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Enter The Dragon Stuntman Challenged Bruce Lee Two Finger Push Up 12 Times

A stuntman from the 1973 Enter The Dragon challenged Bruce Lee to do push up.... Read More

Enter the Dragon (1973) Cast: Then and Now [49 Years After]

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Enter the Dragon 1973 Cast Then and Now (2022)

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Enter The Dragon Stuntman Rue The Day He Challenged Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

Enter The Dragon actor Bolo Yeung talks about the fight between an Extra and Bruce Lee while shooting the film in Hong Kong in 1973. ... Read More


Bolo Yeung is a 76 year old martial artist and film actor who is best known for his performances as Bolo in Enter the Dragon and Chong Li in Bloodsport.... Read More

Shek Kin on Bruce Lee and Enter the Dragon

Shek Kin played Mr Han in Enter the Dragon. He talks about his memories of Bruce Lee and working on Enter the Dragon.... Read More

How Strong was Bruce Lee? The Kid in ‘Enter the Dragon’ Tells You! (Rare Interview)

Stephen Tung Wai who played the young student in 'Enter the Dragon' with Bruce Lee, tells the audience how strong he was in real life.... Read More

Extras Challenged Bruce Lee to a Real Fight on the set of Enter the Dragon

One of the most popular stories of Bruce Lee being challenged to a real fight was on the set of Enter The Dragon in 1973. ... Read More

Enter The Dragon (1973): Cast Then and Now

Bruce Lee plays a martial-arts expert determined to help capture the narcotics dealer whose gang was responsible for the death of his sister. ... Read More