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If you want to be like The Mountain or Bruce Lee, then you need to start out young. But when it concerns childhood, it’s mostly playgrounds, toys and games that come to mind. Would your kid like lifting weights? You believe it or not, there are some kids in this world who are stronger than you. Unlike other children, there are kids who have taken to weightlifting or boxing at an early age, and will surprise you with their remarkable strength. From a future wannabe Bruce Lee to a little 7-year-old girl who deadlifting. Take a look at the top 10 strongest kids who took it to another level; bodybuilder kids. Before we begin, make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notification every day for more amazing content.

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#10. Brodie Bowen

A 7-year-old fitness sensation Brodie Bowen, deadlifting a 43 kg barbell with impressive determination has sparked a heated debate on social media, with some praising her dedication and others expressing worries about her health. Brodie, who is the daughter of fitness instructor and Instagram influencer Jess Bowen has been following in her mother’s footsteps from a very young age and has been showing remarkable progress lately.

The impressive video was picked up by her Instagram page which shared it with its 17.7 million followers causing it to go viral. Brodie started attracting attention when she was only 5 years old and executing impressive weightlifting techniques like the hang clean with 15 pounds.

Despite the controversy regarding Brodie’s well-being, there were many people who showed their support for both the 7-year-old and her mother, and even those who claimed that lifting so much weight at her age was not detrimental to her health.

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#9. Yang Jinlong

Most children are told to eat their greens if they want to grow up to be big and strong, and this 7-year-old boy clearly needs no encouragement to clear his plate of vegetables. The school child is so powerful, he can already pull cars along, carry his father and lift huge heavy sacks of grain and rest them on his shoulders, and all without breaking a sweat.

Yang Jinlong, from China already weighs more than 50 kg, 7 stones 8 pounds and shows no sign of stopping growing with his full cheeks and big smile. The miniature strong man has become a web celebrity in China as people flock to see what he’ll pick up next. The pint-sized powerhouse has already wrapped a rope around himself to pull a van weighing 1.85 tons along a road. Much to the astonishment of his community, he can carry his father who weighs more than 90 kgs almost double the little boy’s own weight, and carry a 40 kg bag of wheat and a 100 kg bag of cement, proving what a strong man he is. Yang Jinlong joins an elite group of youngsters who believe their tender years to lift incredible weights.

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#8. Lyza Brooks Mosier

Lyza Brooks Mosier, a 10-year- old girl from Georgia has been getting a lot of attention for tone physique, especially her chiseled six-pack abs. Having started gymnastic training when she was just 4 years old, Lyza Brooks Mosier has always been in great physical shape, but she managed to tone up her physique to an impressive level over the past year, after falling in love with strength workouts last summer. Even though their parents sometimes get criticized for pushing the 10-year-old too hard and robbing her of her childhood, Jill insists that they have nothing to do with Lyza’s intense training.

Despite the occasional negative comment, most of Lyza Brooks Mosier’s over 50,000 instagram followers are inspired by her dedication, and declare themselves impressed by her amazing physique. Lyza Is one of several children who have been drawing attention and occasionally sparking controversy on social media because of their muscular physiques at such young ages.

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#7. Arat Hosseini

Chiseled physique is not a phrase you would normally use to describe the appearance of a 6-year-old boy, but in the case of Arat Hosseini, the shoe fits perfectly, as they say. Instagram star, soccer prodigy or expert gymnast are just some of the flattering labels people have used to describe Arat Hosseini over his short but very eventful life.

He first made headlines around the world a couple of years ago when a video of what many originally assumed was a girl dribbling opponent on the soccer pitch went viral on social media. That “girl” turned out to be a Iranian boy whose father had been training to become an athlete since before he could walk. Arat’s father has been training him ever since he was a toddler. He started doing gymnastics since he was only 9 months old, and by the age of 2, he had already appeared in international publications. He has over 4 million Instagram fans and routinely gets over 1 million likes on his posts, most of which show off his physique or his training.

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#6. Dylan and Jessica Best

The strongest family in America and most likely world, and the two children that make this family tick: Dylan and Jessica Best.

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#5. Liam Hoekstra

Liam Hoekstra, a 15-year-old boy has more muscle mass and definition and a better metabolism than 99% of us will ever have in our lifetimes. He can eat what he wants without any repercussions, and has almost no body fat. Thus his muscles grow at an unnaturally fast rate. The mutation is called myostatin muscle hypertrophy and it essentially increases Liam’s muscle mass and reduces his body fat. So, how strong was Liam?

At 5 months old, Liam could do an iron cross, an incredibly challenging gymnastics move. By 8 months, Liam could do pull-ups and by 9 months, he was walking up and down the stairs. When he was 18 months old, he could do inverted sit-ups, the perfect exercise to flex his six-pack. In gymnastics, Liam is by far the most physically developed pupil and can manipulate his body in ways his peers can only dream of. But what’s even crazier than his physical abilities, are his eating habits. According to his dad, Liam at just 3 years old eats almost as much as he does.

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#4. Evnika Saadvakass

Evnika Saadvakass might be the most intimidating 12-year-old girl of all time. She’s a fighter from Kazakhstan whose father is a trainer. Evnika has been working out with him since she was 5. The Kazakh family who live in Russia train 5 days a week, often in the woods outside their home and are taught how to dodge and land blows. Evnika’s proud father spotted her emerging talent when she was just 4. And she can now throw 47 punches in 30 seconds with one hand. When a video of Evnika’s lightning speed went viral, Rustram said he was inundated with messages from people amazed by her ability. However, Rustram wasn’t expecting such ability to emerge at such a tender age. But despite the violent nature of the sport, Evnika’s parents aren’t worried by her participation. The ethnic simulator, named after his daughter, uses momentum to condition muscle groups to increase speed and mobility.

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#3. Jake Schellenschlager

Jake Schellenschlager decided to get into weightlifting to get stronger and be able to defend himself, or maybe it’s because his father was a weightlifter. Jake began pumping iron at 11 and has not looked back. His life, for that matter, is almost consumed by it from the meals he eats to the training regimen he adheres to. But to be the best, you have to be willing to make sacrifices and pizza and junk food appear to be the price Jake is willing to play to lift his way to the top.

As an 11-year-old, Jake deadlifted 175 pounds. Today the 5’7” 15-year-old, maximums his deadlift at 400 pounds. He’s sponsored by World Gym and is the most dominant lifter in America his age. What does a man-child eat to maintain his strength? Rice, lots of egg whites and grilled chicken. His father, a former powerlifter who was forced to stop competing after he threw out his back. The two go to the gym together and inspire one another to keep breaking records.

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#2. Brooklyn Sittner

A 10-year-old girl isn’t letting her age get in the way of accomplishing her crossfit dreams. Brooklyn Sittner from Montana started weight training when she was 6 years old, after falling in love with the sport at her dad’s gym. And now after 4 years of training, she can now weightlift 99 pounds, which is more than adults twice her age in the equivalent weight of a teenage boy.

She’s even set state 3 records in her weight loss class at the Montana State Weightlifting Championships with a snatch of 68 pounds and a clean, and jerk of 94 pounds and plans to dominate at the Brooklyn. Proud dad, Cory Sittner said Brooklyn’s passion for crossfit and weightlifting started with wrinkles. And 4 years later, he said she’s more dedicated to the sport than ever. Brooklyn wants to take part in the 2021 Crossfit Games when she is allowed to compete at 14 as that is her number one goal.

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#1. Javen “Wanna” Walton

At only 11 years old, Javen “Wanna” Walton has already started making waves in the world of boxing and gymnastics. He got his nickname “Wanna” because he wanted to do everything when he was little. Javen is defying the traditional route athletes usually take sticking to one sport. That’s not good enough for the sixth grader, he wants to go to Olympics for both sports. Despite being so young, Javen has a crazy work ethic. If he is doing something, he wants to do his absolute best, no matter what it is, and boxing and gymnastics are no exception.

Javen starts training early in the morning, usually starting with boxing for a couple hours, then gets some schoolwork done and then he will head to gymnastics practice. The determination that this kid shows is absolutely insane and has a team behind him that is pushing him to be his absolute best. Clearly, this kid has the work ethic and drive to get him where he needs to go, and we can’t wait to see him in the Olympics in the future.

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