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From one of boxings most illustrious careers, we take look at one of the most bizarre and controversial nights of heavyweight boxing. A night where, on his road to redemption, boxings most feared man made his opponent quit.

[Commentary]: Look at everybody Steve Albert ringside at the Palace tonight, a main event that has expectations of an impending train wreck and an overwhelming sense of the unknown.

Host: Fight fans welcome back. Today we introduce our unforgettable night series features, where we look at some of the most bizarre, some of the most spectacular and some of the most notorious nights that the sport has ever seen. Where better to start than a night labeled the showdown in Motown. A collision between two dangerous unstable yet incredibly talented heavyweights. Though a night that doesn’t bring back particularly great memories for either. Subscribe and hit the notifications bell to see all of our uploads. As we take a look at the night Iron Mike made his opponent quit.

Host: Welcome to a Motivedia presentation.

[Commentary]: There’s a lot of coins thrown into the ring he wants to leave before the situation becomes any worse. He got bit.


I’m beginning more and more to believe Tyson is a confused individual.

Host: Three years had passed since the infamous Holyfield bouts at the MGM.

[Interview]: The largest fight in the history of sport.

Can he regroup after those two devastating losses?

Host: Though after serving a 15-month ban for his actions Tyson hit the ground running.

[Commentary]: Long awaited return to the ring.

Host: In his resurgence he made light work of his first few opponents.


Host: before heading on to British soil to beat both Francis and Savarece in ferocious style.


Host: Victories that set the perfect platform to directly call out the champion in what would become one of boxing’s most notorious post fight interview
I am the most brutal, the most vicious champion has ever been. There’s no one that can match me. My style of impetuous, my defence is impregnable and I’m getting ferocious I want your heart, I want to eat your children…

[Interview]: In one word guys would he beat Lennox Lewis?
I don’t think he would beat Lennox Lewis, but I think no no no no look


Host: The Lewis fight undoubtedly made for the biggest in boxing at the time, but preparing for another short stocky and dangerous opponent in David Tua the Brit already had his hands full.

[Interview]: Everybody that’s tried has always come up short, always failed. I don’t see it being.

Successful in that.

I am not intimidated by that,I am not intimidated at all.

Host: Instead it was the likes of Sanders, Izon and Golota that made the short list as Tyson’s next opponent. And whilst none really presented a serious threat on paper it was the latter, the tall rangy Polish fighter that stood out for a variety of reasons.

[Interview]: Fight him in the shoulder? He’s done that. Rack’em in his privates? He’s done that kind of a thing. Dropkick him into the seething crowd? He hasn’t done that yet.

Host: With the 36 and 4 professional record Andrew Golota was much more of a problem than many.


Host: He was an Olympic bronze medalist with over a hundred amateur wins and now training out of Chicago he built up an impressive knockout ratio of his own. It’s size and physical presence made him tailormade in Tyson’s preparation for Lennox Lewis. Though it was the same stature and rough-and-tumble style that had previously given Mike problems. Golota’s talent went widely under the radar as he was instead tarred with the brush of being a dirty fighter though effectively robbing himself of his two biggest wins against another of the golden eras finest, it’s clear to see why.

[Interview]: I said, Andrew if you hit him low one more time it’s over, do you understand that?’ And he said, yes I do. Walked out that hit him low.

Host: The poll was all wrong for both. It was exciting and good on the inside but not so effective at range and so the success with his hand speed and combinations before he threw it away was something he hoped to replicate against Tyson.

[Commentary]: Bobby how good could Andrew Golota be?

You know if he plays by the rules he could have maybe even should have had a World Championship already. We saw him with Riddick [?] not once but twice, dominating not once
but twice and getting disqualified not once but twice.

[Interview]: Tyson’s quest to once again be king of the heavyweights has taken him to the palace here at Auburn Hills in need of a credible opponent. Tyson asked for Andrew Golota and Friday night he’ll get his wish.

[Interview]Keep it tight I don’t want this title, I want to…

Host: The public were under no illusions Mike was far removed from his devastating best and had a lot going on in his personal life.

[Interview]: Don King got me involved. I mean it’s time to get out of this.
Did you ever steal from Mike Tyson?

Never never steal from anyone. It is painful because I love the guy. Ali made him, I [?] him and I’m going to break.

Host: But with his speed and power, he remained a huge huge threat and his name still drew an audience like no other in the sport.

[Interview]: All the time [?] tough when they was in there, they ain’t tough. When they confront me, they ain’t tough. When I’m putting that [?] tough.

Two fighters took care of formalities at the weigh-in. Tyson was 222, Golota 240 and while he admitted to me that he’s always afraid before his fights, Golota bows not to be intimidated by Tyson,

Host: However after the ear bite incident and Tyson’s bout against Norris being declared a no contest after a late blow, it was the controversy factor and the what is that made this one exciting.

[Interview]: I wish a mug would hit me low, I wish he would do that. I didn’t come to this town to lose. I am strong… strong enough.[?]Physically I never felt better.

Host: The media looks set to have a field day posing questions about how this could ever be a fair fight and whether the bout would need two referees.

[Interview]: So somebody said maybe I’m Diddy but not the truth – truth is I’m… I’m thinking he shouted like three times a day you know. So believe me there [?] that is serious though, you won’t be laughing Friday.

Host: Though with Mike’s intimidation against Golota’s real-life Ivan Drago chaos was on the horizon.

[Interview]: Will you try to intimidate him and how?
By smashing a bunch of right hand and left hooks on his jaw and ribs. You’re going right after him that’s the only way I have left anyway.
Take you into the dressing room with a former undisputed heavyweight champ and as per tonight.

Host: Tyson says it’ll last as long as it takes in his words to kill somebody. In some of his post-fight interviews in the coming years Tyson claimed the fire and bad intention had gone.

[Interview]: I don’t have that ferocity. I’m not an animal anymore.

Host: Fortunately for the fans on this night that wasn’t the case likewise Golota might have been looking for a clean fight to clear his name, this certainly wouldn’t be the case either.

[Commentary]: The hard hitting Andrew Golota. [?] Tyson’s 42 knockouts in the first round, Golota a standup boxer, big right hand, deliberate yet busy, looks to wear you down, but can he keep his composure under pressure. Here we go.

Host: The first round caught fire as both men started aggressively. Mike applied pressure while Golota used his jab and height to write out the onslaught.

Though after being separated in the closing 30 seconds, Tyson landed a trademark overhand right say right.

Host: Cut and badly hurt Golota was saved by the bell, but he didn’t like it one bit

Host: His requests in between rounds were disregarded by his trainer Al Sarno and Golota entered the second round in surviving mode.

[Commentary]: Let’s go. Didn’t take long for Golota to feel the power of Tyson. Tyson All over Golota, wanting to end it right here. Oh! A big right hand. There is another right hand . Golota is still withstanding that, how much more can he take? With this bar but the overhand right just missed with that overhand right and he had bad intentions all over that.

Host: While Mike continued to headhunt showing some of his best movement since the Holyfield fights Golota seem to have genuinely overcome the worst.

[Commentary]: Golota doing some [?] even better than I thought he could. He might have missed a few shots but you can see that there’s some fear in his eyes. He has felt the pain.

Host: However by the end of the second he wanted no more

[Interview]: You are messing it with the right hand because it [?]


I don’t think he wants to go on, he wants to quit .
Wait it is over. He has done it again.
El Sarno says he can’t believe you are doing this.
It was a better round considering the first round [?] but you don’t know until you taste the power of a puncher like Tyson. What you have [?] Golota will not deal with it.
He wants to get the heck outta. He’s coming, people are throwing at him.
They are throwing popcorn, soda, beer, everything that they can.
Look at that. Oh my goodness. Let’s hope this doesn’t really get out of hand now. This is getting…

This bout has ended at the beginning of round number three. Golota refused to enter the combat at round three.

To have to take a Tyson punch, it’s not the greatest picnic in the world but this is the profession he chose and he’s got to continue.

Host: With his head under the guillotine the Polish fighter chose to live another day rather than be beaten down for entertainment. A factor that has always caused mixed opinions within the boxing community.

[Interview]: We in the media should maybe not perpetuate a box and culture where it seems as though a fighter must be willing to die. Though many believe that by this stage Tyson was essentially a four-round fighter and that the Pole could have posed real problems for Mike, had he not melted down.

[Interview]: Did you really recover from that knockdown at the end of the first round. Hasn’t [?] very well. I slipped.

Host: Despite his post-fight medical showing a fractured cheekbone, a herniated disc and a concussion many still question Golota’s mental aptitude and ability to deal with genuine adversity and it remains a man that had all the physical tools but just couldn’t pull the pieces together for a career defining win.

[Interview]: It probably was that some circus shows where the animals came to perform and didn’t want to go on stage and perform. You know, I want to know how you can come and be a boxer and all of a sudden decide that you don’t want to fight and walk out the ring. As controversial as it was, the showdown in Motown holds a lot of important lessons it serves as an accurate summary of Tyson’s appeal, Golota’s flaws and the sports imperfections. I don’t care what you call it, but that was sheer cowardice on the part of Andrew Golota. In terms of legacy this was arguably Mike’s last good performance and Golota physically and mentally was never quite the same either.

[Interview]: This is you know the third time Andrew Golota has basically frozen in a fight at a strategic point.

Host: So whether the Polish fighter deserves recognition for his skill and ability, Golota now stands as a perfect example of why people say boxing is 10% physical and 90% mental.
And then ultimately many boxers have quit during battle but only some seem to be forgiven.

[Interview]: You thinking about getting back to the [?] guy they’re not hungry no more. Everybody’s got too much money in their pockets, you gotta be hungry in this business.

Host: You quit and you think that’s your great escape, you think that’s the parachute. No, because when you quit you have to live forever with the understanding but you did that. That’s forever.

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