The transcript below is from the video “Was Bruce Lee Actually Murdered?” by Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

Yo everybody it’s Beerdy here. What’s going on guys? Okay. So this question here… this is the one asked the most. Every single day I get a mail of someone asking who killed Bruce Lee, who murdered him, was he assassinated etc. And today we’re gonna look at this case right here. Was Bruce Lee actually murdered? Did someone kill him? Was he assassinated? What actually happened? And how did this conspiracy of him getting assassinated or killed… start to begin with? What actually happened? So we have to go back in time first for you guys to really understand what happened here. We have to go back to 1973, when Bruce Lee died. You have to remember guys that in 1973 Bruce Lee was the biggest superstar on the planet. I mean he was larger than life and he was international. Everyone knew him. In Asia, in the West, wherever… He was a huge superstar. Not only that, he was the strongest, fastest guy on the planet. I mean look at him, he was the fittest guy out there. So for this guy to just simply collapse and just die out of the blue, people just weren’t buying it. And the newspapers they first reported that Bruce Lee had collapsed in his garden with his wife and that was the official statement his family made. That was to protect him you know, because he actually died in Betty Ting Pei’s apartment. And they didn’t want people to think that he was like… out cheating on someone or you know partying or whatever and suddenly died while he was partying. They didn’t want that image attached to Bruce Lee. So the first actual statement was that he died in his own garden just strolling along and he just collapsed.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

And so people immediately didn’t buy that. How could this super strong, super fit guy just simply collapse and die… doesn’t seem reasonable at all. And the newspapers started printing conspiracy theories and then suddenly it came out that he was Betty Ting Pei’s apartment, when the ambulance was called and he died, he collapsed. And guys you have to remember that Betty Ting Pei was not chinese, she’s taiwanese. And so the media immediately started connecting the two and saying that this taiwanese assassin murdered Bruce Lee etc etc you know; because you know Taiwan and China doesn’t have the best of relationships. So that was the first one… the first big one you know. And then suddenly you had the triads and the japanese yakuza was connected somehow and you had a million theories it just went on and on and on and on for years because people simply weren’t buying that he just collapsed and died. And I mean until the decade was done in the 80s, that’s when it started to cool off a bit you know. But I mean 10 years from 1973 to 83 there were a bunch of conspiracies going on circling around. I remember one ridiculous one where Bruce Lee actually didn’t die, he faked his own death and he was a part of the Hong Kong police department. I mean they really ran out of stuff to make up, you know. They started making up some ridiculous shit. So it cooled off for a bit you know and then suddenly when Brandon Lee passed away in 1993 exactly 20 years after Bruce Lee passed away, that’s when everything exploded again. And all the conspiracy theories came back. And now suddenly people that knew Bruce Lee went out in the media and said that they thought Bruce Lee was actually assassinated. Look at his former students, one of his best students actually James [?] he actually went out in the news and he said that he thought that Bruce Lee was assassinated. Take a look here…


TV Host:

Bigger question how did Lee die? The inconclusive autopsy report did not explain the cause of the aneurysm that Lee suffered, but a one-time student of Lee’s, who is researching Lee’s life for a movie he hopes to produce, claims Lee’s sudden death came at other’s hands.

James DiMile:

My personal feelings are that he was killed, that he was assassinated. There are certain people in the film community in Hong Kong that saw him as a very big threat.

Tv Host:

Lee did have opponents, he was a perfectionist with a hot temper, but this man who co-starred with Lee in three films and is today a successful real estate executive says the notion of anyone doing in Bruce Lee is absurd.

Bob Wall:

Complete hogwash. I don’t believe that for a minute. Bruce Lee was a gold mine. There’s no way that they’re going to kill their golden goose. There was no evidence of that, there was no hint of that. I don’t believe it for a minute.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

You know when someone like James DeMile goes out in the news and says that… he thought bruce lee was assassinated, that immediately gonna start the ball rolling you know, it’s gonna start a domino effect and new conspiracy theories are gonna pop up and it’s just an endless cycle And actually this is you know the early 90s and we’re now in the year 2020 and still new conspiracies are popping up every single day. I mean people’s imaginations just run run run wild and you know the one recent one I heard is that you know um the touch of death uh Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, you know at the end of the movie when she gives Bill the touch of death. Yeah someone just believed that happened to Bruce Lee. I mean so that’s the level we’re talking about here. That is the level people are making shit up at. And I mean I don’t know what to say. Some of this stuff is just ridiculous and just stupid and I mean okay if you want to fantasize about this shit that something happened… okay go ahead, but I mean at least be realistic about it. So… but people aren’t because they want to believe that Bruce Lee’s death was extravagant. They don’t want a simple and stupid explanation. They want it to be sexy. Something really interesting and really dark. It’s just people. I mean what can I say? People are just fucked up idiots and they just want to believe whatever they want to believe you know. But in reality none of this stuff has any credence to it. You can’t uh there’s no evidence for any of this. Yeah you can speculate that you know what happened in Betty Ting Pei’s apartment… you know it’s a… you’re allowed to you know speculate. There’s nothing wrong with speculating. But why then would he die from something like a brain swelling? You know. So if someone assassinated him they would have used poison or whatever, not they can’t induce brain swelling that’s not how it works and they did a thorough investigation of his uh body when he was at a hospital. They they just couldn’t stop the swelling in this brain. Guys we have to remember Bruce Lee had a history of seizures and brain swellings.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

This is the problem here people didn’t know this. If they had known, if immediately the first time Bruce Lee had a seizure, they had gone out and said in the media that Bruce Lee had a seizure, then when he suddenly died, they would have connected the two dots and said okay maybe Bruce Lee died from a seizure or something… some illness. But because nobody knew anything, they just saw the superhuman Bruce Lee you know and they thought it’s impossible. How could this guy just collapse and die? But people he had a history of seizures and that’s the big problem here that information today we have an oversaturated market of information with social media and the internet etc. but this is 1973, it is actually the opposite… We have a lack of information. People didn’t know about Bruce Lee’s history. So when that got out, when suddenly we knew that ah okay okay okay there’s a history here of seizures and actually Bruce Lee had a brain swelling earlier on in his life, so this isn’t the first time. They actually managed to reduce his brain swelling the last time he was at a hospital, but this time they didn’t manage to reduce the brain swelling. It’s that simple, guys. There you go. I mean done. It’s over. But people didn’t know this. And the damage was already done. You know so the conspiracy started and you know to this day they’re still going on. People don’t want the facts, they don’t want reality. Just look at the world we’re living in today. People want superhero stuff, they don’t want reality because reality is boring. And yeah maybe it is. Maybe it’s fun watching superhero movies and fantasizing about that. Maybe you’re in that world or maybe you are some superhero or something like that. Yeah. Okay. Go ahead. But I mean let’s look at the facts here.

Bey Logan:

This is the Kowloon funeral parlor in Yamate and in 1973 it played host to one of the saddest days in history of Hong Kong, in history of martial arts, in the history of action cinema… the funeral of the late great Bruce Lee. All these years on speculation still runs rampant as to what actually caused the death of Bruce Lee. My own theory is that through fair means or foul he was poisoned by tainted cannabis. Bruce was a habitual cannabis user and it’s been overlooked that months before the actual event that killed him, Bruce had been struck down by a very similar attack… he’d fallen unconscious at Golden Harvest studios, was very near death when he was rushed to hospital. On that occasion doctors managed to save him.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

I mean that’s just ridiculous. I don’t think anyone’s ever died from smoking weed. So I mean it’s like people are grasping at everything you know… they just get an idea, idea pops up in their head and they’re like yeah this is what happened and they create like a world around that idea and it’s just stupid. So, I mean guys was Bruce Lee murdered? No he wasn’t. He wasn’t killed, he wasn’t assassinated. Everyone loved him, everyone wanted a piece of him, they wanted to join him, they wanted to be pals with him, they wanted to be a part of these movies, they wanted to help him produce movies, they wanted him to fund their movies etc etc. He was universally loved. I mean by everyone and you know I personally think that people are… it’s I’m sorry to say this but people are stupid and misinformed and they just simply lack reason and logic. It’s sad to say, but that’s the truth. And you have to remember something guys Bruce Lee has a family and they’re still alive. They’re still around so we have to be respectful here. Bruce Lee wouldn’t have wanted this, guys. He wouldn’t have wanted us going around and making up shit about how he died. He just wanted to accept that, this is what happened and that’s that. Actually what Bruce Lee really would have wanted is people to learn from this mistake. Learn from his mistake you know, don’t repeat his mistake you know. Be diligent with your health and you know Bruce Lee ignored the seizures he had. He could have gone around to specialists around the world and maybe someone would have caught his swelling of the brain, these chronic uh swelling that he had and chronic seizures that he had.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

Maybe they could have caught it early and he would have survived. Nut you know he was preoccupied with his life, with movies and all of that and when a doc goes out and gives him a clean bill of health like his personal doctor in um in the US, he just has to believe the doctor you know. So he was just doing what he thought was right and that was a mistake unfortunately. You can’t always trust doctors, trust me on that. So you have to trust your body, you have to listen to your symptoms and unfortunately Bruce Lee didn’t because… I mean he’s what is he supposed to do? This is 1973, they didn’t even have MRIs back then. So he couldn’t do anything else he just had to trust his doctors. And that that’s how that’s what Bruce Lee wanted us to learn. Learn from what happened to him, don’t repeat the same mistake. I mean listen to your body and you know just be proactive with your own health. You know don’t overdo it. You know… you all know Bruce Lee’s story by now that he injured his back and the doctor said he never would do martial arts again or wherever. And he um he uh defied his doctor’s orders. He started working out again. He started uh actually he became stronger after he was injured. So I think looking back now if Bruce Lee was alive, he would have said that- that was a mistake. I overdid it. I over trained. I busted my arteries and my veins and my muscles and that eventually led to chronic stress, which eventually led to chronic inflammation, which eventually led to swelling of the brain. That’s basically what happened here.

Beerdy – Bruce Lee Central:

So um he would have wanted us to learn from his mistakes. Don’t repeat what I did. So remember that guys… uh be respectful here. Okay? Bruce Lee would have wanted you to go around making up shit about how he died. Just just forget all of that. Be respectful to him, be respectful to his family and keep in mind that Chadwick Boseman just died now a couple of days ago. The guy that was in Black Panther. And if you look at pictures of him… I mean he’s buffed, he’s ripped, he’s big, he’s strong but you couldn’t see that he has cancer, right? The cancer doesn’t show up in his face. It’s just internally. So you can’t see that he’s sick, but actually he was sick for years and it’s the same with Bruce Lee. He had this inflammation going on, but you couldn’t see it on the outside. He looked healthy and good, the same with Chadwick Boseman, he looked healthy and strong but internally was having a fight, you know. So when he died, I was surprised. I was like hey it’s that guy from the Black Panther. How come he died? I mean I just saw his movie. He looks ripped and buffed. So look at that guys I mean you can be the strongest, fastest guy and most powerful and most fit and you can still die, you know. Keep that in mind. It doesn’t matter how strong and fast Bruce Lee was. And he’s not invincible. No one’s invincible. So keep that in mind guys. Okay guys, I hope you enjoyed the video. I will see you soon with a new video. I will finally explain what happened when I worked out like Bruce Lee for one entire year. So stay tuned for that video guys. Okay see you later. Bye.

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