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Brutal TV:

Is it ever too early to celebrate? I think you already know that answer! But these fighters didn’t seem to catch that memo. The best part about it though, is that it was caught on camera and satisfaction came quick to these overly cocky fighters, at least for us as the viewers it did. Not so much the embarrassed boasting badasses here.

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Brutal TV:

Number 1 – Left Standing

The sport is about showing who the best person is left standing. So when it’s time to just be a plain decent human, you may not want to slap away a politely extended hand. You never know when the hand that you slapped away might come back to send you straight to sleep. This guy met this hand so quick that his entire body was in disagreement with where it should go.

Brutal TV:

Number 2 – Arrogant Fighter

The match up here was just baffling but for this guy, extremely humbling. We’re betting that he won’t willingly grab someone’s neck without a little bit of hesitation from now on. During the match-up weigh-in, you see this arrogant fighter extend his hand and grabs the opponent’s neck. It wasn’t long before those hand to face blows, led this guy to just give up and throw in the towel. This is why we love this sport even more.

Brutal TV:

Number 3 – Keeping Your Guard Up

We have no clue what type of training this guy in the black and red shorts had. But someone clearly left out a few details when it comes to keeping your guard up. You see him dancing around and taunting his opponent as though to have the upper hand that we somehow do not know about. The guy in blue just laughs and brushes off his arrogance. And when opportunity came to the doorstep, it knocked and it knocked hard. It even knocked so long that it decided to start a chokehold as well. Ah the sweet smell of victory.

Brutal TV:

Number 4 – Confidence

This one truly surprised us or did it? We understand that when you’re a fighter, you have to show how to maintain a level of confidence behind yourself. But something was off with this one. His confidence was rather, well, questionable. During the fight, the fighter in red is doing decently well and even takes some blows like a beast. But, and yes, there is a but, he then came to find himself between a rock and a hard jaw after swinging and breaking his own hand. Had to throw in the towel with the other good hand. Yikes.

Brutal TV:

Number 5 – Don’t Smile And Walk Away

Note to self: don’t smile and walk away and claim victory before victory has been achieved. I mean, this is pretty much common sense, right? Well, this guy just seemed to need a little reminder in the form of a nice and beautiful laid out straight kick to the face, leaving him completely out cold to smile another day maybe, just not today.

Brutal TV:

Number 6 – Cheap Shots

Cheap shots equal cheap returns. And in this fight between Alex Hanan versus Andrei Mikhailovich, Alex was kindly humbled to his knees. He took a super low and cheap shot right before the bell had rung and that cost him quite a bit later on in the fight. You find him taking a left jab right to the face and it gave him spaghetti legs with a side of mashed brains. He stayed in the fight for a decent amount of time and we commend him on that. We are sure by that time however, he had to have been operating on self-driving mode until the ref had to just call it in. He just couldn’t sit there and allow for Andrei to keep pummeling this guy. We, of course, wouldn’t have minded. I’m sure, right?

Brutal TV:

Number 8 – The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

We don’t know what was said but during these weigh-ins, it must be something in the air because these fighters really get a little rowdier than needed. You see the guy in yellow rushing the other fighter in a means to intimidate his opponent and then even pushing him away. But we quickly learned that we are constantly reminded of the saying; the bigger they are, the harder they fall. This big fella goes down like a log after being worked over not once, not twice, but multiple times. Come on, big fella, let’s not cower around on the ground after showing such a massive display of arrogant power.

Brutal TV:

Number 10 – Wearing Protective Gear

If your opponent is wearing protective gear, you might want to consider doing the same. And if your opponent is landing back to back blows to your head, you might want to take a nap, like this guy clearly did. You could be cocky but if you’re going to act tough and undefeatable, then you have to actually be tough. This guy went out at the first flick of the light switch.

Brutal TV:

Number 11 – Redefined Arrogance

Oh, we know that if you’re going to dance around the cage, then you’re going to be met with some criticism but Michael Page here was once again going well above the norm for being cocky. He redefined arrogance with this fight. Wait, was he air dribbling a basketball? Yes, let’s replay that once more. Let’s make sure. Yes. Well, okay, he did that. And together class, where did this land him? Correct! On the ground, getting pummeled.

The satisfaction of cocky fighters meeting their own demise is just something that we love to see. That’s all the time we have today folks. Be sure to high kick that subscribe and like button and stay tuned to all we have in store for you. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

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