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Bruce Lee’s Son vs Bolo Yeung | Jeet Kune Do vs KungFu

We are going to take a look at two martial artists, who took their fighting techniques to the big screen, Brandon Lee and Bolo Yeung.... Read More

The Sad Life And Last Goodbye Of Brandon Lee

There are a few stories in Hollywood that become infamous due to their tragic and unforgettable nature, such story is the saga of Bruce and Brandon Lee.... Read More

The Truth About Brandon Lee Finally Revealed

All these years after his accidental death in March 1993, Brandon Lee continues to fascinate fans both new and old.... Read More

What Happened to BRANDON LEE

Son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee had a lot to live up to as the handsome young actor was carving his own path in Hollywood, tragedy struck.... Read More

The Mysterious Death of Brandon Lee on ‘The Crow’ Set

His mysterious 1993 death echoed the strange passing of his legendary father, Bruce Lee, decades earlier. ... Read More

Brandon Lee on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Brandon Lee was an American actor and martial artist. Son of martial artist and actor Bruce Lee and teacher Linda Lee Cadwel, brother to Shannon Lee.... Read More