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When it comes to a battle of the biggest, strongest men in the fighting world, there are many to choose from. All with different shapes and sizes. Bodybuilders, wrestlers, mixed martial artists, the list goes on. There are also, it seems, a great deal of actors in that list who manage to seal their roles based on their size, but how do they get to that size in the first place? In this video, we are going to take a look at two mammoth monsters of the fighting world, Nathan Jones and Martyn Ford, and try to answer the question, who would win in a fight?

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Let’s start with taking a closer look at Nathan Jones – Actor, powerlifting champion, strongman and professional wrestler.

Nathan was born on the 21 August, 1969, in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. In 1987, at the age of 20, Jones was sentenced to 16 years in Boggo Road Gaol for eight armed robberies. During the robberies, he became one of Australia’s most wanted and ended up serving 7 years in a maximum security prison and one year on work release. While in prison, he was introduced to the sport of powerlifting. Within a short space of time, he became the national powerlifting champion of Australia.

Jones also began competing in strongman contests and during this time, he was dubbed The Megaman for his imposing physique. In 1995, as the reigning Australia’s strongest man, he entered the World

Strength Championship in Scotland, where he took first place. Jones next took part in the 1995 World’s Strongest Man contest. Unfortunately, due to injury, he had to drop out. In 1996, he returned to the strongman competition winning the World Strongman Challenge and placed third in a World’s Strongest Man qualifying heat. In 1997, Jones participated in a mixed martial arts match facing Japanese professional wrestler and former grand Sumo champion, Koji Kitao. Jones lost this match after being caught in an arm lock and submitting.

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In 2002, Nathan’s career turned towards professional wrestling and sports entertainment where he made his televised WWE debut on the SmackDown roster. Jones most notably appeared alongside The Undertaker at WrestleMania. He was known as “The Colossus of Boggo Road”, a title referring to his time spent in prison. His career in wrestling ended in 2005 after three matches for World Series Wrestling.

Nathan’s introduction to the world of film and acting was after he caught the attention of martial arts movie icon Jackie Chan. Since then, some of his most notable roles in film have included playing David versus Goliath type villainous characters, like Boagrius facing off Achilles in Troy, as Hercules O’Brien fighting Jet Li in Fearless, or wrestling with stone cold Steve Austin as Petr in the jungles of The Condemned. Then as infamous Rictus Erectus in acclaimed Oscar-winning Australian film Mad Max, to name just a few. This guy is certainly no stranger to playing intense intimidating roles, which is not surprising at 6’10” tall and weighing in at 344 lbs.

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Now for a closer look at our second giant fighter, Martyn Ford – bodybuilder, model, actor and mixed martial artist. Martyn was born in Staffordshire, England, where he was a very athletic child. Cricket was one of the passions for Ford in which he excelled and hoped to make it his career. Unfortunately, young Martyn incurred injuries that made him lose interest and passion in the sport. To make matters worse, he developed a glandular fever and could not participate in strenuous activities for a year, which put a damper on his athletic progression.

Ford is most known for being intimidating in appearance, standing at a height of 6’8″ and weighing over 300 lbs. His physique was what he concentrated on after his illness and like many, he found a new love in bodybuilding where he began to receive lots of attention due to his commanding stature. He transformed from a stringy 155 lbs youth to a towering 322 lbs mountain of muscle. This was a stepping stone to building a successful career in the fitness industry with his work ethic and training carrying over to other pursuits that led him to be an internet sensation, a fitness influencer, an online fitness coach and a successful actor.

Brutal TV:

The 33-year-old dad is able to leg press a weight of about 750 kg and deadlift 350 kg. Ford’s training regime includes a chest workout, leg workout, shoulders and triceps, and arms training, all done with high intensity. He eats 6-7 times per day, consisting of high carbs and protein to maintain his diet and nutrition. His protein sources include eggs, chicken, turkey, fish and steak. And for carbs, he eats a lot of rice, sweet potatoes, and oats.

Ford has more than 81,000 followers on Instagram where he posts photos of himself training in the gym. He also shares tips with his fans about how to build up weight and gain muscle mass. He owns a gym Better Bodz in Minworth, where he trains hard daily and helps others to achieve their weight gain and muscle mass targets. On top of this, he has been training in mixed martial arts since 2016 and has signed a professional MMA contract with KSW.

Ford used his unique size and look to break into the movie industry and so far, he has had great success. In 2016, he was cast in the film Undisputed IV: Boyka as Koshmar: The Nightmare. In June 2021, he appeared in the Fast and Furious 9 movie. Ford has also appeared in other films such as Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Redcon-1, Robinhood, and the Rebellion, and Accident Man.

Brutal TV:

But what about that all-important question – if we put these two giants against each other, who would come out the winner? This is a tough one. On the one hand, you have the wrestler, Nathan Jones, who without a doubt has plenty of muscle and strength and plenty of experience in the wrestling ring but not quite so much when it comes to mixed martial arts. On the other hand, there is the power and strength of the bodybuilder, Martyn Ford, with the training in mixed martial arts and the disciplined approach to fitness and regular training. We feel this would be a close run fight and both would come out of it battered and bruised. But if there had to be a true winner, in our opinion, it is likely to be Martyn Ford. Having said that, Nathan Jones has been a bodyguard before, so anything is possible. In all honesty, this one is just too close to call. So let’s just call it a draw.

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