MindSmash (Martial Arts Are A Microcosm Of The World):

Bruce Lee believed there was something to be learned from every Martial Art, finding what best suits who you are as an individual, and throwing away the rest… But amongst many martial artists, they believe traditional styles are not feasible… Why is this? Thank you for joining me as we take a closer glance.

MindSmash (Martial Arts Are A Microcosm Of The World):

Hello, this is a Shaolin monk. Watch the intense focus in his eyes. He’s ready. He’s waiting, feint. The moment his opponent flinched an intention, the monk already knew that his opponent would have to step in to a space in order to strike. Chamber pivoted extend… His opponent wanted to feint all the change that enter with a jab to the body, inadvertently having his face meet foot instead.

If there was no level of change, the monk used a clean line from central mass, the best harness his body weight. It likely would have just hit solar plexus because of that. It landed on chin due to his opponent’s level of change. Beautiful and matched the technique common in many disciplines, including the Thais. They have something similar known as the leg and Teep but when you see in more traditional style use this method, you automatically think – would it work in real life?

MindSmash (Martial Arts Are A Microcosm Of The World):

Well, the oblique kick has been gaining a lot of popularity in mixed martial arts and for good reason, but in truth it’s just a low side kick. Many taking it as an inspiration from Bruce Lee, who had a side kick as integral to his game, but this now brings us to another question. Why is there such a stigma against traditional styles? I’ve trained at a lot of gyms including mixed martial arts gyms, and you always come across someone stating that traditional styles do not work. Why is this?

Despite success we see in mixed martial arts, I would say that it has less to do with the style and more to do with the go that people have when they teach the styles. It’s so tragic and something Bruce Lee was actively working against. A pride winning many schools to parrot that they themselves have found the ultimate method when in truth, there is no such thing. Now, when one projects that they themselves have found the ultimate method, they’ve lost that hunger that they once had when they were white belts.

MindSmash (Martial Arts Are A Microcosm Of The World):

Naturally, in a more complete system will consistently defeat them as a person is more humble to more understanding. This only means that the techniques aren’t bad but instead the arrogant lack of philosophy. This Shaolin monk is an example of a technique working effectively with Stephen Thompson using a different style, but virtually the exact same technique reinforcing this notion on the grand stage.

Whether it be to the body, the head or even the leg, this is an example of traditional styles working. The middle-weight champion Robert Whittaker had the foundation of karate, of Aikido, boxing, wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu. He’s an example of a strong martial arts philosophy. Not necessarily physically superior, as no one has really mentioned him for size or power but instead his IQ and overall technical understanding.

MindSmash (Martial Arts Are A Microcosm Of The World):

It shows even in his [indiscernible] [02:41]. His ability to move in and out, the bounce in his step, the bladed stance he sometimes enters or breaks into from his boxing stance, when he wants to move backwards. Clearly, his beautiful nimble forks inspired by both boxing and a more traditional style. When you train mixed martial arts, boxing is naturally a part of the curriculum, thus, with it, a strong emphasis on central line philosophy.

When someone throws a punch, naturally you want to move to the other side of that punch, as it reduces the capacity for your opponent to follow-up with their other hand. Now, if your opponent throws a jab and you slip in, you want people to catch you with their right hand. They throw a right and you slip in, you want people to catch you with their left. Of course, there are exceptions, but Rob takes this understanding and explodes a hole in that philosophy using a more traditional style – karate.

MindSmash (Martial Arts Are A Microcosm Of The World):

Watch how Jacare moves and then slips to the outside of Robert Whittaker’s cross, even though he actually didn’t get to the outside. This was natural as part of his training. This gives Rob all the information he needs showing Jacare the right. Watch how far he moves and slips trying to avoid it. In comes that karate roundhouse, exploding the behavior. You know that’s not a Muay Thai roundhouse but a snap.

Also, the emphasis Rob has when striking with the instep, the foot push and hits with his foot and not his shin. And, the relaxed snap that increased the overall speed of the cost of bodyweight. It’s not Thai technique. It resembles something more along the lines of karate. As much respect and a firm believer I am in the Thai style striking, this is not a Muay Thai roundhouse. It’s the light concussive pop of a more traditional style.

MindSmash (Martial Arts Are A Microcosm Of The World):

That was a harmony between boxing and karate working together to create an opening. Georges St-Pierre has stated that karate fork has given him a capacity to move in on his opponents in a way where other wrestlers have not been able to. We can look at Khabib Nurmagomedov, he’s a Shaolin Kung Fu practitioner, more specifically Sanda. Darren Till, he’s a Muay Thai Master using a bladed stance, effectively adopting an oblique kick which is just a low side kick.

The amounts of evidence reinforcing the success traditional styles have. When they break tradition and adopt a more complete system, these styles actually work even better in mixed martial arts because people don’t expect it. They’re prepared for getting hit awkwardly with the foot. Of course, it does not have that same devastating cleave that Thais have but to get clipped with something quick on the dome.

MindSmash (Martial Arts Are A Microcosm Of The World):

It almost looks surreal how their lights go out because they just didn’t see it coming. When their muscles are too relaxed to absorb it and does damage to their brain. Now, there is one truth that resonates throughout the universe whether it be a good doctor, a good scientist, a good physicist, a good philosopher, or even a good martial artist – they are all people who understand that they do not have all the answers.

They try their best to learn and use what they currently have to the best of their ability with this understanding and realize how dangerous the ego and the stagnant part it annotates. It’s what may be used as a tool for motivation and left unchecked, may leave us blindsided under its veil. With this knowledge, I encourage you to take the paradox of trusting yourself, not because you have all the answers but more truthfully because you’re willing to grow – a philosophy not just for the arena but life in its entirety.

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