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Famous News:

Just last week memes motivated Chief Keef to take up arms to help out the Ukraine and now there’s a suspicious news story posted by the CNN involving Steven Seagal. Now it’s alluding to the fact that this lethal weapon of a man will be joining the Russians.

He actually has a close relationship to Putin himself. He’s like the Dennis Rodman to Kim Jong Un but you know, for Putin. But is there any accuracy to this news story and why is Joe Rogan getting blasted just for talking about it. To find out more, you’re gonna have to stay tuned to this episode of Famous News.

Famous News:

Now for those of you who don’t know who Steven Seagal is, while we can go to his IMDb page, which a lot of people believe he wrote himself, it states: Steven Seagal is a striking and somewhat boyishly handsome looking often with ponytail and usually impeccable dressed action star who burst onto the martial arts film scene in 1998 in the fast-paced Warner Bros. film Above the Law.

Now he was one of a handful of action stars popping up in the late 80s alongside the likes of Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and the rest. And for whatever reason, the guy seems to stay in the news because, well, he’s just kind of a hilarious character. But more recently, well, he struck up a strong relationship with Putin himself. In fact, he’s referred to him as “one of the great living world leaders” and like a brother to him.

Famous News:

Now, the two, they share a love for martial arts and they bonded over this, leading to a lengthy friendship so much so that Putin, he even made Steven Seagal a Russian citizen back in 2016, where he offered the man a passport. And because of all this, well, Steven Seagal has been spending a whole lot of time in Russia. He works in Washington on behalf of Russia and, well, they kick back a bit of work his way, even putting him in commercials.

This latest news story came from CNN’s Twitter page which reported: Intelligent agencies around the world have spotted American actor Steven Seagal among Russian special forces positioned around the outskirts of Gostomel airfield near Kyiv captured by Russian airborne troops.

Famous News:

Now Joe Rogan was so blown away by this fishy news story. He actually posted to his Instagram page and his caption of it read: If I had to guess the plot of this f*cked up movie we’re living through I would say we are about 14 hours from the arrival of aliens.

Now I think Joe Rogan was just poking a little fun at how ridiculous this new story is. Nonetheless, he was blasted for posting fake news. And even the meme god himself, Tank Sinatra, while he was there in the comments pointing out that this was clearly a fake photoshop post. So we decided to check out what Steven Seagal is up to over on his Instagram page and it appears that he’s been traveling to other parts of the world. In fact, he spent Christmas out in Dubai.

Famous News:

So for now, we gotta chalk this one up as one giant hoax although it would be fantastic to see Chief Keef and Steven Seagal in a fight to the death to settle world war III once and for all. Let us know what you guys think about this story. What do you think about Steven Seagal? And this guy’s just been like a character for 10 decades, my whole lifetime, 30 years. This guy’s just been one laughing joke. Anyways, that’s all we got for this one. I’ll see you guys in another video.

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