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Name the best thing to see about combat sports. This is of course the knockouts. In everyday combat sports, it’s not like every match will end up the same. Some will end up with really strange and phenomenal knockouts.

Welcome and today, we will be diving into these prestigious and notable moments. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

Trend Loops:

The Dizzying Punch

There are really low chances that an MMA fighter will stand against a Boxer in a Boxing match. Sorry to say but it is most likely in a Boxing match because they are great at it. One of the most crucial examples would be when Conor McGregor faced Floyd Mayweather inside a boxing ring. While the other one is this:

The guy in the red is the MMA fighter, while in silver is the boxer. The red tried to push the boxer away but his punch was already connected. He was then dazzling around the corner. The referee didn’t stop the match until he made sure he was long way gone. What a technical Knockout!

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The Furious Clinching

It was a really quick match. The fighters were clinching to each other, delivering knees. It was then the guy in black clinched for the last time. He tried dispensing the knees but failed. That is when he connected his leg, right to his neck, and knocked him out cold. The referee rushed in and he won the match by KO.

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An Interesting Fight:

In your whole life, you will always see some historical interesting matches. These matches never disappoint in running adrenaline down your spine. One of these matches also includes this fight.

They were having a very tactical match. None of them was putting down and were surprising each other with different moves. But this match came to an end when they squeezed each other. That is when they started kicking. First, the blue came into action but missed it. That’s when the red one kicked him two times but connected it on the last time.

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The Hardcore Knockout:

I bet you would have seen a lot of hardcore knockouts but not like this one. The fighter in the red gloves is a real trickster. As you can see, he knocked him out in the blink of an eye. But let’s go slow-motion a bit and see what happened. Firstly, he went out to him and swirled down to deliver a deadly kick. So, the opponent went into defensive mode. But that is all he wanted him to think of. He didn’t connect the leg. When the fighter realized it, it was too late. The red fighter knocked him out cold on the canvas.

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What the Heck

You might have seen a lot of crazy matches. That will make you think what the heck just happened. But the following knockout is Fabolous that might have been encountered once in the history of the sport:

The giant in black delivered a kick which the opponent blocked. And boom! The match ended in round 2 of the match. But once again let’s take the Slow-mo help. So, he connected his leg, the opponent held on to it. That is when he punched himself and knocked himself out. All the honors go to gravity. The opponent cemented his name on the win without any hurdles.

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One-Handed Match:

Who said you need to have two hands for playing and dominating boxing? This legendary fighter didn’t even participate in a Boxing match but dominated it. The normal fighter thought he had an easy win over him. But when he tried to land several punches and kicks, he knew that he needs to work harder.

On the other hand, the one-handed fighter was confident. As he blocked and attacked back. But during all these moments he delivered a kick straight to his head. That kick dropped the fighter into the canvas and he won by K.O. This shows if you get determined to be a professional at a thing or two. Then no one would be able to stop you. Anyway, let’s jump into another one.

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A Deadly Elbow:

I have a really weird knockout clip that I want to share with you guys. At first, the white guy was making progress over him. But then the opponent tried his best to take the control into his hands. So, he upstretched his leg but then he did an insensible move. He held his head and delivered a deadly elbow right at it. This knocked him out completely right on the canvas.

In just a second the referees and medics arrived at him, trying to diagnose him. It was such a weird and strange knockout, to be honest.

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Another Deadly Knockout

Here comes the same from the title of weird & strange knockouts. At first, the MMA fighter in blue was dominating his opponent. He head-locked him and tried to deliver a deadly punch but the opponent survived.

Instead, he held on to him and performed a deadly Suplex on him. And just when he thought that wasn’t enough for him, he also landed a punch. Soon, the referee rushed in and he threw the fighter away from him. Then the medics rushed in and diagnosed him for a while. In the replay, you can see that he landed straight on his head. I hope he was okay after the fight.

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A Deadly Match

Here we have another shallow match. The fighters were aggressive trying to break down each other. There wasn’t a single moment where they tried to calm things down. The fighter in white was really into breaking his opponent down. At first, he landed numerous lethal punches at him and made him drop into the canvas. Just as he dropped to his knees, he went like a psycho murderer on him. He kept on hitting him until he was knockout at the cage.

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Knockout Each Other

Since MMA became a widely known term, real-time simultaneous knockouts also became thrilling. By that I mean when two of the fighters knock each other at the same time. That would be a difficult decision because both of them will be lying unconscious on the canvas. The best example would be:

One of the fighters started punching him while the other backed down. That’s when they knocked each other out by hitting each other in real-time. But if we were to take a replay. We will see that the guy at the cage was hit a millisecond before. So, the other fighter stood up after some time, while the other failed to do so.

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A Head-Turning Match

Even if your favorite player is losing at the last moment, you won’t even know what would happen next. The tables can turn at the very last moment of the match. Just like in this MMA match:

Both of the fighters were clinched at each other down the canvas. That is when the fighter in blue got to be on the top and was delivering frequent punches right at his head. Now looking at the real-time statistics of the match, you would say that he is going down with all those punches. But on the contrary, he delivered a quick kick right into his face. After that, he took his revenge on him by landing several punches of his own. That was a really head-turning match.

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The Dancing Knockout

How can we forget the dancing matches? Where the players will be in full-form making the match more entertaining for us.

The fighter is black started the match with some dancing moves and pressurizing his opponent. He then surprisingly hit him with a hook and took him by his head. During all the matches, he was showing his cockiness to him by mocking him in his way. You might be thinking that the dancing guy will get knocked out at the end. But it was the total opposite. Soon the guy in the red & white was knocked out by a furious kick. To be honest, if the knocked-out guy was the dancing one. It would have been a lot of fun.

Anyway, all these knockouts were amazing. Now, don’t forget to mention your thoughts in the comment section. And share with our community which was your favorite unusual knockout. If you adored our video, then press the like button. And subscribe to our channel for more Sports-related videos. See you at the next one.

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