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TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Giants are all among us! These real life monster sized humans are actually living some pretty incredible lives! From professional bodybuilders, to strong man, power-lifting, arm wrestlers – and even a real estate agent! Watch how these men use their massive muscles to become larger than life!

There’s no photo-shop here. These unbelievably tall, strong and large men and women are completely real. Like Hagrid (fictional character from Harry Potter) or the BFG (from The BFG film), you might think off giants as just fictional characters. But that’s not true in the slightest. They are actually all around us in the real world. From men who stand over eight-feet tall, to bodybuilders who can crush walnuts with their colossal fingertips. Let’s take a look at some of the real-life giants that we can’t help but gawk at in amazement.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Sultan Kosen

Crank your neck skyward and take a look at our first wonder of humanity, Sultan Kosen, the tallest living man on the face of the earth. The 37-year-old Kosen, who hails from Mardin in southeastern Turkey, became the first man alive today to measure over eight-feet tall. In 2009, Guinness World Records took out a measuring tape and made it official. Recording his height at a phenomenal 246.4 centimetres or 8 feet and 1 inch tall. That put this gentle giant almost 4 inches taller than the previous record holder, Bao Xishun, from Inner Mongolia. Guinness also declared Kosen as the man with the largest hands at 27.5 centimetres just shy of 11 inches. And the second-largest feet on the planet, measuring 36.5 centimetres on the left and 35.5 centimetres on the right. That’s about a size 22 shoe. No matter which way you look at it, he’s a giant.

Just a couple of years later, Guinness measured him a second time and actually declared Sultan to be even taller. Since 2011, he now measures 251 centimetres. That’s 8 feet and 2 and 7/8 inches in height with a hand span of 28 centimetres. A study from the University of Virginia thought that Kosen had another two inches up his sleeve, as Guinness didn’t take into account his poor posture and Scoliosis. The monumental height was the result of a pituitary tumor. But if Sultan had not received Gamma Knife treatment to deal with it, then it’s possible he could have grown even more. Take a look at this photo of Sultan side-by-side with the world’s shortest living man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, and it’s impossible not to be amazed. But is Sultan the tallest man ever? No. Not quite.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Robert Pershing Wadlow

That trophy goes to Robert Pershing Wadlow. The so-called ‘Giant of Illinois’ from the mid 1900s. He stood at an astonishing 8 feet and 11.1 inches or 272 centimetres. Meanwhile the tallest woman in recorded history, Sandy Allen, measured 7 feet 7 inches or 2.31 metres. Wow! Compared to current day celebrities that we consider large like Dwayne Johnson or LeBron James; these people are real-life mountains. From one enormous handed man to another.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Denis Cyplenkov

Next up, is 37-year-old, Ukrainian-born, arm-wrestling champion, Denis Cyplenkov, known to have some of the biggest hands and thickest fingers in the world. Seriously, take a look at this and tell us that these hulk-like myths aren’t the biggest you’ve ever seen. Standing at 6 foot 1, tipping the scales at 308 pounds or 140 kilograms and with biceps that measure 25 inches. That’s 63.5 centimetres. Denis is clearly not someone we’d want to mess with. If he can crush rock-hard walnuts with merely the touch of a finger, then we’d rather not know what he could do to our skulls.

Has he been taking advantage of his superhuman size? Absolutely. After training in kettlebell lifting, he dove into arm-wrestling, where he won the ‘Nemiroff World Cup’ in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. As well as several Russian arm-wrestling championship titles. Of course, his phenomenal strength doesn’t come without a little hard work in the gym. Denis’ routines usually consist of very heavily weighted chin-ups, heavy cheat curls with a bar bell, wrist curls and bench presses of over 500 pounds.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Sajjad Gharibi

If you thought Denis looked huge, wait until you see Sajjad Gharibi, better known as ‘The Iranian Hulk’ or ‘The Hercules of Persia’. At 6 foot 2 and 340 pounds about 155 kilos, it’s not hard to see why. According to the Body Mass Index (BMI) the ideal weight range for a man of Sajjad’s height is 145 to 194 pounds. About half of what our ‘Iranian Hulk’ weighs. Sajjad is mighty proud of his size too. He constantly shares photos of his routine and frame on Instagram to his 471,000 followers. Including comical snaps of him next to regular objects which frankly look tiny in comparison like this car. Make no mistake, this guy eats enough to feed an entire family. Although he keeps his diet relatively healthy. As Sajjad told ‘Sputnik News’…”

Sajjad Gharibi:

“I eat four to five times a day. But when I’m trying to bulk up, I increase my meals to seven to eight times a day.”

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Martyn Ford

He can lift up to 175 kilograms that’s 386 pounds. More than double his weight. And uses that supreme strength and bodybuilding competitions around the world. It’s not all about the gym though. Sajjad has a real-life outside of sport as a, ready for this? A real-estate agent. Combine that with working out for two to three hours a day and sleeping for eight and we get a pretty busy schedule. Overtime he started to consider competitive fighting and back in 2018, he was touted as the perfect opponent for another bodybuilder, Martyn Ford.

Let’s take a closer look at Martyn shall we. At 320 pounds and 6 foot 8 this English bodybuilder would have given the ‘Iranian Hulk’ a real run for his money. Martyn’s story is an interesting one. He didn’t always have his sights on bodybuilding. And he wasn’t always the absolute tank we see today. Far from it in fact. He’d always been relatively tall but much much slimmer. Martyn was actually an aspiring cricketer. However, sadly that dream was crushed when he was dealt a double serving of bad luck, with injury and Glandular fever striking him down. So, with cricket off the table, Martyn took to the gym instead. Mostly as a way to channel his frustrations as he said himself…

Martyn Ford:

“I was lost when I finished playing cricket. I was convinced I would turn pro and that would be my life set out.”

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Thankfully, he was able to develop a gym routine and what a monster of a routine it turned out to be. Monday is all about chest and biceps. Tuesday is back strength, focussing on deadlifts and rows. Wednesday is his day to relax. And then on Thursday, it is straight back on the horse with shoulder and triceps and then of course, Friday is legs. If you’re thinking. ‘Hey, this dude looks familiar’, it’s because he’s actually starred in a few Hollywood films. Including, ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘Final Score’ alongside Pierce Brosnan and Dave Bautista. With those under his belt, Ford, whose been nicknamed ‘Nightmare’ has chalked up a net worth of 4.5 million dollars. While we’re still not sure if he could beat ‘The Iranian Hulk’ one on one, Ford seems pretty confident across other hypothetical fights. When asked if he could fight a bear or a shark, ‘Nightmare’s’ response was…

Martyn Ford:

“Yes. Absolutely. I reckon I could do both at the same time, actually.”

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Mariusz Pudzianowski

Okay our next real-world giant is the multiple times ‘World Strongest Man’, Mariusz Pudzianowski. In total, the Polish giant nicknamed, ‘The Dominator’, has taken out five ‘World Strongest Man’ titles. Which is more than any other athlete. He’s no slouch in the gym either. Bench-pressing 640 pounds, that’s 290 kilos, squatting 840 and deadlifting 915. That is insane. He competed in the ‘Strongman’ competitions from 1999 until 2009. But from then on, he considered a different path, MMA. Since MMA and ‘Strongman’ required extremely different training routines, Mariusz had to choose one and he chose MMA. Over his first 21 matches he clocked up 13 wins, five of which were by knock-out, three by submission and five by decision. What does a man of this sheer size eat? In his own words…

Mariusz Pudzianowski:

“I eat anything I want, anytime I want.”

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

We’ve seen him smash down chocolate, ice-cream and massive burgers. As he told MTV, he eats ten eggs and two to three pounds of bacon for breakfast, often a double meal of Polish pork chops for lunch and whatever he can scrounge for dinner, with bodybuilding supplements throughout of course. Surprisingly, he does have a life outside of sport. He actually owns three companies, including a school for bodyguards and a truck cargo business called, ‘Pudzianowski Transport’. And believe it or not, he sings in a band too.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Broc Brown

Next up, we’ve got the former ‘World’s Largest Teenager’, Broc Brown. When Broc was born, he seemed perfectly healthy but then as he started to grow, well, he grew and grew and grew. By kindergarten. Broc already towered at 5 feet and 2 inches, the same size as his mother. He was eventually diagnosed with Sotos Syndrome also known as ‘Cerebral Gigantism’ which is why the 22-year-old now stands at 7 feet 9 inches. It hasn’t always been easy for Broc though. He’s had to deal with related health issues, back problems and has needed his mother to make him a custom 8-foot bed. Even daily tasks that we find normal like getting in and out of cars have been a struggle. While Browns condition was deemed life threatening at first, thankfully he’s now in the clear and ready to make the most of whatever life can throw at him.

TheRichest (A YouTube Channel on Unbelievable and Amazing Facts):

Dalip Singh Rana

Rounding out the list we have one of the most famous giants to walk the earth, Dalip Singh Rana, better known as ‘The Great Khali’, standing 7 foot 1 and weighing close to 350 pounds, that’s 158 kilograms. Khali has made a name for himself, thanks to years of wrestling in the WWE. As well as appearances in Hollywood blockbusters like ‘The Longest Yard’ and ‘Get Smart’. While no wrestler will ever be able to fully replicate the enormous stature of the seven-foot four, Andre the Giant, ‘The Great Khali’ certainly comes close.

That’s all for the real-life giants who exist today. Who do you think would win in a fight, ‘The Iranian Hulk’ or ‘The Nightmare’? Let us know in the comments. Make sure to like this video…”

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