following is No Touch Knockout.

The No-touch guy delivers a right kick but the opponent dodges it. At the same time, he goes with his left leg but boom! He again dodges the kick because he was a long way missing. But that was unfortunate for, he knocked himself out, and the other fighter became the winner with minimum effort.

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A Real Glitch

Here comes a short clip, showing how deadly a glitch can be:

From the start, they were having a noxious match. But shortly they came down facing each other neck-to-neck. The opponent stroked him but he dodged it halfway and got hit by his elbow. The elbow dude was hoping to knock him out but he stood there half-conscious. It was then he blew a lethal punch and knocked him out for sure. Now, this is what we call a glitch. But there is something that you completely missed. It was how the referee went out trying to save him from falling and completely turns over. Hilarious!

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Ring Entrance Got Glitched

When ring entrance is the proud moment for every MMA fighter, and it is when they show off their personality. Somemake themselves laughter material.

This MMA player was trying to get into the ring, but his legs could hold off. He suddenly fell on the floor making himself a laughter material. Just look at how he reacts to the pain when he gets up. Damn! That must have hurt.

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An Embarrassing Glitch

All of the glitches don’t only happen to the fighters, some happen to the referees. Don’t agree with us? Well, let’s jump into the clip.

But before I began, who is the winner here? Is it the lady on the right or the left? When the referee gets the signal to raise the winner’s hand, he mistakenly raises the loser’s hand. It is then she points out that the winner is on the other side. What an embarrassing moment for both of them.

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Staredown Weigh-in Glitch

Now all of the glitches don’t happen at the ring, some happen at the weigh-in. Instead of turning over to his future opponent, he turns towards the ring girl. A power glitch is that he even stays there a bit without even realizing that he should face his rival. As he realizes all of them couldn’t hold their chuckling.

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Baffled Glitch

Dazing off after a knockout is the daily routine of MMA, while some do stupid things to the referees but the following clip is Superb!

When the fighter got knocked out by the rival, he did a ludicrous thing. He went out of the ring completely stupefied, thinking that he has won the match. He was then helped to get back into the fight. I guess he would laugh at himself, sometimes when he will go through the clip. But the match has long-way ended.

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The Cap Glitch:

What is the most awaited moment in MMA? For the majority, it’s when their favorite player wins his/her dream match, but there are some to whom stealing belongings is the hobby.

Let’s take a few Examples:

This was when Randy Couture was in his mood trying to get to the ring when this happens. He was warming up when someone from the crowd steals his hat. Look how he looks back at Hey! Who stole my cap? But there is nothing that he can do about it.

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The Stomach Glitch

The stomach is really sensitive to getting a hit on it, and then hitting might make you vomit a little bit. Hey! If you don’t want to see this clip just forward 20 seconds.

As you can see, he got a kick on his stomach and he was doing fine till some time. But then he suddenly starts vomiting in the ring. While the referee takes the other fighter away. Damn! This is a lot of vomiting.

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The Everything Stealers

Back in the other clip, when it was just his cap that got glitched. In this clip his everything got glitched:

First, the crowd attacked his hat and stole it and when that wasn’t enough, they went for his neckerchief too. I pity the fighter, who just stood there watching himself getting robbed.

And it wasn’t the only time that someone stole the fighter’s caps, it in this time when the crowd stole Ben Rothwell’s hat too. I guess the crowd will never learn to respect.

Do you think this was enough of them stealing the caps, well they never stop? The greed inside them grew in strength and then they stole Paulo Thiago’s cap.

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An Unsuccessful Try

Well, at least all of them didn’t get successful stealing the hats. Well, at least not in the case with Martin Kamp Mann.

Martin was in his rage trying to get to the ring and kick the rival’s face, when a fruitless, I mean Cap-less try happened. That guy in the back tried pulling it off but his hands were too far away from reaching it.

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