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It’s no secret that the ring girls are pretty damn hot and sometimes the fighters get a little bit distracted. And these are some of the most shocking moments that I could find, where a fighter and a ring girl have a little too much interaction between them. Most of the damn time, the fighters are laser focused on walking into the ring and just clobbering their opponent. But the girl’s sexiness can sometimes far exceed your need to smash somebody’s face and you start acting stupid. Let’s get started.


10. Park Dae Sung

This is South Korean fighter, Park Dae Sung, who has just won his fight and was all smiles taking pictures with the ring girls.

[Video of Park Dae Sung receiving his award.]

Did you think that any of that was aggressive or sexual harassment? Well, neither do I, but the ring girl felt really uncomfortable and went on to accuse Sung of sexual assault. Obviously, this caused his reputation to drop like crazy. And when he fought again and won the fight, he reacted very differently.

[Park Dae Sung receiving an award.]

Who could blame this guy for being scared to even be near another ring girl, after being accused of something so horrible for something that seemed very tame to most people who saw the original incident. Also, it’s very weird that they would force him to be next to her when he doesn’t want to be. Just let the guy enjoy his win and also be confident that he won’t be accused of a crime again.


9. Andrew Whitney

Fighters can sometimes be so confident that they won the fight, that when the announcer calls out the name of the other guy, they can react in very weird ways. Like crying, refusing to shake your opponent’s hands or cussing out the judges. This time though, it was a little worse than that.

The fighter is Andrew Whitney, who just swung around lucky madman and punched this poor unsuspecting ring girl right in the face. He immediately walked over to her and apologized profusely. Luckily, the girl wasn’t injured at all after being treated by the ringside doctor, and she stated that she was more surprised than injured. It was a perfect shot to her jaw. And maybe that’s why he should be more angry, that he punched the girl and wasn’t able to knock her down or even hurt her. Maybe that’s why he lost the fight. He’s not strong enough.


8. Khabib Nurmagomedov and Anna Galochkina

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a devout Muslim. So, he obviously believes that women should cover up and dress modestly. He was at a promotional event in 2016 and ring girl Anna Galochkina was also at the event and she admires Khabib so much, that she decided to cover herself up by putting on a longer skirt. She stated that she respects his views and religion and did not want him to feel uncomfortable. I obviously disagree with the belief about women but I have no issue with this ring girl doing this, since nobody forced her to do it and she did it because of her incredible admiration for this man, who is seen as a Russian hero.


7. Michael Blair

Obviously, fighters are trying to win fights and get popular, in order to get big bucks. And this means that they have to get as much exposure as possible. This fighter is named Michael Blair. And he had just won this fight, so, he wanted to be in front of the cameras. Except some girl was just standing right in his way.

[Winner being announced]

Can you imagine that? Just some random girl standing right in front of you, blocking your spotlight. Oh, wait. She’s paid to be there. Well, to be honest, she should have looked around and noticed that she was standing way out in front of the fighters, the ref and even her fellow ring girl. I did enjoy her reaction though, like saying can you believe this guy, but they did hug it out at the end.


6. Ryan Garcia and Janita Kremets

During the weigh-in for the fight between Ryan Garcia and Braulio Rodriguez, they had to build up some hype from the crowd and also hyped themselves up for the fight. So, they started talking smack and then it escalated.

[Video of Ryan Garcia and Braulio Rodriguez.]

The ring girl who just got shoved by accident of course is Janita Kremets, and she was in complete shock. You can see the girl on the other side recognize that they are getting a little too lively. So, she starts to back up and as soon as she gets far away, they start pushing each other. But Janita was sent flying. Luckily, she was okay and just came back with a big smile.

[Video of Ryan Garcia and Braulio Rodriguez fight]


5. Aaron Daniel

Now, we have Aaron Daniel who was doing some warm-up moves prior to starting his fight. And well, this poor guy really hurt himself.

[Aaron Daniel doing warm-up.]

He’s just staying there. Nobody is coming over to help him or even to see what’s wrong. Even the announcer is just walking away pointing at him like saying, is somebody gonna help him or what? Eventually, an unlikely person came in to help. Yep, that was the ring girl, who was the first one to his side even beating his stupid corner. All the guys there just seemed scared to get anywhere near him at all. But this injury reminds me of the grammatical one in football who tore his ACL, while celebrating the field goal.


4. Manny Pacquiao and Jen Mateo

Even the great Manny Pacquiao has had some weird encounters with the ring girl. In this case, it was before his fight against Brandon Rios. They were getting ready for the face-off picture when he just turned the wrong way.

[Manny Pacquiao and Brandon Rios take photos.]

The girl is Jen Mateo, who just had to be thinking, what the hell is this guy looking at me for? I mean, unless this is the way that he’s trying to hit on her. Like, damn girl. You’re so hot. I was just drawn to you and completely forgot about the face-off. And then after this, Rios and Pacquiao, still have to face each other and pretend to be angry or at least be intimidating. But how do they do it without laughing or just smiling.


3. Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder likes to yell a lot. And I mean, a lot. And if you know him, you realize that it might be released at any moment. But this poor ring girl was completely unaware of this very weird tradition.

[Deontay Wilder posing for a photo with the opponent.]

Her butthole must have clenched up like crazy. If only we could have seen the reverse angle because her butt must have looked like this. It’s almost like her soul was leaving her body and was expecting to be hit. But realized pretty fast, what the hell was going on. To be honest, I’m glad we were able to see that, because we got to see her real smile and it’s a lot better than the fake one, she had at the beginning.


2. Ring Girls

I think its pretty much common sense that most ring girls don’t actually like combat sports and probably don’t even know what’s going on. They just get up when they’re told to, in order to go in there and do their job. And that has never been more obvious than in this video.

I have to assume that somebody told her to go in there or unless she realized that somebody never mentioned anything but looked up from her phone thinking that, oh, it’s my turn to shine. And just grab the number and headed right into the octagon, while this poor guy was just laying there injured. Maybe she was thinking that he was just taking a small break in between rounds.


1. Jenny Ravalo and Kubrat Pulev

This is actually a female reporter named Jenny Ravalo, who was talking to boxer Kubrat Pulev and it ended up in very dramatic fashion. It’s not even the fact that he went in for the kiss that makes this terrible, it’s the fact that he grabbed her face and back and didn’t allow her to move away to avoid it. But then, some other things came out that made this kind of weird. Like the fact that Ravalo went to the after party and was giving a lap dance to another guy while sitting nearby Pulev. She said that she was at the party to speak to other fighters and that Pulev showed up at the very end. Either way, Pulev was suspended for a short time and fined $2,500. I don’t know how this is supposed to help her become a legitimate reporter, but whatever, I’ll just leave it there.

I actually can’t believe that there aren’t more videos like this, because the girls stand really close to the fighters, since they have to show up in the picture. Thanks for watching this video see you next time.

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