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Have you ever wondered what monks are able to do after months of meditating alone up in the mountains? The main focus of this video will be on the Shaolin monks and what amazing superpower-like abilities they are able to do after months and even years of brutal training. From being able to walk on water, to be able to break stone with their head, here are some of the amazing abilities they are able to perform. This is why no one can beat them.

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The Finger Punching

The Shaolin monk’s main weapons are their hands. They subject these to some harsh training. To develop incredible endurance, they punch ice cold water until they can’t feel their hands anymore. Then they move on to the main exercise and practice punching a bag full of iron fillings. This is one of the most popular Shaolin arts, the iron palm technique. After a long and tiring training, the hands become like iron and breaking bricks with their bare hands is child’s play. From a young age, Shaolin students start poking trees and wood planks to strengthen their fingers. As their training progresses, they start practicing hard strikes. Every finger on both hands must be trained to produce large bursts of strength. Their training consists of using trees. To practice on by punching the trees with their index fingers to build strength. This led to small indentations that were left in the trees as evidence of this practice. Trees tell no tells, truth. Only after long training do the nerve endings in the fingers die and the fingers become just as hard as a hammer. Not only do these monks hands possess the ability to punch through anything, their whole body’s become a weapon.

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Needle Through Glass

For the majority of people, it is hard to even break glass with bare hands let alone with a single throw of a needle. But the Shaolin monks have performed the impossible. If you ask them, they claim that this technique is all about using a combination of focus and channeled vital energy called chi. It was found that the needle had acquired a speed of 150 kilometers or 93 miles per hour, in order to pierce through the glass sheet. Above is a slow mo video that captures this amazing feat. In order to understand how it is possible for the glass to shatter with a needle, we need to get deep into the chemical bonds of glass. Glass is very rigid and does not crack easily, but because of its strange chemical structure, when a crack appears on a glass it makes the glass weak. Moreover, the trick is not to bend the needle under pressure while throwing it. So, what the Shaolin monks do is throw the needle with immense force but taking care not to bend it. Once the rigid needle strikes the glass and creates a deep crack, the force is distributed throughout the glass and it breaks.

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The Iron Shirt

Shaolin kung fu students sleep on hard beds, wrap a few layers of soft fabric around their chest, stomach and back, and massage the wrapped areas vigorously. A method of training one’s willpower, breathing and strength. And it can turn a person’s body into pure steel. During training, the monks hit one another with such force, that they practically punch right through the muscles, thereby tempering them and making them stronger. Thanks to this technique, it is practically impossible to strike a damaging blow on a monk. This all goes to show that you don’t need to look like a bodybuilder to be strong. This guy isn’t all muscle, but watch a stick shatter as it hits his steel abs. One of the techniques for practicing the iron shirt is lying balanced on spears. This not only makes the monk’s body invulnerable to piercing wounds, but it also hones his endurance and his ability to maintain his balance. Training of the head begins with the monks head butting a wall. They do this daily, over many years and with time they can easily destroy objects with their heads. They mobilize their chi inner energy to direct strength to the spot being hit. Iron shirt masters are able to defend themselves against heavy blows with solid and even sharp objects.

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Ringing Around a Tree

This is just how they train their necks. Yes, even one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body, the throat is toughened. When it comes to these guys, they strike hard objects against their throats, until the area becomes so hardened that they stop feeling pain and can withstand any blow. Even the sharpest objects thrust with the greatest force, cannot pierce amongst iron neck. This exercise trains the arms, chest and stomach muscles. And develops what Shaolins call, ‘the flows of the inner force’. Shaolin students select a tree, wrap their arms around it, squeeze it tightly and try to pull it out. They repeat the exercise several times a day, every day. After the first year of training, the first results start to show. Once the arms, chest and stomach muscles strengthen, the force increases. And students are able to shake the trunk, until some leaves begin to fall. Shaolin students must practice this daily exercise intensively throughout their lives, and apply constant force to loosen the roots. Good balance always helps in battle, as monks can spend long periods of time in a particular position. And they possess unbounded endurance and stamina. In combat, Shaolin warriors clasping their opponents with both arms can inflict heavy injuries.

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Iron Crotch

Anyone knows that kicking someone, mostly men, in their crotch, can lead to very high levels of pain and agony. Well, shockingly, some monks are able to practice a technique to get around the pain from being kicked. So, they invented the iron crotch technique and thereby became impervious to harm. This is called, ‘the iron crotch’. It’s painful just to watch but it looks like this monk is bored even. After they can withstand the pain from that, they move up to more painful procedures such as needles and rolling pins. When practicing this technique, the reproductive system takes a lot of damage. It is possible to try to fix the reproductive health or prevent it from declining due to the blows taken in the area with techniques such as physical therapy, this, however, can’t stop it from happening, eventually. And it’s a choice they have to both make and live with. Well, someone has to take the hit for us, why not them? This unusual weightlifting starts with quite lightweights, but eventually monks can even move a car.

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Monkey Fighting Style

In the monkey fighting style technique, balance is especially important, because the main element here is the stick. A Shaolin master balanced on a single stick must move like a monkey. He must be dexterous, agile and constantly attack the enemy without ever giving him a chance to strike back. After seeing training like this, it’s hard to believe that just anyone could master kung fu, but take a look at these bikini beauties. They are being taught by Shaolin masters. You’re looking here at a team of goddess lifesavers from a Chinese rafting attraction. To make the team, the girls not only had to show up in bikinis but also master Shaolin-style fighting. But what would happen if Shaolin monks sparred against fighters from other martial arts styles? In addition, these toned female employees will work as personal companions, to help solo tourists enjoy rafting. For example, Yi Long is one of those Shaolin fighters who put their techniques to work in the ring. When Yi long, Shaolin monk fights with muay thai fighter Choi Hong Man, Shaolin master complete knockouts him. Subsequently, the referee even had to console the big guy. He burst out crying. [Inaudible] Shaolin monk is also game winner. This Shaolin fighter had an excellent first fight in the international ring.

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Diamond Finger

The diamond finger method belongs to the hard kicking and is aimed at strengthening the index fingers. Pulling out rusted nails, punching trees until you can make a hole in the bark with one blow and striking stones until you’re able to make them crumple are included in the training routine. In combat, a master of the diamond finger skill can knock a hole in the opponent’s chest with a finger and injure his internal organs. Late Shaolin monk, Hal-tank, demonstrated his diamond finger skill by performing a seemingly impossible feat; a one finger handstand. Stories about his Buddha’s finger had already circled the world. While two finger headstands are quite common among Shaolin students, a one finger headstand is somewhat of a rare bird. One student made headlines in 2015 for managing to balance himself into a full inversion atop a single index finger.

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Iron Head

Ever wanted to just hit your head against the wall? This technique known as Shaolin kung fu iron head, Tie Tou Gong, is pretty much just that. The student starts by wrapping their head in ten protective layers of silk and hits their head against a wall at different angles. Then every two to three months, two layers of the protective silk are removed. When the student finally hits months later with an unprotected head, it’ll hurt, but the student will have to adjust to it in order to master it. After the student gets adjusted, they will have mastered it and the student’s head is supposedly as strong as ever or even stronger than the wall itself. Some monks are actually able to break through stone walls just by head-butting it. Basically, the technique strengthens the skull bones in order to withstand the force. This is something to think about the next time someone calls you hard-headed. Performing Shaolin acrobats often show off their iron head mastery by breaking sticks, bricks or iron and steel bars atop their heads.

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The Slithering Snake

This is just a root of their morning jog, but sooner or later they have to get back down. For that, they use ladder or they just scamper down on all fours. This skill is known as the slithering snake. As you can probably already guess, these monks’ pets are just as remarkable. In the monastery, they don’t keep cute little cats but real tigers. The Shaolin masters literally spoon feed them and play with them as if they were kittens. These big cats aren’t aggressive at all as they too live according to the Shaolin rhythms. In the morning they are very active but towards evening they turn into lazy little darlings. Perhaps it’s worth going through all the trials of Shaolin mastery just to hear a tiger purr. Only as he learns and masters these, will he begin to study the corresponding special targets. So my learned very early on but many are also the master secret and at a higher level the master’s gift.

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Shaolin Monks in Hot Oil

This last technique is a bit extreme and you may find yourself dipping your foot into a bath of ice cubes, because this gets hot. This monk was recorded sitting in a pot of oil above a live fire, while continuing to do his meditation. Monks are the masters of meditation and they achieve such levels that they can even stop feeling pain. Monks have been seen walking on coal and fire, casually sitting in boiling water and spending weeks in extremely cold temperatures. In their own way, this was just the monk proving his faith and determination along with demonstrating just how far he would go to prove his faith to his religion. Even though there was a special blend of herbs and oil applied to reduce the heat of the oil, you have to imagine that sitting in hot oil would still be blistering and painful even with the help of the herbs. After he finishes his meditation session, the oil is then poured into bottles and then sold out to the spectators of the event. His followers pass objects such as treasured possessions, amulets and fabrics for him to touch, believing that as they do so, they too will be bestowed by his magical powers. They are not just strong from the inside. Monks also spend years hardening their exteriors. Still there are those who believe that there’s a layer between the two pans, which helps the monk shield the heat with an air hose fed through one of the legs to push bubbles into the liquid from a pump off site.

Well, now do you already have a favorite technique of your own? Thanks for watching.

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