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Liu Xingjun, often known as Yi long or one dragon, is a Chinese kung-fu fighter who hails from Dezhou in the province of Shandong, China. He’s frequently referred to as a Shaolin monk. The Shaolin is the largest school or style of kung fu in China.

Yi Long had previously referred to himself as the world’s most outstanding Shaolin Kung fu monk. However, the Shaolin temple, in 2010, denied the fighter’s association with the temple. Nevertheless, with a record of 75 battles, 62 victories, 12 losses, and one draw to his credit, this self-proclaimed Shaolin kung fu monk is so formidable, so strong, that no one can defeat him. That’s, of course, if they even dare to try. Are you wondering what made Yi Long a superb fighter? His success is based on his determination, skill, luck, and a combination of all these.

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In The Beginning

Born on April 1, 1987, Yi Long was a Chinese Wushu practitioner. He began training at 14. Inspired by his father’s stories of Chinese martial arts, he wanted to pursue a career as a fighter. He even used the alias Xiao Lin to avoid confusion.

He strongly supports traditional Martial Arts and has a significant following. He is self-trained in Shaolin kung fu, and got training in Wing Chun Sanda, Muay Thai, and other martial arts. He fights in the super welterweight, welterweight, and super middleweight categories. In 2007, he was crowned the Guangdong Foshan International Wing Chun champion. In the summer of 2009, he began competing in Wu Lin Feng, the country’s oldest and most prestigious martial arts program.

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Fight Style

Yi Long, the self-acclaimed world’s number one Shaolin kung fu monk, demonstrates a different fighting form from traditional Shaolin kung fu. However, his battle style is remarkable. He’ll frequently let his guard down and rely on his inner strength to keep himself from being injured. While competing in kickboxing contests, he does not kick and instead strikes with western-style boxing moves, making him highly vulnerable to attacks. As absurd as it sounds, this is all strategy. He has an unconventional training regimen in which he practices Tai Chi and other martial arts to prepare for Muay Thai contests. He also practices other martial arts to improve his overall fitness.

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Iconic Fights

Yi Long takes great pride in his kung fu skills. He attributes all this to his self-proclaimed iron chin and xigong iron shirt, as demonstrated in his bout against Brad Riddell. The attack took place in December 2011. When the video was initially posted on YouTube in 2012, viewers were taken aback by Yi Long’s tenacity and determination. Yi Long endured a flurry of heavy strikes to his jaw without flinching or twitching. The entire event resembled a scene from a sci-fi film where you’d expect a cyborg is untouched by human punches. Because of his iron chin, he was able to withstand his opponent’s attacks, forcing his opponent to get exhausted. However he eventually reacted after the assault of full-weight punches by serving his tired opponent with a few well-placed punches and a couple more knee kicks.

Riddell was pronounced the winner of this event by a unanimous decision, unfortunately for Yi Long. Although he displayed absurd bravery, permitting his opponent to go on the offensive lost him the fight as he strangelyly dropped his hands and stood there defenseless. He most certainly was taking those punches, but there is always a technique to what Yi Long is doing when he is fighting. His breathing control and meditation play a huge role in his overall performance. Not many other fighters would be able to resist such a relentless barrage of blows from Riddell and even live to fight again.

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In 2015, in the most famous fight which was adjudged ‘the fight of the century’, between Yi long and Buakaw Banchamek, Thailand’s middleweight Muay Thai kickboxer, these two fighters from two distinct martial arts styles squared off in front of millions of viewers in Asia and around the world, and the world took notice. The duel between these two was a spectacle to behold. The first round was a whirlwind of activity, incredibly tense and exciting. Like before, Yi Long knowingly let Buakaw land a punch on his face but it did not work out as well as planned. Yi Long later landed hard punches and tremendous kicks that knocked Buakaw to the ground twice in the first round.

Even though the Chinese fighter had a large home crowd cheering him on, Buakaw, the master of his profession, quickly took control of the situation and fought his way back. They both put in their best efforts in the ring that day, attempting to dominate and outdo the other. Because neither of them gave up until the last round, three rounds of combat at that, the winner was chosen on points, and to the surprise of many, Buakaw was awarded the victory.

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But the rivalry between these two did not end here, as a rematch took place in 2016. In this rematch, the initial judgment of the 2015 bout was reversed, and Yi Long was declared the victor by the judges. In this third fight, Yi Long proved himself to be a genius. When the five-foot-ten-inch welterweight Yi long faced off against the seven-foot-two-inch super heavyweight hangman Choi, he showed no indications of being intimidated by his opponent’s size.

This was the first time the seasoned pair had faced off in a match on the Malaysian Kickboxing Association circuit, and the fight followed a strict set of rules. With only one nine-minute round to play with and only one way to win, this unusual fight could only be won by knockout. A spinning kick to the giant’s midsection resulted in a knockout in less than 30 seconds, bringing the giant’s entire seven-foot two-inch frame crashing down to the ground.

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The Shaolin Monk Is So Strong; He Can’t Be Beaten.

Aside from being the 2012 CIK world champion, Yi Long has also won the 2013 Wulin Feng World Championship, the 2014 Muay Thai Super Middleweight World champion, the 2014 Wulen Feng World Champion, and the 2015 World Championship title of Kickboxing.

He also has a successful acting career, in which he undoubtedly incorporates his martial arts training and experience. Some of his films are Copper Skin Iron Bone (2019), Chinatown War (2019), Chinese Peacekeeping Forces (2019), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Boxing Champion (2017), and The Dream of My Director (2015).

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