Why did I leave the Shaolin Temple? I get this question asked a lot and I have answered it many times, but never like this.

The transcript below is from the video “Why I Left The Shaolin Temple” by Ranton.

Ranton (Anton Petrov, YouTube Channel – Chinese Shaolin Gaming Food Vlogging Meme loving YouTuber):

“What’s up guys?  Bit of a serious video today.  I thought I would talk about why I left the Shaolin Temple.  I get this question all the time.  People know that I was at the Shaolin Temple for three years, but they don’t really know why I left.  I think I briefly answered this question before on the podcast but it was just like 10-second Patreon question or something and many people don’t know.

So let’s put this question to rest once and for all.  I went to Shaolin Temple in the summer of 2013 and I left in the summer of 2016, and there were three main reasons why I decided to leave essentially.  Don’t forget that these reasons are equally important.  This is not a list.  I’m myself not entirely sure which one was the most important, but the first one is that I got injured.  It was a very weird injury.

So, the way it is at the Shaolin Temple is that you train pretty hard and there you always have some sort of pain or some sort of muscle soreness or aching somewhere, right.  Maybe you fell down or you overstretched or you got hit.  So this is normal.  This is the status quo and it’s not a big deal.  It’s okay.  You’re always in pain somewhere and you always have muscle soreness somewhere.  There’s never a day where you don’t feel like something’s off.

Ranton (Anton Petrov, YouTube Channel – Chinese Shaolin Gaming Food Vlogging Meme loving YouTuber):

So I had some sort of abdominal muscle soreness and it went on for a whole month.  In the beginning, I thought, “Hm, whatever.  It will go away like everything else,” and I kept training.  I didn’t rest and then it slowly got worse.  I would start to feel it when I go jogging.  I would start to feel it when I jump.  I would start to feel it when I walk up the stairs and at some point when we were training…  You know, we would train like one by one.  We do acrobatics one by one.

Then there was this one flip, not really a flip but a kick.  It’s a very basic kick.  You just jump and you kick and you land on the same leg that you kick with.  It’s called [Twimyo Ap Chagi?] [01:51].  I was having so much pain when I did that jump that I was basically just collapsing.  I jumped and I collapsed.  I was like, “I’m having serious… I’m having actual pain now.  This is not muscle soreness anymore.”

Because monks are pretty smart and people who train that much, we are… how do I say this?  You look for reasons not to train sometimes and the masters know this.  So the rule is basically, “if you’re not dead, you can train.”  If they don’t see your arm literally being broken, you can train.  If you have a fever, you can train.  If there’s nothing clearly and visibly wrong with you, you can train.  That’s why we tend to ignore injuries there, which probably not a great thing.

Then everyone just told me, “Suck it up.  It’s not a big deal,” and I kind of believed them.  I kept going and it just got too bad.  I took one week break, started again, still there.  Now, looking back, it was a huge mistake and this is probably a problem that they have this sort of attitude because it’s not healthy.  It just destroys your body, and I thought, “I can’t keep doing this.  I’m going to get some chronic muscle inflammation or whatever.

Ranton (Anton Petrov, YouTube Channel – Chinese Shaolin Gaming Food Vlogging Meme loving YouTuber):

When I went back to Germany in 2016, I went to see all kinds of doctors and nobody really knew what was wrong with me.  I even had exploratory surgery kind of like a year ago because there was a doctor who thought maybe it’s not the muscle, maybe it’s the bladder.  Then I had all sorts of very awkward and very uncomfortable bladder examinations.  So that really sucked, but to this day, doctors didn’t really know what I had, what was the issue.  But thank God now, it went away.

Yeah, now I’m fine.  When they did the surgery and that was like my last hope and they told me…  The doctor looked into my eyes and said, “We don’t know what’s wrong with you.”  I freaking cried in the hospital and I was like, “Just all these three years in the temple for nothing.  I will never be able to do the sports again.”  But then I decided to move forward you know.  You have to at some point, I mean what can you do, right?  You’re going to give up or…”

So that’s the way it is.  From that point on, I decided to consciously ignore it.  If that makes sense, like just pretend that the pain doesn’t exist and now I don’t feel it anymore.  So I’m guessing it’s gone.  I really don’t feel it anymore.  So it’s probably gone and now I can do sports again.  I can do Kung Fu again, so… back to the old me.  But yeah, back then that really put a huge roadblock in my way because if I’m there and I’m not training, what am I doing?

Ranton (Anton Petrov, YouTube Channel – Chinese Shaolin Gaming Food Vlogging Meme loving YouTuber):

So that was reason number one.  The reason number two is that I started to miss my family.  As I got older or as I get older, your family seems to get more and more important.  You know when you’re 15, 16, you don’t really think about all the things your parents do for you and your family has done for you in the past, and the sacrifices but you start to realize that more and more as you get older.

At least I think that I did.  You start to appreciate things more and you feel like you want to give back or at least be there and be grateful.  Yeah, and because I have a pretty big family and I have also a couple of cousins that were still pretty young when I left, I realized, “Man, they’re going to grow up and I won’t be there.”  It’s not like I spend every week with them but still, I’m not going to see them grow up and I’m not getting this time back ever.

Once I’m back there, 15, 16 or 18 and I don’t get to kind of see them go through puberty and see them grow up and see them struggle with their issues and help them, you know be the cousin – be there.  That’s why when I got back from Shaolin, I babysat them a lot and I helped them with school.  My mother visited me once, no twice and my dad visited me several times also to help me out with local temple stuff.

But you’re just not getting the time with your family back ever.  Believe it or not, it’s hard to admit it but I’m a very emotional, a very sensitive person I think.  There were nights where I couldn’t sleep, thinking about what if something happens and I’m not there, and that would just suck.  I think I would feel very guilty.  My original plan was to stay for five years but I just did three.  I just had to sort of see my family again.

Ranton (Anton Petrov, YouTube Channel – Chinese Shaolin Gaming Food Vlogging Meme loving YouTuber):

Then the last reason is that I had the idea with this YouTube channel.  Can you believe it?!  Even while I was there, I had my laptop and I would play, especially I would play Mortal Kombat in my spare time.  I always loved video games.  Even when I was a kid, I would review games.  I would write down notes like pros and cons of a game that nobody would ever read.  Put them on a little post-it note and then stick it on the game.

I’ve developed this concept very early on, this Anton and Arthur show.  I developed it together with my cousin Arthur, this sort of divide reviews into story gameplay, fun and playtime, which I still think is an amazing system.  I’m just not doing it anymore because I don’t have the time, but this is a great system.  We developed this intro and I was getting really hype for it.  Because of my last few weeks and last month, I couldn’t train anymore due to my injury.

I was mostly in my room with my laptop playing games and I would write scripts and trying to find myself artistically and creatively.  The first few reviews of the channel were absolutely horrible, just horrible!  Just unfunny, cringy and it physical pains me to see them, to watch them.  The first review that we did was Total War of Warhammer and I took that one down because, oh no…  If you think there’s cringe on my channel right now?  I’m telling you, you don’t know nothing.

Ranton (Anton Petrov, YouTube Channel – Chinese Shaolin Gaming Food Vlogging Meme loving YouTuber):

You know nothing!  I can’t even think about it.  But yeah, I had this idea with this channel.  I was getting really hype for it.  I wanted to just get started you know.  I couldn’t train, which is the reason why I was there, I couldn’t train anymore.  I missed my family.  I wanted to do YouTube and that’s why I decided at some point like, “Let’s just make a cut.  Let’s not do five years.  I can come back.  I can come back and visit.  Let’s go home.”  That’s what I did.  Here I am now.

Three years later, crazy how the time flies.  I made it.  Like for me in my eyes, I already made it.  This is so crazy.  I’m so grateful.  You know, sorry for just kind of getting sidetracked here but at the end of the day, I try to spread positivity with this channel.  I try to spread laughter.  I try to put smiles on people’s faces.  I implement a lot of languages in my video because I think languages are fun.

I grew up very multiculturally.  I love different cultures.  I want to spread the positive vibes.  I don’t know… that’s it.  So I hope I settled this question once and for all.  Now, if you’re wondering why did you leave the Shaolin Temple?  You can watch this video and then you’ll know.  I hope it was interesting working on a Rage 2 review and yeah, peace and love!”

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