Free Standing Wooden Dummy with Adjustable Frame Stand

Free Standing Wooden Dummy with Adjustable Frame Stand


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Free Standing Wooden Dummy with Adjustable Frame Stand

Body Size: 20.5cm Dia. x 140cm tall
Arm Base: 6.5cm Dia.  arm tip 3.5cm Dia.x 30.5cm Length
Distance Between the Two Top Arms: 23 cm when open, 20cm when closed
Cross section of the leg: 7 cm by 7 cm (approx.), and slightly bigger at the knee
Weight: 70 kg
Dimensions: 150 x 26 x 26 cm
Wood: Solid Elm wood, strong, and dry

Price: $929.95 USD  Free Shipping (Includes Shipping Door to Door via Fedex)

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At present, we only ship the Wooden Dummies to the following countries:

Asia: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand,Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Europe: Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, France, German, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Ireland.

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico.

Canada and Mexico will take around a week, also we delivery from our CA warehouse. Clients from Canada and Mexico might need to pay some customs tax, for the tax rate, they need to check with their local ups, or usps.

Color: Light Brown

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