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Want to learn Wing Chun and see how it will benefit you in a real street fight? Or you are just like me, a lover of martial arts just scrolling through the videos. Well, in any case, today we will be going through a really interesting topic: Is Wing Chun really useful, in a street fight where the other person losses their mind and… (Show an aggressive fight) …. To find out stick with us through the end.

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Wing Chun Origin

As you would know Wing Chun is one of the most contemporary styles of Kung Fu. You didn’t know? Well, now you do. It has been 300 years since it came into existence and is constantly evolving. Wing Chun is the darling of southern China.

Wing Chun was created by a Buddhist nun Ng Mui in the late Qing Dynasty. Today, Ng Mui is counted as the top 5 fighters, the humans have ever encountered. She designed this style of Kung Fu in such a way that it won’t depend on your Sheer strength but your balance.

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Do you know the best thing about Wing Chun? It is that it doesn’t count on imitation. I mean you don’t have to do the Martial arts simulation style, and copy moments similar to animals to land a strike or defend yourself. You just need to learn how to stay calm, balance yourself out, and efficiently generate force.

Yip Man

Just to keep things interesting, YIP man or aka IP man, is known as the grandmaster of Wing Chun. When Wing Chun was fading away, he was the one who brought it into life again in 1948. Today, he is known as the legend of not even Wing Chun but the whole martial arts circle. He is also the master of Bruce Lee, who taught him this martial art at a young age. So, now you know if you would properly learn Wing Chun, no one would dare to stand in your way.

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Can you use Wing Chun in a Real Fight?

The answer is simply yes, or you can say that it was specifically made for real fights. Real fights occur at a very close range, it is when the bullies are bullying you or you are just about to engage in a street fight.

Wing Chun is a close-combat martial art, with core balance and sheer strikes and kicks. But to study it more precisely and to answer whether it is useful or not we would need to learn the basic core techniques of Wing Chun.

Core Concepts and Techniques

Like I said it is a close-combat martial art more focused on quick punches and kick. The game is all about defense. You would need to learn how to use your enemy’s energy to your advantage. You will have to be in the flow. Wing Chun will take you a lot of time trying to master it because you would need to reconfigure your response stimulus into blocking the incoming jabs and kicks with fluidity.

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The Center Line Theory

Now, this is the most useful and basic technique taught by Wing Chun. The Center Line theory represents your area of defense and offense, plus teaches you how to keep balance. The centerline theory says that the middle area from the top of your legs, followed by the chest into your lower body is the weakest part of your body. It is the part of your body that isalso the most vulnerable.

Now according to this theory, you should always keep your hands a little bit down your chest to protect your vulnerable body while also going for the enemy’s central line. The basic stance of Wing Chun is also comprised of this theory.

Conservation of Energy

Another core concept of Wing Chun is the smart use of energy. Don’t stress yourself during a fight to save energy. Plus, always use your opponent’s energy against them by redirecting their blows. A key fact to note here is that always travel minimum distance in the shortest time, this will help you save your energy.

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Stay Relaxed

Wing Chun is all about the redirection and fluidity of the strikes. So, learn to stay calm during any type of situation and in a fight. You would need to recondition your muscles memory into calm and relaxed stimuli. Yeah! That’s okay it takes time.

Your Reflexes Counts

Polish your reflexes, because you won’t become a great fighter or even defend yourself if your reflex time is weak. Reflex is the only key to surviving during a fight. What makes Bruce Lee “The Bruce Lee”, some would say his Jeet Kune Do, well it was also his reflexes.

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Fight According To your Rival

The other basic thing that matters is the fighting style of your rival. Whether he or she is a pro fighter or a novice you will have to adapt yourself according to their fighting style. Wing Chun’s main technique is going defensive and then waiting for a moment to go offensive. Another thing to bear in mind is the surrounding environment whether you are outside, indoors, fighting on a table, is it raining or it’s a sunny day. All these facts matter, you literally will have to be the Chameleon.

Different Forms

When I said: Balance matters like hell, I meant it like hell. There are different stances, body positioning of Wing Chun that you would need to master. They also comprise hand and foot movements. The whole Wing Chun stances are divided into main 6 fractions that are:

Siu Nim Tao, Chum Kiu, Biu Gee, Muk Yan Chong, Luk Dim Boon Baaat Jaam Dao. Just don’t confuse yourself with all the names. You won’t need to remember the name but the stance and the body movement.

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The Targeted Areas

It is said that Wing Chun was designed for weak and older people where they lack core strength. So, they need an easy way to defend themselves. That’s when Wing Chun kicked in. It is designed not even to defend yourself but to critically immobilize your enemy by hitting them in soft tissue. Usually, the soft areas include The Eyes, the throat, a hit on the cheeks, the groin, etc. All these hits can hurt your enemy but you got to be careful with it.

Be Careful with Wing Chun

But the first thing you would need to learn is that Wing Chun is a disabling martial art, it can incapacitate your opponent in a matter of seconds, so be careful with the techniques you would use or alas! You will end up in jail. This is not only true about Wing Chun but any kind of martial arts. A key point you should always keep in mind is that you are learning Wing Chun from a self-defense point of view.

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Wing Chun MMA Fighters

So, Wing Chun is such a great martial art to learn but why we won’t see it in any of the MMA fights? It is because the techniques used in Wing Chun is banned in MMA fight, such as; eye-gouging, Throat Grabbing, etc. A pure Wing Chun fighter can’t enter MMA because Wing Chun was designed to disenable your enemy, while MMA is not a fight it is more of a sport and a competition. Using Wing Chun won’t earn you any points but will deduct them. So that is also a great point if you want to learn it for Self-defense.

So, if you are a pure Wing Chun fighter, I am sorry you can’t enter MMA but on the bright side, you can copy some of the Wing Chun techniques. But who are these MMA fighters who partially use Wing Chun?

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Tony Ferguson

Tony can be seen practicing with the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy in his practicing videos. Tony is a fighter of striking fluidity and constant forward pressure. Now, both techniques are the key elements of Wing Chun.

Some of the other fighters are Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.

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