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Brutal TV:

10 Unexpected Moments in MMA and Boxing

MMA and Boxing invite chaos and unpredictability at every corner by the design of the sports. As one of the most fast-paced things to watch on TV, there are so many memorable events to recall. And this time, we’re going to be taking a look at 10 of the most unexpected moments in MMA and Boxing. Let’s jump right into it.

Brutal TV:

Norma Dumont vs Ashlee Evans Smith – UFC Vegas 15

First off, we have a moment that some viewers might have gotten disappointed over. During a UFC Vegas 15 exchange between Norma Dumont and Ashlee Evans Smith, the latter had her opponent in a tight bind following some rollovers and a flip by the waist. As Dumont was bringing the pressure, her top began to slide up before the referee ran in to readjust it avoiding a wardrobe malfunction and something that may have frustrated some watching at home.

Brutal TV:

Fighter Refuses To Punch His Unconscious Opponent

Next, we have a proper display of respect between opponents. MMA fighter Chad George trapped his opponent Mark Vorgeas in a brutal choke hold and held him against the ground. But notably, didn’t lay into him with punches or kicks. He instead wanted to finish things up in a clean way and pleaded with the referee to quickly declare him KO. However, he didn’t do so for several seconds but when it was done, George got up and released Vorgeas with minimal damage, showcasing his true character as a fighter.

Brutal TV:

Valerie Loureda Twerks After KO Win At Bellator 243

This one keeps it simple and targets the fans at home. Following MMA fighter Valerie Loureda’s KO victory at Bellator 243, she quickly breaks into a hilarious and memorable fit of dancing, including some twerking and belly dancing. Much like the first moment, this one may have been more notable for some people more than others.

Brutal TV:

UFC Fighter Faces Off With Young Fans

The kid with the headband came to fight. As always, not all beautiful moments in MMA and Boxing come from inside the ring, sometimes they’re from the surrounding media or press conferences. And when UFC fighter Josh Thomson invited some young fans on stage, following a Q&A session he was hosting, he earned the love of a lot of audience members. One by one, the adorable kids jokingly faced off with Thomson for the parents and spectators to snap photos and make memories with such an upbeat fighter.

Brutal TV:

Winner Taps Out In Amateur MMA Fight

Bringing it back to an amateur MMA fight, this one ended in a way that had the audience confused. As Jeremy Rasner and Mike Pantangco were going at it, the latter was quickly gaining the upper hand. Just as it seemed he had Rasner on the ropes, he fell to his knees and tapped out, startling everyone in and around the ring out of integrity for his opponent, assumedly.

Brutal TV:

8 Year Old Shows Great Sportsmanship

Taking a short break from MMA and Boxing, we have a Karate contest that had gotten down to two eight-year-olds who were both friends. As the winner was announced, his friend adorably jumped up in joy clapping and repeatedly bouncing in place as the trophy was awarded. As the winning kid and his runner-up friend shook hands, the entire world’s hearts melted at once.

Brutal TV:

The Most Emotional Olympic Taekwondo Moment 2008

Keeping with Karate for now, we have a true display of drive as a fierce Taekwondo fight began. The woman in the blue uniform was knocked down by her red uniformed opponent about 10 seconds in, much to the former’s frustration. She quickly got back to her feet only to be tossed back down with a single kick. She laid growing furious and determined and got back up once more only to be launched right back down. And as she got up one last time determined not to give up, she was finally defeated. But she won the hearts of the audience.

Brutal TV:

Ring Girls Make Out Between Rounds

Back in the ring, we have a display that got the audience both in person and watching at home riled up. Following round two on Rough and Rowdy one of the ring girls walked to the other embracing her and sharing a kiss for a few seconds. Much to everyone’s delight, the commentators hilariously comment on the reaction of the ring goers, undoubtedly making their day totally.

Brutal TV:

Great Sportsmanship Moment World Sambo Championships 2019 Combat Sambo

Next up, following a fierce fight between two larger men in 2019’s world Sambo championships, the fighter dressed in blue was sitting on the ground exhausted. Once his redressed opponent was crowned the victor, he rushed over and hoisted him off the ground ahead of paramedics earning much respect from both sides of the fight. As the staff began to clean up, the red dressed fighter darted out the door carrying his injured opponent.

Brutal TV:

Wrestler Carries Injured Opponent Off After Pinning Him

This situation will definitely seem familiar. Two wrestlers, dressed in blue and red, fought with vigor and spirit for about a minute until the latter took his opponent down, injuring him with a pinning maneuver. With stunning similarity to the last match, the blue dress wrestler was carried out by his red dressed competitor. Clearly, blue is an unlucky color.

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