The transcript below is from the video “Shaolin Monk VS MMA – Why Kung-Fu Monks are UNBREAKABLE!” by Brilliant News.

Brilliant News:

Shaolin Kung-Fu is the origin of all martial arts, but does that make it the best? We’re about to find out as we size up a Shaolin Monk versus Everyone.

From young boys up until old men, Shaolin monks follow a strict training regime. First, they concentrate on stretching, making sinews and joints supple and flexible. This allows them to bend and sway quickly whilst still maintaining balance.

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They use meditation to control their breathing and their emotions and their basic bodily functions, enabling them to find a peaceful state internally even when under external stress. This allows them to flow freely, whilst fighting and not respond to anger or retaliation.

Physical training is about 70% leg training, for Shaolin monks believe that the fist, is the source of all arts and the leg is the base, the root of the fist.

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This allows them to hit exceptionally hard with the explosive movement starting in the leg through the hip, shoulder, arm and then the fist.

The Shaolin monks do exercises and drills like continuous repetition of martial arts techniques, progressive physical skills, obstacle courses, weapons drills, and partnered coordination exercises. These exercises are repeated until perfect. This allows them to be extremely quick, reacting to movements before they happen and also enables them to generate force in every joint and bone allowing them to strike with any part of their body.

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Lastly the monks use a wide range of training exercises to repeatedly put stress on different parts of their body, strengthening them and building resistance.

This means that they can take a remarkable amount of abuse and pain without suffering any long term damage.

Is Shaolin kung fu the best martial art? What do you think?

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