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Po Sing is waiting for someone in a nightclub, in a predominantly Black neighbourhood. He is having a good time in the club, kissing women and drinking, until a group of angry patrons try to start a fight with him. His father’s right-hand man, Kai, and his henchmen arrive at the club, and they pull Po out of the trouble. The patrons make fun of Kai as well, so he gets into a brief fight with them and the club’s bouncers. The fight ends with Kai and his men pulling out guns on the bouncers, and the club owner intervenes and pulls out machine guns on Kai and his men.


The owner of the club, Silk, tells Kai that he and his men are interrupting his business, because his club is for black people only, and if they don’t leave, he will kill all of them, with the machine guns that his men are holding. Kai leaves the club and goes to Po, because Po’s meeting could not take place. Po was still surrounded by all the hoes from the club, so Kai pulls all of them away from him, and confronts him. Kai asks Po why he was in this club, because they are at war, and these black guys could have killed him. Po tells Kai that he can do whatever he wants, and tells him that he works for him, so he should stop ordering him around. Kai reminds him that he does not work for him, but in fact, he works for his father. He tells Po to get his head out of his butt because there is a war going on between them and other gangsters. So, it is his responsibility to look after Po, and he is in charge of his life. Po pushes him and tells him that he can take care of himself, and leaves in his car without all the chicks.

The next day, Po is found dead, hanged to a utility pole. Kai finds out about his death and informs his boss, Po’s father, of the bad news. Word of Po’s death reaches his older brother, Han, a former police officer, who is imprisoned in Hong Kong. Han promptly escapes from prison by beating up the guards and wearing their clothes, to investigate in America.


Isaak O’Day, a Black real estate developer, and gang leader, is engaged in a joint business venture with Po’s father, Ch’u Sing, a Chinese crime boss, who heads a collective of Chinese crime lords. The two have been acquiring properties along the Oakland waterfront, to sell them to Vincent Roth, a businessman who plans to buy a new NFL franchise, and build a stadium on the waterfront.

Isaak sets up a meeting with Ch’u Sing, to send his condolences regarding his son’s death. He meets with Ch’u Sing with his security. He hands him the flowers he brought and tells him that he is immensely heartbroken, upon hearing that Po was killed. He tells Ch’u, that what happened to his son was a great tragedy and not a coincidence, so he will be looking into this matter personally, to find out who was behind his son’s assassination.


Ch’u tells Isaak, that he does not mean to offend him, but he is not truly moved by his words, indirectly implying, that he does not fully trust him now. Isaak reassures him and tells Ch’u that no one from his side is foolish enough to attack Ch’u’s family, and no one is stupid enough from Ch’u’s side to attack his family, it just would not happen. Ch’u believes him and tells him that their business ventures shall continue. Isaak tells him he is very pleased to hear this and leaves.

Despite Ch’u’s assurances that the deal is still in place, Isaak fears retribution, and tells his chief lieutenant Mac, to place security details on both of his children. Mac tells him not to worry about anything, because he has already taken care of that matter.


Trish, Isaak’s daughter who works at a record store, is hanging out with her friends in the store, listening to songs and dancing. After work, she heads home, and Maurice, the security guard Mac left for Isaak’s children, tries to flirt with Trish and offers her a ride home, but she does not remember him, so he reminds her that he works for her father, and Mac assigned him to look after her and babysit her. At first, Trish disagrees with him, but he then reminds her of her father’s orders, so she agrees and gets in the backseat of his car. They stop at a store, to shop and check out some music.

Meanwhile, Han Sing arrives in America and goes to a hardware store near the store where Trish is. He buys some supplies and heads out looking for a taxi. He sees a cab, and the cab driver pulls up and exits his car. Han asks the cab driver to give him a ride, but the cab driver responds rudely and tells him that he is off duty. Han gets offended and steals his car. On the other hand, Trish manages to ditch Maurice and sit in a cab, and it turns out it’s the same cab that Han was wiring and trying to steal. Trish tells Han to drive, and get her away from there quickly. Han tells her the same thing the cab driver told him, that he is off duty. She does not take no for an answer and gives him 50 dollars to drive.


After failing miserably at an attempt to flirt with a hot girl in the store, Maurice realises that Trish has gone missing, so he runs out of the store, yelling and looking for Trish. Trish tells Han to get him away from Maurice. Han agrees and helps her ditch Maurice, and on their way, they both get to know each other and flirt with each other, but then Trish’s stop arrives, so he drops her off. Han gives her money back and tells her he does not want it. Trish figures out that he is not a cab driver, and he stole the cab, but it does not bother her, because Han behaved very charmingly. Han drops Trish at her store, and her friend tells her that her brother Colin is in the back waiting for her.

Colin calls his father, Isaak, and tells him that Po called him the night before he died. Isaak asks him what Po wanted, but Colin gets interrupted by Trish, so he tells his father that he will tell him later. Isaak tells him to come to his office within an hour. Without any greetings, Trish asks Colin what he is doing there, and reminds him that she told him not to do any sort of business there because there are innocent people and children there. He apologizes, and tells her that he is working for their father, and not to worry for him, because he can take care of himself. He leaves, and tells her that he loves her, and to take care of herself.


Now, making his way to Oakland, Han learns that his brother called Isaak’s daughter, Trish’s record store the day before he was killed. Trish deduces that Po was actually calling her brother, Colin. At his brother’s funeral, Han confronts his estranged father, blaming him for failing to keep his promise to protect Po, after Han had helped them both flee to America, to escape the Chinese authorities. Kai informs Han, that the waterfront properties are divided between Black and Chinese businesses, and Po was a casualty of racial tensions, that have recently escalated into a gang war.

Meanwhile, Colin tells his father, that Po’s aborted meeting was to discuss information Po had, that could end the gang war. Isaak explains that the deal with Roth, will get their family out of the crime business for good, but warns Colin to be cautious. That night, someone kills Colin and his girlfriend, by throwing them out of his high-rise apartment.


As Han comforts Trish, he learns that Po wanted to show Colin a list of businesses, that were either destroyed or being threatened for failing to sell their properties. The two visit one of the remaining businesses on Po’s list, but the Chinese owner and his employees have been killed. After killing the Chinese hitman, Han questions his father, who clumsily deflects suspicion, by suggesting Isaak may have used outside contractors. Trish and Han visit the last holdout on Po’s list, Silk’s nightclub. Mac interrupts their meeting to kill Silk, and takes his property deed, then abducts Trish and Han. At a remote location, Han escapes by overpowering Mac’s henchmen and forces Maurice to divulge where Trish was taken.

Meanwhile, Ch’u has his fellow crime lords killed, to sell their properties, and keep the money to himself. Isaak and Ch’u meet with Roth at the Oakland Men’s Club, to sell Roth the deeds for the properties they now control. After Ch’u takes a multimillion-dollar payment and departs, Isaak refuses his payment, stating that his compensation will be in the form of an ownership share of the new franchise. An enraged Mac has Trish brought out as a hostage, to force him to take the payout. He reveals to Isaak, that the “gang war” was a ruse he and Ch’u concocted, to cover their murder and intimidation of businessmen, who refused to sign away their properties, and he also killed Colin. Isaak attacks him in a rage, and Mac shoots him. Roth flees to the rooftop and escapes via helicopter, but Mac shoots Roth’s briefcase out of his hand, sending the deeds flying in the winds. Isaak shoots the henchman holding Trish, while Han arrives and confronts Mac about his brother. Mac reveals that it was Kai who killed Po, and is about to shoot Han when Trish shoots and kills Mac first. Han and Isaak have a friendly introduction, then Trish waits with her father for an ambulance, while Han leaves to confront Kai.


At the Sing compound, Kai and Han have an all-out fight. Kai burns Han’s hands with hot coals, but Han rips his shirt to improvise hand wraps, then finishes Kai by landing a kick on his skull, completely breaking his spine. He confronts Ch’u, over callously having his own son killed, for no other reason than getting in the way of his business deal. With Kai dead, there is no one to protect Ch’u from answering for his crimes to either the American authorities or the other crime families. As Han walks away, his father picks up his gun and kills himself. Han finds Trish waiting for him outside, and the two walk away from the house together.

The End.

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