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Buddy cop movies thrive on the chemistry and comic timing between the two lead actors and there are few that can surpass the iconic combination of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in this regard. Their action comedy franchise Rush Hour has achieved legendary status over the years and the duo has been the biggest reason behind the success of the story.

However, it has been a rather long wait for over a decade and all fans have received a half of rumors and speculations about the new project. Now finally, we have some concrete evidence and a slice of good news for you. Jackie Chan has formally announced that he is currently involved with Rush Hour 4. The actor has said that the sequel has been officially confirmed and currently, he is in talks with the makers about the direction ahead.

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The Previous Missed Opportunity

The fans were given the slip earlier when the fourth installment of the franchise was being considered in 2017. Jackie Chan revealed that he had agreed to a screenplay submitted before him. Back then, it was thought to be only a matter of time and things could set rolling once Tucker was on board. In 2018, fans started speculating that the movie would go into production the same year. But things did not go according to plan. After almost a year of waiting, Chris Tucker said in an interview that some things in the script had to be revised.

Soon, he posted about beginning work on Rush Hour 4 and the rumor mill started working overtime until his PR team calmed things down by suggesting that he was yet to officially agree to the project. However, they also confirmed that the project was very much on the cards and the actors in the studio were all keen to make it happen.

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What Can The New Story Look Like?

Rush Hour movies are not really interconnected by a single storyline and the only common factor binding these phones together, is the presence of the protagonists. Detective Lee and Carter will be in action one more time. But it is tough to predict the story arc because of the standalone nature of the narrative. However, going by the nature of the narrative, you can expect them to go after another international crime ring of massive proportions. Some further complications might be involved and there might be deeper conspiracies with the involvement of some surprising characters in the story. Overall, you can be sure that the sleuths will continue the hilarious Antics and witty one-liners as they solve another tricky crime.

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In a recent interview, Jackie Chan suggested that he would like to do more romance oriented roles in the future instead of his usual action-packed characters. But hopefully, he is not looking at Rush Hour 4 to make the change. We love his charismatic and comical presence as Detective Lee and it would be a tragedy to watch the character change through some dramatic form. To be honest, as long as we have Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan sharing their bonomy and comic timing on screen, the other stuff like storyline will just fall into place.

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What We Know So Far About The Cast And Crew?

Well, first things first, it’s a huge relief to learn that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will be a part of the new movie. They are an integral part of the franchise and breaking up the magic combination would have been an unpardonable sin. It has also been revealed that Mike Tyson will also be part of Rush Hour 4 and we assume that he might be brought in for a negative role.

Jackie Chan has not revealed anything about the director but he did confirm meeting him at the Red Sea film festival in Saudi Arabia to discuss the script further. The first three Rush Hour movies were directed by Brett Ratner but it is unlikely that he would be considered any longer after the serious allegations against him during the #metoo movement. We have to wait and watch for the new face behind the project and the fans will soon want the legacy to be handled by someone capable.

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You cannot expect the movie to be released before late 2024 or even 2025. But now that the project is confirmed, it will be a weight worth being patient. Rush Hour 3 was not exactly the finest hour of the franchise and we hope that the new addition to the series will look past the shortcomings of his predecessor.

Do let us know in the comments below how excited you are about this upcoming project. Share your insights about the storyline and also tell us who else you want to be a part of this cast.

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