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Brutal TV:

11 Moments You Wouldn’t Believe If Not Filmed

Professional Boxing, Karate, MMA, you name it, these contenders put their whole heart into this sport and we will give them their just due. That is until they do something so unbelievable. Thankfully, we have it all on film and captured for us to replay again and again.

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Brutal TV:

Number 1

The last place on earth you’ll find a comfortable bed is on the floor of a Boxing ring. That’s just what happened to Mokana Cabane. Unfortunately, he decided to retire from Boxing after weeping about it very deeply. To only have fought a whopping total of two fights, I’d have to say, very wise move.

Brutal TV:

Number 2

Some guys just won’t take no for an answer, especially with weapons of mass destruction on their hands, trusty old Boxing gloves. This boxer was clearly losing this fight by doing bad dance moves and decided to take it out on the little guy. There must be a place for bullies.

Brutal TV:

Number 3

A punch is a punch! Rather it be a fruit punch or a sucker punch. Everyone loves when a kitten rubs his cute furry paw on your neck, but for some reason, this didn’t translate as affection to magnificent Marco Daniels after being caressed by Chico ‘King’ Camus. What at first looks like a proposal for marriage, turned out to be just a date between knuckles and cheek. Magnificent Marco Daniels either has a beef with freedom of speech or he’s a sorry and sore loser. But then again, he was provoked by a victorious ‘king’ who was lavished in cheers and cameras. So, based on what I see here, magnificent Marco Daniels got sucker punched and should have been more aware of secret slow-motion uppercuts.

Brutal TV:

Number 4

What appears to be a dystopian underground lingerie brothel is in all actuality the lingerie fighting championship. Let’s just go with it. The beast Brook shoves Lauren ‘the animal’ Fogle to the floor and like a rhino, charges at her opponent sitting helplessly in two color underoos. The beast was either in heat or she thought she was in a chuck e cheese jungle gym. Not too many guys would be upset about being Lauren.

Brutal TV:

Number 5

This amateur wrestler got himself into a tight bundle. His opponent locks himself on top, restricting his movement. In addition to that, he’s forced to endure a set of testicles pressed against his face. Two guys forming a human tumbleweed or two wrestlers fighting for supremacy. One guy yells his hand is stuck and shown mercy by his opponent. These two definitely have a thing for touching territories typically off limits. Must be embarrassing for the kid in the white jumper to have someone grab you between the cheeks. Poor guy with his head locked between his opponent’s legs. He decides to squeeze his butt. Why now?

This video looks like a Wonder Woman audition. The girl in the blue romper has very strong legs and looks like she’s about to devour the competition. Seconds into the fight, she gets overturned into a headlock by a girl much smaller than her. She gets the classic booty grab we see in most wrestling videos. What’s up with that? Even though she remains in the most compromising position, the headlock, she’s not giving in or giving up. She manages to get her opponent pinned shoulder down.

Brutal TV:

Number 6

Guard your face at all times. Yes, that’s one of the many rules of Boxing. Emphasis on many rules. Jimmy Smith held onto this code and didn’t give up. Jimmy Smith may have missed out on lesson two or three, from how to place his mouthpiece firmly in his jaw to how to duck and dodge, but he went down gracefully and stayed there until he knew his face was clear.

Brutal TV:

Number 7

Cute faces and smoldering eyes will get you nowhere in the ring. And with Harper vs Ajogba, must have thought it would have helped to disarm him. But when you know it’s not working, sometimes it’s best that you just walk away. Well, that works in the street but in a televised professional paid fight, Harper wasn’t going to mess up his pretty smile rumbling around with Ajogba. He knew to get up and out of there before things took a turn. He almost had us going though. After the referee laid down the rules, he bumped fist. Bell rings and he’s out of there. He just showed up for his close-up. Never mind him, I guess some matches are over before they even start.

Brutal TV:

Number 8

Never underestimate the power of quick action at just the right time. These two met each other’s blows with the same amount of intensity that they knocked each other off their balance to fall. But not so quick, here he comes with the final blow. Even after a replay, it is clear who the winner is and with quick thinking, leaves room for a victory lap around the ring, as the other sits in silence bleeding. Short and brutal.

Brutal TV:

Number 9

Sometimes you just have to let go of everything that is holding you back from being great and that’s just what this Karate kid did. He’s about to show off his skills but no, his pants are going, going, gone but he takes it in stride, pulls them off and they stay off. The heck with them? And he’s free to do his thing. He actually seemed to do a lot better without them and the crowd loves it.

Brutal TV:

Number 10


Brutal TV:

Number 11

They say you can’t hit a moving target. Funny guy knows how to keep his opponent guessing. What do you do? Stop, drop and roll. Yes, that’s just what he did in the middle of the fight and guess he didn’t get hit. Well, at least while he was rolling along. The fun and games don’t stop. We can always depend on our friends in the ring to keep us going. With cameramen on every angle we are sure to catch all of the moments that otherwise would have been lost. That’s all the time we have for this episode. And if you enjoyed the episode, hit that subscribe button and let us know in the comments of what video you may want to see next. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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