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Fight Commentary Breakdowns (The YouTube Channel That Breaks Down Martial Arts):

Qi La La, our Taiwanese Wing Chun pressure tester had a weekend of matches against other kickboxers. This was the last of his matches against Zheng Zhen Hao. Zheng Z. Hao is a two-time Muay Thai champion. Qi La La was not able to find an opponent his own weight class (62 kg), so he went up to 67 kg to fight Z.Z. Hao. Let’s see how Qi La La did and what lessons he could learn from this match. Let us know if you agree with the assessment that some of his flourishes are not doing anything but wasting energy, and let us know if you think Qi La La should be a little careful with how much he’s exerting his body. He’s really putting a lot of strain. We all support him and love what he’s doing, but it is the honest feedback of Fight Commentary Breakdowns for him to be more careful in what matches he takes.

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

Guys, Qi La La Wing Chun (Blue) versus two-time Muay Thai champion (Red), let’s call him Z.Z. Hao. So, it’s Qi La La versus Z.Z. Hao. After all, we all have to have funny names, right?

So, Qi La is going to do wing chun. Qi La La is south paw. Ooh, yeah big guy, Qi La La you gotta be careful. Z.Z. Hao has the classic, uh, Muay Thai stance. He’s kind of back foot heavy. His weight is on his back foot. See how Qi adapts. Qi La La switching his stances going into orthodox. Um, kind of they’re playing with their each other’s timing right now. Great! Oh, Qi La La’s punching speed is being shown. Muay Thai guy attempting to throat Qi La La, ooh, is he going to do it? Oh! Qi La La lands on top.

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

For those of you who know Muay Thai rules, what does that count as? All right, so, Qi La La is doing some blocking as you can see. Some wing chun techniques there. So, his unorthodox style, I think is psyching our Muay Thai guy out a little bit. It’s not like remember, oh! That was…Oh! Very good little push kick. He’s frustrating the Muay Thai guy a little bit, man. It’s working. Remember the previous fights Qi La La did, where the Muay Thai guy just stuck to fundamentals didn’t get psyched out? I think Qi La La’s wing chun is psyching out this Muay Thai guy.

So, clinch fighting, Qi La La, look at him positioning his hips. So, ambiguous take down. I don’t know whose point that was. I saw him adjusting his cup. Great Muay Thai background music. Dude, oh, there we go. Muay Thai guy has connected a few times with his roundhouse kick. His, um, dominant roundhouse or his power roundhouse. Whatever you call it. Throwing a lead roundhouse kick to Qi La La’s leg. If I were him, I’d keep doing that. Knowing Qi La La is not the best at checking kicks. Qi La La is very good with his hip. Look at it, look at how he positions his hip in the clinch to prevent the Muay Thai guy from throwing knees or takedowns or sweeps. And a clinch. Great little punch.

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

It’s very interesting. Like Qi La La launches his jams kind of almost from the chest area a lot of times. Oh! That was…can’t be eating too many of those Qi La La. And now Qi La La has learned…uh, those pretty good head movement. He’s lowered, he’s like okay cover up. All right, so, now…that’s interesting. Qi La La is not working angles, man, with this wing chun. If you’re southpaw especially with your wing chun angles. Oh, great sweep I tell you. Oh! Great, great punch, man.

Oh, he didn’t capitalize on that, man. Angles, good angles Qi La La. Oh, I like that fake. Nice! Oh, good angles. Keep doing that Qi La La. We’ve seen him…by the way guys if you notice Qi La La has a black guy, it’s because the night before, he already fought, he fought kickboxing. So, this is a second day of fighting, this time fighting Muay Thai. So, props to Qi La La. He’s already combats, tired, fatigued and he’s still fighting.

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

So, oof! Nice. Oh! Qi La La doing some head movement dance. Good throw by Qi La La. Nice! So, guys we see a lot of kung fu in this, right? I don’t want people to keep saying he’s not doing any kung fu. We see a lot of kung fu. Uh, so, Qi La La, if you notice the, um, the little pepperonis on him, he’s doing the cupping. Just, uh, it’s apparently supposed to help heal your muscles, um, and that right there is Thai guy. They’re both kind of getting some water, getting some, you know, cool, getting some advice from their corners etc. This is called S1 Champion. It’s from the channel Li-Chin. So, Li-Chin, as it’s called, um, and I will link of course. All right, so, it’s like it’s about half a minute a break it looks like. Let’s see how Qi La La is going to switch this up in the second round.

Starting out southpaw again. Maybe working on his distance management. Oh, good little perry of the Muay Thai guy’s kick. Oh, he’s switching to orthodox. Are you going to capitalize on switching to orthodox Qi La La? Or are you just going to do it to kind of be unpredictable? I think you’re going to switch to orthodox there’s, you know, we better see some change in the striking. Oh, God! All right. I spoke too early. I thought he was just doing it for dramatic effect but look at look at how he positions his hips. Um, Qi La La has been training a lot of kind of like clinch defense. Very good.

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

Oh! Whoa, whoa! Control the punches Qi La La. Muay Thai guy of course still being more controlled. Not as explosive as s Qi La La. But you could almost argue that some of Qi La L’’s movements are almost wasting his energy. I know some of you might disagree with me on that, but you know it could be some of the wing chun’s flare. Uh, the ref is trying to…the ref is trying to stop them. Um, just so you guys know, uh, Qi La La went up in weight class. So, this guy has at least 15 pounds. His opponent has at least 15 pounds on him. So, it’s…by weight class, Qi La La is at a very big disadvantage just so you guys know. Um, that’s probably how I will title it. Qi La La versus two-time Muay Thai champion or Qi La La versus bigger two-time Muay Thai champion.

Oh, clinch. Oh, Qi La La is in the pocket man. Qi La La get out of the pocket. Get out of the pocket. Good push him away, Get your hands up. Get your hands up, Qi La La. Get out of the pocket. Oh, this is dangerous. This is really dangerous. This is where the Muay Thai guy is shining. Oh, that was, that was bad, man. Qi La La took some damage there. Oh! You see, yeah, Qi La La is…he’s definitely drained. He could be a little concussed too. See, I think the referee’s even checking him.

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

Oh, man. So, I would not put my hands down like that. Look at that. He’s punching at air. Oh good, good, good, good. Man, these low hands are really worrying me. Especially now that you know the Muay Thai guy seems to have figured out Qi La La. Oh, so referee’s like fight man. Don’t purl…sorry, I’m having trouble speaking today. I’m just too excited. Um, oh and we took…oh great! Qi La La got out of that clinch. Getting knead in the butt, oh. Trying to…okay. Referee is like, nope. Okay, so that was the end of the second round. Wow.

I definitely gave this round two, to our Muay Thai guy. Muay Thai guy wow. Um, let’s keep going. When we get to round three, yeah, um I don’t know about first round. First round was pretty even, so, um, the Muay Thai guy, this is his home turf. So, I think, even though I would say the first round is pretty even because it’s Muay Thai guy’s home turf. They’re going to give it to Muay Thai guy. First round and second round was definitely Muay Thai guy. So, Qi La La has got some catching up to do. He, I think he needs to KO the guy or TKO the guy or else he’s going to lose this. But really props to him, man. He went up in weight class you know. He’s, I believe 62 kilograms. So, in this fight he’s fighting a guy who is 65 kilograms, I believe. The guy Z.Z. Hao is…oh!

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

I don’t think Qi La was trying to check that kick earlier. Oh great, great punch. He just happened to be stepping and the Muay Thai guy kicked him. Oh, oh okay. All right. Good. Keep working the angles Qi La La. Good job. Go! All right. Okay. Qi La La wants this round bad. Wow! Qi La La wants this round man. Uh-oh. He looks very tired. He looks very gassed. Oof! Man, I am very worried about Qi La La’s low hands, man. And Muay Thai guy has not really capitalized on it. Good job, Qi La La. If I were in Muay Thai guy’s corner, I’d be like, ‘aim towards his head man’. Aim towards his head. Okay, it looks like he’s doing it. He’s aiming towards that. But Muay Thai guy looks pretty tired too but if I avoid that guy, just keep, keep aiming towards his head, man.

Sure, throw some low kicks. Get his hands down and just aim towards his head. Whoa! I don’t know what happened there. Somehow Muay Thai guy counter through or something. Qi La La. Oh, man, Qi La La almost looks like he’s doing drunken boxing but he’s, I think he’s just either tired, a little bit concussed or both, man. What do you guys think? If you were the referee would you kind of like check on Qi La La a little bit man? Oof. Great leg kick. Good check. Okay, Qi La La checked the kick, man. That was the first time. Looks like he’s really like with intention checked the kick. Good job. Oof!

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

Also, um, I noticed the Muay Thai guy hasn’t thrown a lot of tips and I don’t know why. Muay Thai guy throw some tips, man. Nice. Did you guys see that? Every time Qi La La angles off and throws a punch, he’s good. But he’s not doing that as much. We’ve seen him do that a lot in other fights, right? Oof! Oof! Nice! Overextended, um, left that Qi La La gave but it connected. Qi La is so tired. Look at him. He’s so tired. Oh, oh, oh. This is bad. This is bad. Get back. Okay, good, good. He’s good. Oh, he’s trying to throw a spitting back fist. That’s one way to mask your tiredness, right. Just like I’m actually being unpredictable. Oh, man.

Guys, I’ve never seen Qi La La this tired before, man. Wow, wow guys. Muay Thai guy is tired, but Qi La La is like another level of tired, man. Yeah, so, they gave it to Muay Thai guy. I mean this was…Qi La La put up a good fight but again, um, I think Muay Thai guy of course had home court advantage and weight class advantage. And man, at the end of the day you know Qi La La threw some good strikes. He even had some good takedowns, but you can tell he had, didn’t do as much damage to Muay Thai guy as much as Muay Thai guy did damage to him, right? And of course we could argue if Qi La La was three kilograms, three kilograms is about six pounds I believe, six pounds? If he were about six pounds heavier, um, then potentially he could have done more damage but still. We noticed very quickly that you know Muay Thai guy just looked like he had better conditioning. He looked like, just even from a lay man who you know doesn’t know what’s going on they can see that Muay Thai guy just doesn’t look as hurt, right?

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

And of course, guys, Qi La La fought like two or three kickboxing matches the night before. So, I was telling Qi La La, guys, I was telling him don’t become like a Sakuraba, you know. Don’t get brain damaged when because you’re fighting too much. I get it. We all love you, but you got to preserve your brain a little bit, man. That’s what I was telling him. So, guys if you guys go follow Qi La La, please go pass my word along too. Like we love him but, um, take care of himself too. And again, he probably is taking care of himself. But I’m just getting a little worried, man. Like in this fight we can tell that the matches before, the night before, were probably getting to him, right? It’s not just like the Muay Thai guy did extra damage to him. He’s probably feeling the matches from the night before. I mean he still has a black eye. Like this was a moment where he was just like kind of concussed, right? And he was just like okay let’s find my bearings again.

What do you guys think? How much wing chun do you see in Qi La La? Is it like 20% is it 40%? That’s what I’m saying. I’m not trying to bias you guys, but I see about 40% wing chun techniques in him. Some people, um, I know some very awesome viewers probably would say 10% but I would disagree. And again, uh, you’re welcome to disagree with me. If you even think he does 80% wing chun. So, yes guys. This was Qi La La and Z.Z. Hao, Zheng Zhen Hao.

Jerry Liu (Journalist/Comedian, 8+ years Kung Fu Study, Sporadic Training In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu):

All right guys. Fight Commentary Breakdowns lots of lessons, angles, keep your hands up, right? Clinch techniques etc. Don’t waste movements, right? Um, that’s something so important. Like that’s something my coach is teaching me right now, you know. If you don’t have to duck so low, don’t duck so low, right? Don’t waste movements. And I feel like a lot of these wing chun flare that Qi La La’s trying to do, I think it’s costing him. It’s like your energy mana is just extra spent doing some of those. And I’m not saying they’re all ineffective but some of it just seems like it’s just wasting your muscles. It’s just wasting your, the energy. The glycogen in your muscles. I don’t know guys. What do you think?

Fight Commentary Breakdowns. More of Qi La La to come because he got into way more than this match, this fight, this past week. So, Fight Commentary Breakdowns.

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