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Welcome to LISTertainment, the channel whose name is just a giant lie. So in today’s video, we’ll be watching some of the weirdest fights that have ever been organized. Sometimes you just get tired of the old great fighters from the same weight class fighting and having a fairly even fight. Instead, you want to watch fighters that are completely different, just crush each other, or have the best fighter just fight multiple people just to see what happens.

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#10. Darina Madzyuk

This is the fight that really motivated me to make this list, and this is the fight between Darina Madzyuk, who is a Russian MMA fighter with a record of 3-1 in her career. Here, she is fighting the huge YouTuber Grigory Chistyakov. I’m not sure what his following is, I’m just talking about his size.

Darina weighed only a 139 pounds, while this YouTuber comes in at an astounding 529 pounds. Of course, at this size you can’t move that much. So, you go for the patented bear hug against the fence while just putting your entire weight on your opponent, hoping to drown them with your excess fat.

Darina did a great job to stop the action, causing the ref to split them up or, she just lit him up with some hard hits and he basically just gave up, dropped to the ground and was helpless to do anything where she jumped on him like a polar bear on an injured walrus.


#9. George Foreman

George Foreman was a freaking monster before his meetup with Muhammad Ali. He was feared because of his incredible strength and was considered unbeatable by many. After this loss to Ali, he went away for a while and then came back with a type of circus act

Foreman had the bright idea to come back and fight five men on the same night. I guess he was trying to regain his unbeatable mental state after getting crushed by Ali. But this entire night was just… well, it was just weird.

Ali was also there. He was commenting on this event, which is weird that he would be there but he was and he made a ton of fun of poor George.

Foreman won all the fights but by the end of it it was starting to get really sad. He won three by knockout and two by decision but he had extracurricular activities where he punched the cameraman and also some of his corner men. He was a complete mess and obviously, hadn’t recovered from his loss to Ali.


#8. Gabbi Garcia

Gabbi Garcia is a brazilian MMA fighter who stands at 5’2 and weighs around 235 pounds. In 2017, she was scheduled to fight Yumiko Hotta who only stood at 5’6 and was outweighed by 80 pounds. Yumiko started her career as a pro wrestler, so she started doing some really dumb moves in this fight and they apparently scared Garcia.

Okay, so, she said she got scared because she was unprepared for these types of moves but she got a hold of herself pretty fast and just trapped Yumiko with a close line.

Oh yeah, also, Hotta was 49 years old in this fight and you could definitely tell by the way she moved. Watching this fight, it was hard for me to believe that Hotta is a pro MMA fighter because her striking game is horrible. So, I had to go look at other fights from her and she is pretty good on the ground, getting all her victories by submission. She just squares up way too much when striking and plus, Gabbi is way too big for her but i guess it was fun for about 5 seconds.


#7. Ninao

Here we have another giant making his MMA debut and his name is Ninao, who stands at 8 ft tall. I didn’t even know there was someone this tall but here, he was fighting against Tatu who was only 5’6. The weight difference was 440 pounds. So, watching this fight or better said, this entertainment event, because it was clear, it was just a show and it was pretty funny to be honest, especially if you understand and accept the fact that it was just for fun. The ending was kind of rough though.

Now you might say that Tatu was faking that injury but i don’t think so. He landed right on his back from a height of about four feet without being able to dampen his fall at all. So I think he hurt his back or his hips maybe. The way Ninao grabbed him, picked him up and threw him, reminds me of picking up a small kid and throwing them onto a battery sofa, but this guy just got thrown on the hard plywood.


#6. Antonio Inoki

This fight was basically the earliest start of MMA, when wrestler Antonio Inoki decided to challenge multiple fighters from different disciplines to show that wrestling was the superior fighting style. He somehow managed to get Muhammad Ali to participate in one of these fights back in 1976, when Ali was the heavyweight champion.

The fight was not what everybody expected because the rules that were implemented basically did not allow this fight to be an actual wrestling versus boxing fight at all. Inoki wasn’t allowed to throw, grapple or tackle Ali and he couldn’t throw any kicks, unless one of his knees was on the ground. Others claimed that there weren’t any rules, but that Ali’s fans told Inoki that if he hurt Ali, they would kill him and that’s why he basically laid down for 15 rounds, throwing just small leg kicks. In the end, the fight was declared a draw, with fans wanting their money back since the fight turned out to be a giant force, especially since the rules weren’t given out until after the fight, when Inoki broke his silence in order to defend his tactics.

#5. Batman and Robin vs. Spider-Man

Now in this fight you can see DC going after Marvel. This is the fight where Batman and Robin took on Spider-Man. It’s a 2-on-1 battle with apparently only Spider-Man being an actual fighter and the other just being some regular people trying to be funny.

Batman looks like what would actually happen if a billionaire decided to fight crime. He just looks really sprawny and doesn’t know how to fight at all, and would probably be dead after the first audi. As expected, Robin got injured early in this fight and just left the scene to call for pack-up. Unexpectedly though, the backup is the Riddler, who actually managed to do something in this fight. It was pretty weird but kind of fun and it looks a lot like those parties where the characters start forking at kids parties man.


#4. Rousimar Palhares

So, this is an actual MMA fight between Rousimar Palhares and Dan Miller but the fake ending in the middle of the fight, is what makes the fight really weird. You may not know what that means, so, just watch this real quick. In the first round, Palhares thinks that he won the fight because he knocked Miller down and was delivering some crazy hits on him as he just covered up, so he just assumed that Herb Dean would step in to stop the fight but he never did. Palhares basically gave himself the win only to be told: “Yeah! Man you can’t do that. You can’t decide for yourself.” In the end, Palhares won the fight via a decision.

#3. Akihiro Tanaka

Now, we have the king of weird fights in, Mr. Bob Sapp, the ultimate scary looking person in the world but ends up being a sniveling coward on many occasions. This time you won’t believe it. But he was taking on a fictional character and no, he’s not going to pretend to fight a green screen, which would probably make it funnier.

The guy in the costume is actually an amateur wrestler named Akihiro Tanaka, who actually managed to control Sapp for a pretty long time in this fight but eventually, the behemoth got off the ground and managed to win with strikes. I don’t think that there is any country in the world that will ever come close to the weirdest stuff that Japan can come up with. This one is pretty original but pretty sure that they have crazier stuff coming out soon. I can’t wait for the first hologram MMA fight.


#2. Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco tried to go on a steroid rage rampage and MMA after getting outed for using performance-enhancing drugs during his mlb career but he got crushed in his only fight, when he fought against Korean giant, Hong Man Choi.

Why does Canseco need to walk out to the ring with a bat? Like, we know that the people there in the arena and the people watching the show already know what’s happening. Now, if you allowed him to use the bat, that would be a horrible thing. Anyway, Conseco basically ran the entire fight and whenever he actually tried to land something, he never really committed to those hits, so they didn’t do anything. Then, he tried to throw a kick against an immovable object which was his downfall, literally, as he fell down to the ground and Choi just got on top of him to finish the fight with heavy-handed strikes.


#1. Eugene London

Now, we have a little history in the making as Eugene London was making his MMA debut and was able to win this fight against Norm Robichaud, but he had a huge disadvantage.

Eugene lost one of his arms in a farming accident but he still pushed himself to train in MMA and was able to win this fight. Why wouldn’t Robichaud just throw left hooks non-stop. I mean the other guy can’t stop any of them but for some reason or another he was terrified. It’s probably the fact that he doesn’t want to lose to a one-armed fighter. That’s probably what made him so timid since he did have six fights prior to this one, so he did have some experience. In the end, he still lost and Eugene showed some great ability and technique and blasted Eugene multiple times with his own clean left hooks, except for this last fight. Do you think that having these sorts of events diminishes the sport at all? I think that it’s nice to have a break from serious fights sometimes, unless it’s a big name just accepting some shitty fight to make more money.

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