Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

Fight Commentary Breakdowns… it’s happening again!

Xu Xiaodong, look at that on the right! Versus a Wu (wuu) style of Tai Chi, not Wu, Wu (wuu) with the third tone.

Look at that stance! What’s this? Xu Xiaodong with a little teep. Xu Xiaodong got weight on him.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

Oh! Checking his kick…oooh! A little jab to his face and he’s out! He’s never been punched in
the face, man!

Wow! I get punched like that every week, dude. Not to say; I can take one from Xu Xiaodong, but usually you don’t react like that if you’ve been punched before.

OMG, this is it dude? What the heck? No, don’t give us this! Oh man!! Look at all the people watching!

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

Wow guys, was this exactly; how you thought this would go?
Former I think he was either in the military or the police, I think he was in the military before.

Huh… They didn’t teach him much…huh…. Look at the spot! It’s held in like a… like a… I’ll teach you a Chinese term. [Shan Qing Shui Xiu]

It’s held in a….WHAT? That’s all? It’s held in a very, very scenic spot.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

Um…the ref, by the way, was the same ref that did the cool ref dive. So, Xu Xiaodong just testing distance, using the kick to just test distance. Tai Chi guy got nothing.

Um…oh! That was all, man! A little thigh kick Right? That’s all it was, a little thigh kick.

And then…. A punch, a jab to the face. The guy didn’t know how to check any kicks, and he didn’t know anything man!

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

What is he even doing? He’s been training. He stalled the fight two times to train. Learned nothing…this dude, learned nothing.

Wow! Chen Yong… Chen Yong. That’s what he says, Chen Yong. So, this happened in Guangzhou, in Canton. It happened in Guangzhou.

Alright guys, this was Fight Commentary Breakdowns!

Guys, I woke up and saw this. So, I apologize for my appearance. I just literally got on the computer; I haven’t even eaten yet.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

This match was supposed to take place 2019, November 2nd. But our Wu (wuu) style of Tai Chi guy, this guy named Chen Yong self-proclaimed sixth generation master. He stalled it. He didn’t want to do it on the 2nd, I don’t remember why. I think he had an injury.

So, they moved it to December, I think December 1st, but then he stalled it again. He moved it to the end of the year in December. And then he just disappeared on Xu Xiaodong for many, many, many, many months.

Fight Commentary Breakdowns:

But somehow, this happened, this happened. November 28th. So, more than a year after it was supposed to happen, it finally happened.

10 second KO, man! 10 second KO. So, go follow Xu Xiaodong’s channel. Consider joining as a channel member, you’ll get more updates. Or if you like Patreon better, consider being a Patron.

Okay guys! Fight Commentary Breakdowns, out…. time for me to shower and eat.

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