Hector Martinez:

Welcome to… Urban Kung Fu!

Now Charlie, this is a special one here for me because this one is Shannon Lee’s yearbook. She also attended Chadwick School, the private school that Brandon attended and this one is from 1984. And Shannon was actually 15 years old in 84 and this is once again from Chadwick Private School in Palos Verdes Peninsula, California.

Now the reason it’s special is because I had the pleasure of meeting Shannon a year ago at the premiere of Warrior the TV series that her dad wrote and I showed her the yearbook and she was kind enough to sign it for me.

Hector Martinez:

So here it is.

Be water my friend, Shannon.

She was surprised to see it actually. I told her, do you know what this is? And she goes, oh, definitely! Of course, that’s the school I went to. My high school yearbook. So it was pretty cool, you know, showing this to Shannon. Most people bring her photos of her dad for her to sign but I brought her her yearbook and she thought it was pretty neat. And, well, there’s a few photos here. I believe I have three photos of Shannon. So, yes.

Hector Martinez:

A collectibles show… dedicated to Bruce & Brandon Lee!

The little dragon … Pure Action

Get Ready… It’s finally here…

A fan show for the fan!

Brandon Lee! Memorabilia! Collectibles!

Hector Martinez:

Okay, here’s the first one, and there’s Shannon Lee. She was in 9th grade here. 9th grade and Shannon was 15 years old. Let’s look for her name. Here it is, Shannon Lee.

Shannon, I love your Enter the Eagles!

She was very good in that movie. Excellent! Produced by Golden Harvest, same production company that produced her father’s films.

Hector Martinez:

All right now, let’s look for another one. Let’s see. Where are you, Shannon. Here you are. She is in the girls soccer team. Right in the center. Yes, sir. And let’s look for her name.

Pardon me, here it is. Shannon Lee!

Beautiful! Grew up to be just a.. beautiful, beautiful young woman. Awesome! And I had the pleasure of seeing her twice actually. Before Warrior, I met her at the premiere of Warrior and then the finale of the year, the last episode. So again, we were invited to see that. So that was pretty cool.

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