The transcript below is from the video “Shaolin Soccer 2001! Then and Now 2022 How they Changed 🎬” by Stars Timeline.

Stars Timeline:

My all time favorite movie WAS “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”…that was before I saw Shaolin Soccer. As a diehard Hong Kong cinema fan, I have been wanting to see this film since its release because I like Stephen Chow and wanted to look at his idea of combining soccer with Shaolin Kung Fu. And the film overall is a success!!! You have comedy, action, sports, a little romance (Stephen and Vicky Zhao…even though it’s not seen much), and all around fun!!! You gotta love the dance sequence and the singing…Siu Lam Kung Fu Ho Yeah!!! This is without a doubt my new all time favorite movie!!! If you haven’t seen it…get up and see it!!!!

Stars Timeline:

Stephen Chow as Mighty Steel Leg Sing

2001 – Age: 38 / 2022 – Age: 59

Sing: [after his team gets brutally beaten by Team Gangster] Why don’t you stop them? They’re being unlawful!

Golden Leg Fung: I’m the referee! I won’t stop them!

Sing: What do you mean by that? You basically want us to die!

Golden Leg Fung: [blows his whistle] You! Out of the game!

Sing: Have you gone nuts?

Golden Leg Fung: This is a test! If none of you can pass it, then you can’t play in the soccer league!

Sing: Well, this is a soccer game! This isn’t a war!

Golden Leg Fung: The final soccer game is a war.

Stars Timeline:

Zhao Wei as Mui

2001 – Age: 25 / 2022 – Age: 46

Sing: Why do you look like E.T.?

Mui: You said I should get rid of the hair in my eyes.

Stars Timeline:

Ng Man-tat as Golden Leg Fung

2001 – Age: 49 / Died in 2021 – Age: 69

Sing: I said… that’s no way to kick.

Golden Leg Fung: You think you can do better?

Sing: There must exist a fusion of mind and foot.

Stars Timeline:

Patrick Tse as Team Evil Coach Hung

2001 – Age: 64 / 2022 – Age: 85

Golden Leg Fung: Do you kick balls or people?

Team Evil Coach Hung: I prefer kicking people.

Stars Timeline:

Danny Chan Kwok-kwan as Empty Hands

2001 – Age: 25 / 2022 – Age: 46

Stars Timeline:

Kai Man Tin as Iron Shirt

2001 – Age: 39 / 2022 – Age: 60

Stars Timeline:

Wong Yat-fei as Iron Head

2001 – Age: 54 / 2022 – Age: 75

Stars Timeline:

Cecilia Cheung as Cau thu nu 1

2001 – Age: 20 2022 – Age: 41

Stars Timeline:

Vincent Kok as Team Puma Leader

2001 – Age: 35 / 2022 – Age: 56

Team Puma Leader : It’s only an illusion, you can’t scare me!

Stars Timeline:

Lam Chii-chung as Weight Vest

2001 – Age: 24 / 2022 – Age: 45

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