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Hello, everyone. Welcome back to top ten famous. As you know, Hollywood is the movie city of the world where many actors dream of shining. Also, there are a lot of opportunities. But just a few Asian actors have reserved a position in this city. So, now, let’s find out who are they.

Top Ten Famous (Celebrity Gossip and Entertainment News):


Bruce Jun Fan Lee (Lee Siu Long) known professionally as Bruce Lee was born in 1940 in San Francisco, CA and died on the twentieth of July 1973. At the age of thirteen, Bruce Lee starred learning Wing Chun Kung Fu under the renowned master, Yip Man, and also appeared as a child actor in more than twenty films. In 1964, he gained a measure of celebrity with his role as the sidekick Kato in TV series, ‘The Green Hornet,’ and became the major box office draw in Chinese Connection and Fist of Fury. During this time, he had perfected his own technique called, ‘Jeet Kun Do’. In 1971, he came back to Hong Kong and made and starred in three films that broke some records at that time. Thanks to those performances, he got noticed by Hollywood filmmakers. Then he had a chance to shine in the movie, ‘Enter the Dragon’ (1973), which was a combined film between Hong Kong and US-based production companies. This film was deemed as his biggest achievement in his Hollywood acting path, catapulting him to international fame. But unfortunately, he mysteriously passed away in 1973 before this movie was released. Anyway, it’s undeniable that he is one of the most influential marital artists of all time and a pop culture icon of the 20th century who bridged the gap between the east and the west. Though he passed away at a young age, he left a strong impression on all the people around the world with his talent.

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Chan Kong-sang, a Chinese actor, commonly referred to as Jackie Chan, was born on seventh April 1954. He is widely recognized for acrobatic fighting style, coming timing, use of improvised weapons, and innovative stunts, which he typically performs himself. He started his acting career in 1960s. Ten years later, he was a stuntman opposite Bruce Lee in 1972’s ‘Fist of Fury,’ and 1973’s ‘Enter the Dragon.’ After Lee’s tragic, unexpected death in 1973, Chan had decided to break out of Lee’s shadow and create his own way. Blending his martial arts ability with impressive nerve, he insisted on performing all of his own stunts and a sense of screwball physical comedy, reminiscent of one of his idols, Buster Keaton. Chan found his formula with cinematic gold. He first appeared on the Hollywood screen, 1980, in the movie ‘The Big Brawl,’ but unfortunately, it was poorly appreciated at that time. But then, he impressed the foreign audience with the next comedy alongside Chris Tucker, ‘Rush Hour,’ which pushed his name in the A-list Hollywood actor. Since then, Jackie Chan constantly starred in a lot of blockbusters such as ‘Shanghai Noon,’ ‘Shanghai Nights,’ ‘Rush Hour 2,’ ‘Around the World in 80 Days,’ and more to come. Thanks to these performances, he received a star in the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Notably, in 2016, Jackie Chan won an Oscar Award for lifetime achievement in the field of acting.

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Lucy Liu is one of the most influential Chinese women that is mostly recognized by the audience in America. Though not having such a gorgeous appearance, and just five feet three tall, Lucy still leaves a strong impression on the viewer’s mind. This actress was born in 1968, pursuing professional acting path since graduating university. But it was not until she was twenty-nine years old when she earned a national reputation with the breakthrough role of cruel and naughty Ling Woo in the TV movie, Ally McBeal (1998-2002). Since then, she had a lot of starring roles such as the sexy and private detective known as the ‘Angels’ in the movie ‘Charlie’s Angels’ that was deemed as the most popular and successful films with a female lead in the 2000s, or a ‘Deadly Viper’ in ‘Kill Bill’ (2003 and 2004), making her one of the most memorable and quotable characters in the series. These performances have helped her get a firm stand in Hollywood stage. Throughout her career, she has received two Screen Actors Guild Awards and has won the Seoul International Drama Award for Best Actress. She has been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a comedy series and has received nominations for three People’s Choice Awards and two Saturn Awards. Especially, Lucy Liu is the second Asian-American actress who received a Walk of Fame Star.

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Li Lianjie, commonly known as Jet Li was born on twenty-six April 1973 in Beijing, China. Due to his weak physical condition, form 1975-1979, Jet Li spent most of his time embracing a martial art. At the age of nineteen, this young boy emerged as a talented actor by his unique martial art epics. In 1982, he became a popular actor in Asia, thanks to his performance in the film ‘Shaolin Temple.’ Especially, his action stunts were highly appreciated by the famous martial art director Yuen Woo-ping and were considered at the same level as Bruce Lee’s ones. Not until 1991, Jet Li truly found his stand in the Asian stage through some films starring him, but the most notably as the lead in Zhang Yimou’s Hero (2002), and the first three films in ‘Once Upon a Time in China’ series (1991-1993), in which he portrayed folk hero Wong Fei-hung. Since then, Jet Li was invited to star in many non-Chinese movie like ‘Kiss of the Dragon’ (2001), and ‘Unleashed’ (2005). In 2008, Jet Li and Jackie Chan had an acting collaboration in ‘The Forbidden Kingdom.’ However, now at age of fifty-seven, his career seemed to slow down due to is health problems.

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Despite not having big achievements like seniors Jackie Chan or Lucy Liu, this 1982-born actress has been a famous face in Hollywood screen recently. Born in Taiwan, she then made a way to America for an acting career. Constance Wu started acting with two independent low-budget acting films, ‘Stephanie Daley’ (2005) and ‘The Architect’ (2006). Then she became the national Asian mother as housewife Jessica Huang in the ABC sitcom ‘Fresh Off the Boat’ in 2015. Thanks to this role, she gathered two nominations for TCA Awards and four Critic’s Choice Television Awards. Until now, she has appeared in thirty films, but the most significant one starring her is the 2018 romantic comedy-drama film ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ which helped her get many prestigious nominations including Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. This is also the first successful movie with an Asian cast. Plus, Constance Wu will reprise her role in the sequel of this movie. In 2017, Wu was included on the Annual Time 100 List of the Most Influential People in the world in the Pioneers category.

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