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Being the child of a celebrity must feel great. Kids like that receive the most prestigious education, have access to all kinds of entertainment and expensive things, are popular among their peers and can start a successful career in any field; but few know that being a celebrity kid has its downsides.

Paparazzi who haunts you literally from birth; high expectations and having to befriend people, who want to take advantage of you. This all often makes these kids choose the wrong path.

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#Mind Warehouse:

Nicholas Van Varenberg

We all know the American actor Jean-Claude Van Damme from the many popular crime dramas with plots full of twists. However, the artist’s life offset could also serve as a plot for some moving.
By the age of 60, the idol of millions has been married five times to four different women. He even married the former US bodybuilding champion Gladys Portugues twice. The famous actor has two children with the athletes; daughter Bianca, who’s pursuing a career of a blogger and actress and son Christopher, who’s also conquering Hollywood.

The third child of Van Damme; Nicholas Van Varenberg turned out to be quite a troublemaker. And by the time he turned 25, he’d already managed to cause a lot of problems.

Nicholas’s adventures became known to the general public in 2017, he was detained for possession of illegal drugs and holding his roommate at knifepoint. Surprisingly enough, Van Damme’s son admitted his guilt and publicly apologized. Perhaps that is why he was given such a mild sentence, a year and a half of probation.
Some, however, think that his father had something to do with that. What do you think does the punishment fit the crime?

#Mind Warehouse:

Shiloh Nouvel

Perhaps the last thing you can say looking at Angelina Jolie is that; she is the mother of many children. Nevertheless, the world-famous actress is indeed raising six children and three of them are adopted.

Shiloh Nouvel, who’s 14 today became the first biological child of the legendary couple [Pitts and Jolie], by the way here’s an interesting detail. The girl was born in Namibia out of the public eye.

After a couple of weeks, the young parents decided to sell exclusive photos of Shiloh to two well-known magazines, making a total of more than seven million dollars on this, but don’t rush to accuse Angelina of being greedy.

Naturally all of this money went to charity the famous actress raised her long-awaited daughter just like her other kids; no prohibitions and complete freedom of expression. So, the unique personality of the child began to manifest itself in unexpected ways early on.

For example, Shiloh didn’t particularly like girls’ clothes; instead of dresses and skirts, she wore jeans and hoodies. She also asked to call her; John or Pete; like the character of the favorite cartoon peter pan.

As she got older, Shiloh became an increasingly withdrawn teenager, who clearly demonstrated a protest to the entire world. The divorce of her parents in 2016, which came as a shock to the whole world, only made matters worse.

Shiloh who was closer with her dad became even more sullen and constant travelling prevented her from making friends for life. The girl looks depressed in any photos. So many fans suspect that; she might be having troubles with her emotional state.

However, those close to the star family claim; Shiloh simply hates Paparazzi and you can understand why.

#Mind Warehouse:

Jaycee Chan

Jackie Chan only acts as a bad guy only in some of his roles in action-packed films.

In real life, this actor from Hong Kong is a very respected person. He holds the title of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, enjoys membership in the most excellent order of the British Empire and has an academy award for his contributions to the cinema. But the first son of the great actor isn’t that exemplary.

Jaycee Chan was a problematic teenager. he didn’t last a year in a prestigious American university, where he studied, thanks to a wealthy dad.

Jaycee made it clear that the luxurious life and parties appeal to him much more. So, without thinking twice, the young man moved to Los Angeles and devoted himself to dancing, playing various instruments and acting. Obviously, he wanted one thing to become a star just as big as his father.

To make his dream come true, Jaycee really put in a lot of effort, he starred in action films and even recorded his debut album. However, his works were not commercially successful, so at some points, the guy clearly gave up.

So, in the summer of 2014, the Chinese authorities arrested him for possession of illegal substances. It was a grave situation. Jaycee could have been sentenced to death. Fortunately, in the end, he only served six months behind bars, but that was enough for him to mend his ways.

After his release, Jaycee said that he’d started a new life. For the first time in many years, he reconciled with his father; who didn’t try to mitigate the sentence of his son.

By the way, in an interview, Jackie even said that; his son won’t inherit a dime from his wealth. Instead he plans to donate most of the funds to charity. And it seems; this is the right decision. This way his money wouldn’t be wasted.

#Mind Warehouse:

Ruslan Shamsuarov

Most people enjoy their impunity too much and go completely nuts. An excellent example of that is; the story of the president of the Russian oil company LUKOIL.

In 2016, he made the headlines of all major Russian newspapers, and not for being nice. Being an owner of the luxury galander Vagit. The young man decided to race with the police cars in Moscow. All while broadcasting this experience to periscope, a now almost forgotten social network.

What exactly prompted Ruslan Shamsuarov to pull this off is not very clear. Apparently as a child, the guy loved to play GTA and lost touch with reality. One way or another, during the two-hour chase; he seemed to have violated all the possible rules.

In addition to the obvious speeding, the guy repeatedly crossed a double white line drove onto the pedestrian walkways and into the oncoming traffic. On top of all of this, he kept on insulting the police officers who were on his tail.

Ultimately, Ruslan was placed in custody for 15 days and had to do 300 days of community service in his free time. Well, and his favorite suv was confiscated as an instrument of committing an offence. Well, it could have ended up much worse.

#Mind Warehouse:

Presley Gerber

A charming woman like; Cindy Crawford, simply had to have divinely beautiful children and the eldest son of the model Presley Gerber proves this point.

At 21, he already appears on the pages of fashion magazines and stars and commercials for top fashion brands. However, two years ago, his career in the fashion industry could have ended.

In early 2019, the celebrity kid was arrested in Los Angeles for drunk driving, not only is this a serious crime. According to American law, Presley was also considered a minor at that time.

After several months of legal proceedings, the son of the famous model was sentenced to three years of probation and has not yet been making any trouble, but we are sure he must have lost a couple of large contracts after this incident.

#Mind Warehouse:

Scout Willis

If some of our viewers, sometimes doubt their parenting skills. All of these stories will surely bring them some sort of relief. After all, even the daughter of the cool Bruce Willis and the unsurpassed Demi Moore; managed to make the life of her mum and dad quite hard.

This story happened in 2012, when the girl was barely 20. Scout was detained at one of the stations of the New York subway, where she casually drank a can of beer in front of everyone. Keep in mind that; this is prohibited by law in the United States. As a result, the girl faced three charges; underage drinking, drinking in a public place and giving the police a fake ID.

Willis junior probably just got into some bad company, after all, before this incident, it was difficult to call her a problem child. Scout had an impeccable reputation at the university, which her lawyer later used as an extenuating circumstance.

By the way, the move was smart and the girl got off with only community service.

#Mind Warehouse:

Chet Hanks

Have you ever seen any Tom Hanks movie? Okay, that’s probably a silly question!

We mean that; he most often plays an exemplary family man. Surely in real life, his family must be perfect right. Well, let us tell you that’s not quite the case.

The eldest son of this celebrity; Chet Hanks, has been trying to pursue a career as a musician and actor for several years. Of course, he’s not as gifted as his father, but in general, the guy shows some promise. However, there were also some troubles in his life.

In 2015, he nearly went to jail due to a serious accident while DUI. A few months later, Chet destroyed a hotel room at Gatwick Airport; causing fifteen hundred dollars in damages. For example, he tore a tv off the wall and threw it on the floor. For what reason? only Chet knows.

Later, it turned out that at that time, Chet suffered from a severe addiction and had to undergo a long course of rehabilitation. After that, the guy finally came to his senses took an interest in sports and even became a dad.

However, Hank’s junior’s rebellious character has not gone away. Not so long ago, for example, he was harshly criticized online for parodying a Jamaican accent.

#Mind Warehouse:

Marcus Jordan

Few athletes have managed to leave such a great legacy in the history of sports as; the legend of the Chicago bulls’ Michael Jordan.

In the 90s, everyone was his fan. He became the world’s first billionaire athlete and our descendants will surely remember his name in the roster to basketball stars.

However, his life was not always that great. The details of his personal life have shocked people more than once and he lost the title of Basketball King due to his weakness.

A gambling addiction, it’d be strange to expect that the son of the legendary player, Marcus, will inherit only a talent for sports from his father. Of course, he also got Michael’s violent temper.

In 2012, he was detained for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. The police also wanted to detain him for indecent behavior in one of the Florida hotels. Marcus tried to get involved in a fight with two unknown women. Not very gentleman-like behavior, don’t you think?

However, the guy didn’t even have time to get scared. In a couple of hours, he was released from the police station on bail.

#Mind Warehouse:

Marston Hefner

The founder of playboy, Hugh Hefner, has been surrounded by beautiful women all of his life, which is not surprising. And of course, he was criticized for the exploitation of the female body and disrespect for models all of his life. Nevertheless, these allegations never brought him to a court trial, which can’t be said about his son Marston.

He ended up in the dark in 2012 on charges of beating his girlfriend, one of the most famous playboy models Claire Sinclair. In addition, it was alleged that in the heat of a quarrel; the guy even smashed his beloved’s laptop.

As a result, Marston was sentenced to 13 months of the correctional program for people prone to violence.

Well, Claire has also obtained a restraining order against Marston. However, the treatment clearly helped Marston. He began to lead a much quieter lifestyle. And a year ago, he married an actress Scarlett Burn, you may know her for a role as Pansy Parkinson in the Harry Potter saga.

We hope that their relationship is full of love and harmony.

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