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The Action Viking:

Do I think Jean-Claude’s a tough guy in martial arts? No!

Hey guys, welcome to the Macho Channel but you know something, today, I’m not going to be nice. It’s time to take off the gloves and play it dirty.

So, it’s no secret that here on the channel, we love to celebrate our beloved action heroes. But what do these action heroes actually think of each other? Now, let’s take a look at Steven Seagal and see how he feels about his fellow action colleagues.

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Okay, so John Leguizamo is not exactly known for having the biggest Marshals or being the biggest action star in Hollywood. However, he has appeared in some pretty decent action films. Okay, so he has worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Collateral Damage, Keanu Reeves in John Wick 1 and 2, and of course, Steven Seagal in Executive Decision. Here’s what the man has to say about his experience with Mr Seagal: “And we come in for rehearsals and he comes in, I’m in command. What I say is law. Anybody doesn’t agree? And I was like… I started cracking up because he sounded like a retard and he came up and he Taekwondo’ed my ass against the brick one on one. He’s 6’5″ and caught me off guard, knocked all the air at me, oh my God, why?” I’m sure Steven Seagal just had a very bad day. Anyway, here’s how John Leguizamo describes his co-star: “I really want to say is how big and fat he is, how he runs like a girl but I didn’t”. Okay, so that was one time you know accidents happen.

The Action Viking:

Anyway, let’s see what Steven Seagal has to say about Michael Jai White.

– For real, if he was on the street and there was a situation you wanted this Hollywood guy by your side because he could defend himself. It’s that hard to think of a legit one?

– Can you think of one?

– Michael Jai White.

– Can I laugh in your face?

– Really?

– Yes.

Most people, including myself, see Michael Jai White as a badass martial arts action dude that has done movies in Hollywood for over 30 years and the man definitely has a couple of tricks up his sleeve. Anyway, let’s see what else Seagal has to say about his colleague.

The Action Viking:

“Do I think Michael is a tough guy? No. Do I think he’s a martial artist? No.”

Now that’s pretty interesting. Is it possible that Michael Jai White pees his pants when he thinks of Steven Seagal or not so much? Keep in mind, these two action guys have worked together on three different movies. While maybe to be fair, we should also hear Michael Jai White’s side of the story.

“Steven’s, you know, he’s an entertainer. I can’t call him a deep martial artist. There are too many martial artists that I I really honor and respect and you know who live that life of budo that, you know, I couldn’t put him in that same category.”

All right and in regards to Seagal gaining some weight?

“Yeah, martial arts principles say that, I mean, you keep yourself together, you don’t gain 70 pounds and you don’t do harmful things to yourself.”

I don’t know about you guys but to me, it looks like Michael Jai White knows a thing or two.

Then again, maybe Steven Seagal has some secret moves called Jedi tricks.

The Action Viking:

Okay, let’s stay grounded and get back to planet Earth.

So, where does Dolph Lungren fit into all of this?

Guys, could you imagine what a real fight between Steven Seagal and Dolph Lundgren would actually look like? Or maybe we should just do a movie Casey Ryback versus Ivan Drago and of course, the fight is to take place on the deck of the USS Missouri. Anyway, what’s Seagal’s thoughts on Dolph:

– Dolph Lungren, Kyokushin Karate guy, used to be competitive.

– He’s a very nice guy. Do I think he’s a tough guy and a great martial artist? He’s just a great guy and…

Okay, so what can we take away from that? Well, he definitely did not throw Dolph Lundgren under the bus but he did not exactly compliment him either. So, it’s no secret that one of the biggest action feuds in Hollywood history among tough guys has got to be between Steven Seagal and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The Action Viking:

Okay, so this is where it starts to get really nasty. By the way guys, I have several videos in the playlist about these two guys, so feel free to check them out.

In 1994, Van Damme did the movie Time Cop and in an interview he said this, I have only met Steven Seagal twice. I was nice to him I shook his hand but for some reason, he doesn’t like me very much. he talks about me but I don’t talk about him.

– Thoughts on Jean-Claude Van Damme?

– Can I laugh in your face? Do I think Jean-Claude’s a tough guy in martial arts? No!

So these two guys and their feud goes back over 30 years and it doesn’t look like it’s getting better anytime soon. Let’s see what else Seagal has to say.

– Do you know Van Damme?

– No.

– You’ve heard him?

– Uhuh..

– What do you think of his work, as a martial artist first? He was like a champion somewhere.

– I think that that’s a matter of opinion that he was a champion anywhere. But there are an awful lot of people who say that that’s not true.

Okay, I think the testosterone level just went up. So what does Van Damme have to say about Steven Seagal.

– Steven Seagal… uh he should lose some weight. He should be a little more fast.

And now to the big question, why does Seagal not like Van Damme?

– I met the guy a few times, he’s a nice guy, doesn’t like me much…

– Why doesn’t he like you?

– Because maybe I’m good, very good.

The Action Viking:

Yeah, okay, I’m not sure Van Damme is just being modest here or if he’s just extremely confident is his own abilities.

So to answer the question here, is it possible that Seagal simply does not like Van Damme because he’s good or does he see him as a threat since he’s a fellow action guy? So Van Damme is not exactly known for trashing his action friends but he occasionally makes fun of them.

At one point, these two guys almost got into a real fight. Sylvester Stallone witnessed the whole thing. Here’s what Rambo has to say about the incident: At a party in my home in Miami, in 1997, Van Damme was tired of Seagal claiming he could kick his ass, so he offered Seagal outside into my backyard. Seagal made his excuses and left but Van Damme, who was berserk, tracked him down at a nightclub and offered him out again. The fight never actually materialized but Stallone is confident who would have won. He adds, Van Damme was too strong. Seagal wanted none of it.

The Action Viking:

So we have one guy left on the list, someone that everybody respects as a true martial artist.

“Chuck Norris is a real martial artist.”

Chuck Norris is not only a martial arts legend but also a Hollywood badass. He has been in the film industry for over 50 years and he got his start when he played the bad guy opposite Bruce Lee in the movie The Way of the Dragon. However, in the 60s, he was all about martial arts and he even won the World Championship. In my mind, that definitely qualifies him as a true martial artist. Anyway, since this video is mostly about how Seagal feels about these other action guys, why don’t we ask him about Chuck Norris?

– I mean Chuck’s in his mid 70s. He’s probably 76 years old, okay, 75-76 years old, interesting…

Okay, so Seagal did not exactly trash Chuck Norris like he has done with Van Damme, for example, but he did not compliment him either. Now let’s check out what Chuck Norris thinks about Steven Seagal as a martial artist and on screen.

– How good is Seagal?

– I don’t, truthfully, I don’t know. I don’t know Steven. I’ve only met him once. See, most of Seagal’s movies, his action is done close up, you really can’t see. Everything is real quick cuts so that you don’t get a chance to really see exactly what he’s doing.

Okay, and in regards to Steven Seagal’s tough guy behavior and if he or any other action guys has the guts to challenge good old Chuck?

– Steven Seagal, did he tell you to get away from him?

The Action Viking:

– He could be annoyed on some days. He says like potential.. Has he ever crunched your instep or anything?

– No. They, you know, they wouldn’t dare.

All right Chuck, you tell him!

Now let’s ask Chuck Norris about Steven Seagal’s bully behavior and if the man has the right philosophy in life or not.

– really rotten kind of guy image that he projects carries over largely acting is it or not?

– carries over in his whole life.

– Really?

– Yeah, unfortunately.

– Oh, that’s too bad for martial artist. I suspected that.

– Yeah, for martial artist, it kind of surprises me too.

So there’s definitely been a lot of trashing in this video but why don’t we end it on a more happy note. If Steven Seagal were to put together his own little super army of tough guys or martial arts actors, what would it look like?

– Jason Satan’s wonderful action guy, Jet Li fantastic, who by the way, is a real martial artist. Randy’s a real fighter.

The Action Viking:

So when we add it all up, this is what Steven Seagal’s private army or Expendable movie would actually look like. Now whether you like or dislike Steven Seagal as an actor, martial artist or a human being, there was a time when he was one of the biggest action stars on the planet and now at 70 years of age, he still knows a thing or two.

So based on everything we just saw, the big question of the day would be, what is a martial artist? Because it seems like all our martial arts action guys disagree. Are you considered a martial artist if you go to a martial arts school a couple of days a week and that’s pretty much it? Or do you need to be an 8th degree black belt and have studied for decades and dedicated your entire life to the art?

Yeah, okay, so clearly we’re talking about some serious testosterone around here. But maybe you guys can help me out. Seriously, of all the ancient guys in Hollywood past and present, who do you think would actually win a fight in real life? Why don’t you comment and let me know and of course, don’t forget to like and subscribe to the channel. See you next time.

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