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Looks like actor Steven Seagal has a new job. He was recently appointed as the face of Russia’s Pro-Putin political party. He was formally inducted into the ‘A Just Russia – Patriots – For The Truth’ Party at a ceremony held last Saturday. The party was formed earlier this year when three minor parties merged in a display of solidarity for their support of president Vladimir Putin.

Seagal, who was born in Michigan, has routinely praised Putin’s leadership and controversially, openly endorsed the 2014 invasion and annexation of Crimea. In 2016, Russia granted Seagal citizenship. Just two years later, the Kremlin appointed him to the unpaid diplomatic position of “special representative” for Russian-US Humanitarian ties.


The party holds 23 of the 450 seats in the lower house of the Duma, which is the name of Russia’s parliament. That means it’s the fourth-largest in the nation right now behind Putin’s United Russia Party which holds 335 seats. The next session of the Duma election is set to take place in September but the Russian State News Agency TASS reports that Seagal will not be a candidate seeing as he still retains his American citizenship.

Seagal has been a Russian citizen since 2018. In November 2016, Vladimir Putin issued a presidential decree that granted Russian citizenship to the action movie star. Seagal had been expressing his desire to become a citizen of Russia since September of that year and he and Putin had already been friends for years. They both share a love for martial arts. Seagal is an expert in Aikido and Putin is quite proficient in Judo. They’ve even appeared alongside each other at martial arts events and demonstrations from time to time.


In 2015, Seagal and Putin joined hands at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. In the last decade, Seagal has become a kind of unexpected conduit between the US and Russia. In 2014, members of a congressional delegation in the US praised Seagal for opening some doors as they researched terrorism-related issues. Later that year, Putin suggested the possibility of making Seagal an honorary consul in California and Arizona. If he had been selected for that position, he would have acted as a liaison between President Obama and Putin.

Seagal has desired to become a part of the Russian community for quite some time but he isn’t the first Western star to fall head over heels for the former Soviet nation. Fighter Roy Jones Jr. and French actor Gérard Depardieu have also been awarded Russian citizenship. Hey, if you’re enjoying this video so far, make sure you give it a like and subscribe to Trender if you haven’t already. And don’t go anywhere, stick around to learn all about Steven Seagal’s numerous sexual harassment and assault accusations.


What will Seagal’s role be?

According to Russia’s foreign ministry, Seagal’s role will be to serve as a special representative where he’ll perform his duties without financial compensation for the purposes of strengthening direct contacts, mutual understanding and trust between the Russian and American people. He’ll also oversee the preservation of memorial sites across the US that are connected with Russia.

This isn’t the first time Russia has tried to do something like this. In 2013, Dmitry Rogozin, the former Deputy Prime Minister, suggested that Seagal could use his connections and authority in the American establishment to help broker arms deals between the two nations. But the Obama Administration didn’t seem that interested in that proposal, so it was scrapped.


Seagal was a cop in New Mexico. His first interactions with the boys in blue was in the 1980s when he was brought in to train the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s department in hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship. Seagal was deputized by the Doña Ana County Sheriff’s department in January 2013. According to the New York Times, he was made a deputy for the small border town department in Southern New Mexico so he could train the other officers in several different disciplines and combat styles. Seagal is good friends with a controversial Sheriff.

Not long after being deputized in New Mexico, he traveled one state over to Arizona where he assisted Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, in organizing a school shooting preparedness drill. Seagal and Arpaio had previously joined forces in 2011 for another controversial event. They drove a tank into a house that belonged to a man suspected of organizing a cockfighting ring. When the tank crashed through the man’s house, sadly, his dog was killed. The man ended up filing a $100,000 lawsuit against the star but it was later dismissed when he failed to present the required paperwork to the court.


Seagal is also a citizen of Serbia. Just months before he was given his Russian citizenship, Seagal was also granted citizenship in Serbia. Not only is he a highly popular and celebrated musician in that country, but he also trained with Serbian Special Forces in Aikido. Additionally, he’s met with the country’s President and numerous other top officials and has hopes of one day opening a dojo in Belgrade.

He remains a passionate and dedicated defender of the Serbian people. He’s promised to do anything and everything he can to promote the positive image and reputation of Serbia in the global arena. He also remains committed to combating what he feels to be unfair prejudices based on the role of the nation in the Balkan conflict.

Seagal is a fierce animal rights activist. Seagal, who has been a vegetarian for decades, has worked alongside PETA to help dissuade consumers from buying animal products. In 1999, he was decorated with a PETA humanitarian award for helping prevent the exportation of baby elephants from South Africa to Japan. In 2003, he penned a letter to the leadership of Thailand requesting they consider introducing legislation that would prevent the torture of baby elephants. He sent a similar letter to the Prime Minister of India regarding cows.


Seagal has frequently lied about his past. In fact, it’s pretty difficult to determine what is and isn’t true about Steven’s backstory because he keeps changing it. At one point, he claimed he was a student of the founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, even though he died in 1968, when Seagal was just 14. If he really did study under him, it would have meant he was living alone in Japan at age 13 or 14 which is unlikely. Seagal also claimed he helped train CIA agents in Japan. He told the LA Times that the CIA saw his abilities and martial arts training and knew they had to bring him in as an advisor. He claims to have trained several CIA agents in the field and in the process met quite a few powerful people. Steven’s wife at the time, however, denied he was ever involved in the CIA. He’s also repeatedly made dubious claims pertaining to his ethnicity. At one point, he tried to claim he was Russian while later on he tried to say he was Italian. Seagal’s mom, on the other hand, says her son is of Jewish and Irish descent. Another ridiculous claim Seagal has frequently made over the years involved him fighting the Yakuza with the help of the American mafia. He also claims he’s one of the world’s foremost experts on swords, adding that he is routinely retained by auction houses for authentication purposes.


He’s been accused of sexual abuse by numerous women

In 1991, three employees of Warner Bros Raenne Malone, Nicole Selinger, and Christine Keeve accused Seagal of sexual harassment. Malone and another woman were paid $50,000 out of court and hush money to put the story to rest. Around the same time, four other actresses came forward claiming Seagal had made inappropriate sexual advances during late night casting sessions. In 1995, Seagal was charged with employment discrimination and was hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit after actress Cheryl Shuman came forward claiming he had beaten her during the filming of the film “On Deadly Ground”. The case was eventually dropped with the judge calling the claims repetitive and unintelligible.


In 2010, a woman named Kayden Nguyen filed another lawsuit against Seagal seeking more than $1 million in damages. She claimed the actor had sexually harassed her, was involved in sex trafficking and wrongfully terminated her after she refused to give in to his sexual demands. She abruptly withdrew her claim without explanation three months after filing the suit. It’s likely she received some kind of settlement out of court but that’s just speculation. In 2017, actress Portia de Rossi accused Seagal of sexually harassing her during a film audition. Later that year, Dutch model Fabiola Dadis posted a statement on instagram stating she too had been sexually assaulted by Seagal years ago. In 2018, actress Rachel Grant accused Seagal of raping her at his LA home in 1993. That investigation is apparently still ongoing.

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