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Brutal TV:

In the past, women have been given a bad rep when it comes to their fighting skills. Well, with the rise of some truly incredible fighters such as Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg, the perception of females being the weaker gender is slowly disappearing. To prove how true this is, in today’s video, we will show you 10 fights where the man was destroyed by the woman fighter.

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Brutal TV:

Number 10

In what appeared to be the strangest MMA fight in history, 529 lbs Gregory Chistyakov stepped, or should I say rolled, into the ring to challenge Darina Madzyuk. The whole event was organized to drum up attention and to get people talking about MMA, something they certainly did. Gregory, a blogger, entered the ring with a swagger of a champion but ended tapping out. His shorter opponent managed to down the giant with a punch before unleashing a series of headshots.

Brutal TV:

Number 9

A young female wrestler, known as Emily The Showstopper on her YouTube channel, was more than ready to take on a 15-year-old green belt. At the start of their match, both fighters seemed to get the upper hand on the other at times. But it was Emily who eventually managed to dominate her opponent, forcing him to go on the defensive. Unfortunately for the poor guy, Emily managed to pull off a triangle lock that led to the referee calling the fight in her favor.

Brutal TV:

Number 8

4 YouTubers decided to take on a professional MMA fighter, Misha Tate, for a video that certainly entertained their viewers and embarrassed the content creators. One by one, Misha grappled, tossed and choked each of the guys with very little effort. All the way through, you can see that Misha is enjoying watching the men squirm and forcing them to tap out. One even resorts to running around the ring, a strategy that prevented him from getting beaten up but unfortunately, didn’t win him the fight.

Brutal TV:

Number 7

Sports hosts are the first to criticize fighters on their technique but what happens when one steps in the ring with a professional female Boxer? Well, one man who learned the answer to that question was Alex Monaco, who found out very quickly that he was a small fish in a very big shark tank. What didn’t help Alex was the fact that he had never boxed before whereas Danyelle Wolf was a female Boxing champion, a continental champion and was also on the 2016 USA Olympic Team. It is obvious that Danyelle didn’t want to hurt Alex, holding back her strength and refusing to uppercut him. Eventually, the fun and games ended with a powerful shot that knocked Alex out cold.

Brutal TV:

Number 6

This guy holding a flower must have somehow thought he was going on a date rather than a Kickboxing match. Unfortunately, the romance was cut short when his female opponent began landing kick after kick before knocking him down with two punches. He didn’t fare much better in the next round when his awful defense meant she could repeatedly punch him in the face. The rest of the fight saw the guy take hit after hit before the bell rang. The guy was no doubt humiliated after the fight. Maybe next time he should suggest dinner and a movie.

Brutal TV:

Number 5

Not scared to go full force on his female MMA fighter. This guy went straight for a quick hold. Unfortunately for him, his opponent had the flexibility and the speed to quickly slip out of it and turn the tides on him. On multiple occasions, you can see the guy’s strength is a huge benefit, especially when he lifted the woman up and slammed her to the ground. Although it looked like a painful fall, the female fighter only tightens up her hold and chokes the guy into submission.

Brutal TV:

Number 4

This female MMA fighter waited for the very best moment to strike back against her opponent, punching it back into the wall of the cage. Luckily, the ref steps in to give him time to recover before continuing. It’s clear that the guy underestimated the power of the female fighter and even turns to his coach for guidance after losing control so quickly.

Brutal TV:

Number 3

This guy seemed to have an iron grip on his female opponent, that is until she managed to land a number of punches to his head and face that weakened his hold and allowed the female fighter to shift around and get on top of it. Once she was in the perfect position, she rained down a flurry of punches that clinched the wind. It seems that this fighter doesn’t take embarrassment well as he tried to attack the woman after the fight had ended. A foolish move for someone who was just beaten up by her.

Brutal TV:

Number 2

An internet troll tried to put his money where his digital mouth was when he agreed to spar with Tara Larosa. Although he gives it his all, he quickly loses his stamina, allowing Tara to maneuver him into an arm lock that forces him to give up. The internet troll might be wearing a Harley Quinn t-shirt but it’s Tara who’s the Joker mocking the exhausted guy lying flat on the mat.

Brutal TV:

Number 1

Once again we see Ronda Rousey step into the ring with someone who thinks that their years of reporting on fights will somehow give them the edge over a professional. In this case, it was Aaron Tru who threw down the challenge and instantly regretted it. Before the fight Tru told Rousey how he thought being a male would ensure an easy win against the professional.

Aaron Tru:

“I’ve got to be honest, I don’t think you have as much strength and can compete with a man, even though I’m a white belt.”

This clearly fired up the MMA fighter who flipped true onto his back, breaking four ribs squashing his balls and destroying his ego. Like all the others you saw in this video, maybe next time Tru will think twice about judging a fighter on their gender.

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