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Bruce Lee’s Real Fight with Lau Dai-Chuen: Truth or Fake?!

Hear Bruce Lee and his friend / student, Daniel Lee of no relation discuss about the infamous challenger, Lau Dai-Chuen. ... Read More

Bruce Lee’s Big Fight With Karate GrandMaster Joe Lewis: What Really Happened?!

Bruce Lee and Joe Lewis had a fight over something?! Why? No one knows! But the role in Way of the Dragon ended up going to Chuck Norris... Read More

Shannon Lee: Ip Man Is Who Instilled A Love For Martial Arts In My Father

Bruce Lee came to Ip Man as a student when he was just 13 years old and trained with him until the age of 18.... Read More

Chuck Norris: I was a fighter, I fought for years! Bruce Lee never competed or fought professionally!

After Chuck Norris won the World Title,  he and Bruce Lee developed a friendship and trained together years. This is a story about Bruce Lee the fighter.... Read More

Sammo Hung vs. Bruce Lee: What Really Happened?!

Sammu Hung talks about how he met Bruce Lee and the argument/fight they had before he eventually was cast for Bruce Lee's last movie, Enter The Dragon.... Read More

Bruce Lee vs. Extra: What Really Happened

On the set of Enter The Dragon a bunch of guys wanted to challenge Bruce Lee to a fight. This is the true story what happened that day. ... Read More

Bruce Lee: A Life Taken Too Soon

He was the King of Kung Fu – the deadliest human fighting machine that the world had ever seen. ... Read More